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dirt kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • He also shows the underbelly of the city: its violence, flesh for hire, and atmosphere of poverty, dirt , and decay.
  • A visitor to the city just now would still have some impression of dirt and decay.
  • My eyes focused on the yard, and the giant Welshman in the dirt throwing loads of soil with a shovel.
  • Altair picked himself up from the ground, brushing the dirt from his coat.
  • We have watched people - mainly adults - pick up dog dirt in a polythene bag and then when they think nobody is looking just throw it down.
  • SIR - Being born and bred in Bradford I am ashamed of the levels of dirt and filthiness in the Bradford 3 area.
  • A week later, it was a functioning hospital, an island of cleanliness and sanity in a sea of decay and dirt .
  • Truth is that some news agencies can't wait to get dirt on the military so they can embarrass the Bush administration.
  • The dirt and the filthiness of the city and its open drains nauseate her.
  • What point is there in spending a fortune in promoting Scotland as a country to visit and to do business in when the first impression is one of third-world dirt and squalor.
  • the sweat and dirt of industry
  • But they got away with it, including the distribution to the press of dirt on Dr. King, picked up by secret FBI photo and wiretap.
  • Michael threw a handful of dirt on to the coffin
  • He finished his cigarette and ground it into the dirt with his boot.
  • Now I know that in the parks around Islington, north London, dog dirt is a menace, but the countryside is almost entirely carpeted with excrement.
  • Her bare feet padded against the packed dirt of the forest floor and her cotton skirt billowed out behind her.
  • Empty cans, old rags and stained wet paper littered the uneven dirt floor.
  • I was fully dressed, my pants stained brown with dirt and dust.
  • There was dog dirt smeared on the slides and the floor.
  • She was merely retelling facts to me as I prodded her to give me dirt on all the celebs she had met whilst working in the UK.
  • South Lakeland District Council actually plans to consult voters on whether they are prepared to pay more council tax to remove dog dirt from the district's pavements.
  • Before the arrival of the railways in 1850, travel in India meant months of struggle over primitive dirt roads.
  • Looking closer, she saw that he bore the Seal of Royalty, covered mostly by dirt and dust from the long journey.
  • a lawn covered in dog dirt
  • Three and a half months worth of dust, dirt and sand needs to be shaken from our tents, the van and rucksacks.
  • The facade is more than adequate, and the harsh reality of poverty and dirt all but invisible unless you take a wrong turn.
  • In the age of Drudge and various anti-Drudges, if you have dirt on a political opponent, you make sure it gets out.
  • The two rolled on the ground in the dirt before coming to a stopped.
  • Acorn Rugby Club has tried to cut down possible injuries to players by building a fence to keep the playing area free from broken glass, needless dog dirt and people's rubbish.
  • He told me quietly as he bent down to brush some dirt off his pants.
  • Ford ran over and started brushing away the loose dirt in front of her.
  • Nixon wanted dirt on Ellsberg, so his men dispatched a ham-fisted outfit to Los Angeles to see what Fielding had.
  • the soldier sagged to the dirt
  • is there any dirt on Desmond?
  • Their political ploy is to deny knowledge of all accusations and try to throw dirt on their opposition hoping to deflect the media attention.
  • It is situations like this that provide unwarranted dirt on local promoters, partygoers and the scene in general.
  • The dirt and disorder at the café bothered David almost more than his own problems.
  • Listening to some people, Skipton is ‘not what it used to be’; it's a dirty, badly run, untidy town full of dog dirt .
  • Oh, Chris, Lorna said, brushing dirt off her pants.
  • In the novel Stark assigns narrator Jack Burden the task of uncovering dirt on the universally admired Judge Monty Irwin.
  • I looked down at my clothes and saw that my dark green shirt was covered with dirt and dust as well as my long dark green skirt.
  • That is up to 5,000 illegal aliens a year who must first cross this rugged border in the hills and then they must sneak across this dirt road.
