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  • The animus of your reporter to my comments was clearly evident in the story he wrote, especially in citing the group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, an advocacy organization that has falsely attributed stories to me in the past.
  • I always felt like I had a strong animus but it seemed to be a terrible thing when it came to relationships.
  • Ordinarily of course, self-directed aggression conflicts with the life instinct, especially it's self-preservative component, the animus .
  • In his letter, Jenkins suggests that Wills' animus toward him is related to his deeper animus toward the Catholic Church.
  • the reformist animus came from within the Party
  • He insists, not entirely convincingly, that he harbours no animus towards the First Minister.
  • The first lady never overcame her animus toward the Bushes and the feeling was heartily reciprocated.
  • The ideology of the organising cadre or party is adopted, and its rhetoric comes to be used to express the anger which is the animus of the revolution.
  • There are more and more articles being written about the intense animus toward president Bush among Democratic partisans.
  • In his book, he suggests there was such an irrational animus .
  • For his part, Walsh declines to respond to Armstrong's bitter personal criticism in kind, and he displays no outward signs of animus toward the Tour champion.
  • They also required the University to take no action motivated by hostility, animus , or disapproval toward Brady's pregnancy.
  • Jenkins, an Episcopalian, has no such inhibitions and here offers a spirited account of how deep, pervasive, and multifaceted is the elite culture's animus toward the Catholic Church.
  • Motivation refers to the animus for behavior and includes the affective aspects of attitudes, desires, ends, aims, goals, objectives, desired end states, and the like.
  • Both parties walk away with a clean reputation and no animus toward the other.
  • To a man they deny any animus toward the Chinese.
  • He also identified the anima (an archetype of female wisdom) and the animus (the embodiment of masculine qualities).
  • It is true that a nationalistic animus did not rally the Russian people into a cohesive national body with the idea of restoring the country's international standing regardless of the cost, as was the case in 1933 Germany.
  • I have absolutely no animus towards Bloomberg, and he if he was running against Sharpton, I'd certainly vote for him.
  • A advance synopsis of the programme on the website of CTVC, the production company that made it, revealed the animus that lay behind it.
  • Isn't this pretty much the animus behind advanced capitalism?
  • Whether this constitutes ‘an animus to economic reasoning,’ I cannot say.
  • The depiction of the animus as a lover is common and reinforced here through erotic language.
  • Even though exploring the anima and animus can be enriching, healthy, or just plain fun - hurting other people is not an acceptable outcome.
  • Soelle's animus toward the church is just as implacable.
  • the author's animus towards her
  • The Brahmins were known for their tendency to absorb, assimilate and upgrade deities, not for exhibiting animus towards them.
  • Though it is not clear what lies at the root of Kennedy's anger, it long predates his involvement in Bristol; indeed his animus against the medical profession was already evident in his Reith Lectures more than 20 years earlier.
  • In that sense, the power that a female feels from the male - the animus , in Jungian terms - is a specification of the female power, a mode of application of the power.
  • He was as much a part of the family as everyone else, though he did have a strained relationship with some of the extended family, more of which anon .
  • Names of any additional sponsors coming on board will be added to the roll of honour anon .
  • I'll see you anon
  • That, as it turned out, was a fortunate confluence of events, of which more anon .
  • By all accounts, women are also interested in playing and we'll be hearing more about that anon .
  • More on that anon , no doubt, as I'm even more confused now.

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    Old English on ān ‘into one’, on āne ‘in one’. The original sense was ‘in or into one state, course, etc.’, which developed into the temporal sense ‘at once’.

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revere : saygı duymak, hürmet etmek

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......... do you go to the gym? - Twice a week.

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To respect and admire someone very much

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