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Discount Kelimesinin Cümle İçinde Kullanımı ( Örnek Cümleler )

# A 25 per cent discount is also available for many trips to the U.S. and Western Canada.
# Nor is it possible to discount the fact that these events have been almost wiped from the history books.
# The tourism authority is giving out discount coupons that are redeemable at participating stores.
# Some insurance companies have links with alarm providers and locksmiths who may offer extra discount on the cost of locks or alarms.
# It certainly seems unattainable, but one cannot discount its possibility.
# The expo organisers offer a 20 per cent discount on handloom items and 10 per cent on handicraft materials.
# However, the spokesperson did not discount the possibility that the burst pipe had been caused by other utilities working in the area in recent weeks.
# Finally, discount vouchers will be paid to those clever spenders who do their Christmas shopping between January and November.
# Under the programs, discount accommodation is available at all branch hotels within Australia and overseas.
# But even if we discount the possibility of dishonesty, what he is saying is simply beside the point.
# My only reservation is that members and members who accompany friends should be given a substantial discount .
# The 5 per cent special discount offered by the general insurance companies is expected to be phased out.
# A related type of transaction is one in which a company or other enterprise allows another to draw on it in order to facilitate the discount of the bills involved.
# He can discount the bills accepted by the bank with the credit provider who offers the most favourable terms.
# Only discount coupons were used in promotions with business partners or for residents, she added.
# The discount rate reflects the current generation's preferences for resource use through time.
# The lesson in all this: Beware those $20 discount coupons and free flights.
# In discount of bills, the Bank rediscounts qualified commercial bills submitted by the financial institutions, such bills having already been discounted by the institutions for their clients.
# Groaning slightly, she got up, and walked into the discount store nearby.
# I don't discount the possibility that one day I may need to step out brightly again, striving to get along the path more quickly, to round the corner and to see things I've not seen before.
# As an added bonus, many online stores either deeply discount the products or offer free shipping.
# That does not discount the likely possibility that some unknown species went extinct, but it does show that species can adapt much better to a reduced environment than the theory predicts.
# If a discount store acquires a competing convenience store, the average retail price tends to go up.
# Equally inexpensive was much of the merchandise which could be had at the discount stores of that era.
# To this it might be objected that firms only need a bit more time, such as is provided to them when a bank is willing to discount their bills.
# However, the manufacturer might need ready cash in order to pay his workers, so he might discount his bill, accepting an immediate £95.
# We dare not allow it to work here, but we cannot discount the possibility, either.
# You cannot discount the possibility of anti-regime forces involved in this type of operation itself.
# But how hard would it be to create a movie gift card that offers a discount for the cost of 10 tickets or more?
# So fans discount the price they're willing to pay.
# But the scientists have carried out tests which appear to discount the possibility that they are ‘false positives’.
# He said there were no immediate plans to increase the number of ambulances available, but did not discount the possibility for the future.
# Now, however, after listening to members' stories, he says he can't discount the possibility.
# we introduced a standard level of discount for everyone
# Using a forecast of future cash flow, you can treat it like an annuity and discount it to present value.
# We intentionally stay away from people who heavily discount the product.
# Most companies offer a discount if you purchase in larger quantities.
# In their wisdom, many psychologists discount such possibilities.
# I would not discount the possibility of that at all.
# Children up to six months travel free and a special discount is available to passengers travelling on the first weekend.
# Increased price competitiveness forces the firm to discount the price to maintain its market share.