  • His wings dragged a little on the ground, catching the dirt and dead leaves, and his head fell back on Jonathon's shoulder.
  • The short six-mile loop offers stretches of dirt road for passing and technical singletrack that runs along cliff edges.
  • A sense, too, of something ancient and enduring that had managed to survive the poverty and dirt .
  • He has got on the public record a senior staffer saying that he spends his time, he occupies his time, digging dirt on me.
  • I scanned the mountain path with the balls of my feet grounding the dirt , ready to jump at any moment.
  • Local politics are about refuse collection and dog dirt , not the war with Iraq.
  • He let her into a very ugly cell, with dirt for the ground.
  • Install a polyethylene vapor retarder, or equivalent material, over the dirt floor.
  • As you sidle up close you can hear voices swapping art world gossip, platitudes and dirt on various celebs, institutions and artists.
  • California Highway Patrol and National Park Service helicopters spotted at least eight other vehicles off highways and dirt roads.
  • The 19 year-old says she has to negotiate mounds of dog dirt whenever she visits Cliffe Castle with her toddler, Rosie.
  • a dirt road
  • A gray tarp, ragged and covered with dry, caked dirt fell open in her hands.
  • The women said that they had intended to remove the dog dirt but felt frightened and shaken by the demand.
  • And this included not only the governments, but children who attend school sitting on the ground in the dirt .
  • It's a place of dirt roads and galvanised iron shacks.
  • Last year we lost 10 marks for litter, weeds and general overall impression of dirt and neglect.
  • After both of his feet had set ground onto the dirt , the window disappeared.
  • The mile ended and the eight were covered in red dirt and breathing heavily.
  • The inside needs to be free from dust bunnies, dirt , gravel, and pet dander - even if you end up buying a furry case.
  • Thanks doll face, I said with a grin before wiping some dirt off my pants.
  • she treats him like dirt
  • The first two were definite push polls. the first one was trying to dish dirt on a candidate for governor in North Carolina.
  • As the trees lessened, Zeke and Jon reached the dirt path and stopped.
  • His face was rather dirty, his nose smudged with dust and dirt , but he looked like he was enjoying himself nonetheless.
  • And broken vodka bottles, condoms, dog dirt and human excrement have turned the area into a menacing health hazard.
  • She slammed her fists into the ground, tears falling onto the soft dirt .
  • And it wants to remind dog owners that it is an offence not to clear up after their pets and dog dirt is dangerous for children who may come into contact with it.
  • There are scenes with me cleaning up dog dirt in my glittering boots!
  • Her body fell forwards and her head collided with the loose dirt .
  • A blanket of loose, brown dirt covered the freshly dug hole, sealing its contents from the world.
  • Her hands clenched into fists against the loose dirt and she dropped her head in defeat.
  • Questions will be asked about the validity of some of the issues, such as people being asked to sniff and record traces of urine and count the amount of dog dirt .
  • Motorists leave huge clouds of dust behind them as they drive along the village's narrow dirt roads in the dry season.
  • The dirt and grime of industrial toil has been largely replaced by white-collar jobs.
  • Anyway, Helen doesn't need to dig up dirt on the Maori party.
  • The textile cover protects the car against dirt , dust and sunlight, among other things, until the cover is removed.
  • It seemed obligatory that every country airport have at least one of each sinking into the dirt somewhere on the grounds.
  • Sharp, clever and prickly, Gwendolen reads the days away, oblivious to dirt and decay.
  • Ten to 12 hour trips on dirt roads in 4WDs or trucks are unheard of.
  • I haven't forgotten my roots in Glasgow, with the dingy tenements and the grass full of dog dirt , and there are parts of Middlesbrough which look as if they belong to the Dark Ages.

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    Middle English: from Old Norse drit ‘excrement’, an early sense in English.

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the number of people who are present at an event or in a place such as a school or church

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