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division kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • As such, unit selection is very important when taking out a specific enemy unit or division , as I would assume it is in real tactical combat.
  • The division stretches from the city centre and Openshaw in the south to Blackley in the north.
  • a gene that helps regulate cell division
  • The division of a cell into a pair of genetically identical daughters depends on accurate chromosome duplication and segregation.
  • We learn how the dynamics of addition and subtraction are linked to multiplication and division , and eventually to theorems of algebra.
  • Each division is broken into several brigades.
  • Since the reports had only gone to the president, the financial division never allocated him any funds beyond his own salary.
  • IT does not need elaborating that the emergence of the subcontinent from colonial rule and subsequent division into two entities were at a great human cost.
  • Every second millions of cells divide in our body and the process of division is called the cell cycle.
  • division facts
  • At that point, the cells cease division but continue to grow.
  • there was a division in the party
  • Each weight class and each division was fiercely contested.
  • After recovering from a wound suffered in September 1864, Upton actively led a cavalry division at war's end.
  • the division of the land into small fields
  • However, multiplication is typically learned first and most individuals are more practiced on multiplication then division .
  • an infantry division
  • Like many other countries, including Britain, America has endured its share of racial division , particularly over the past few decades.
  • It's a message that's taking hold in Europe, causing more division between the EU and the US.
  • If enough teams apply, the second division will be split into a Conference North and South.
  • Andy Kay steered the second eleven to promotion to the premier division of the York and District Senior League.
  • This election has uncovered a vast cultural division between Americans, but what is the cause?
  • In total, 2 tank brigades and an infantry division were destroyed by the attack planes.
  • Reinvigorated by division , established perennials typically produce more and larger flowers.
  • That's a remarkable achievement given the bitter division between those two parties.
  • they weren't happy with the division of duties
  • The Hydraulics division imports and distributes hydraulic equipment to the domestic market.
  • Every type started its development with an epidermal cell, which first underwent a periclinal cell division .
  • A further difficulty with explaining subtraction and division to children is that they are not always possible.
  • division tables
  • a retail division
  • he tried to make a division between right and wrong
  • These cells then undergo further division to become stem cells.
  • I fear that because of the stance of these leaders, there could be a fall out leading to even more division between those congregations and others that don't agree with them on everything.
  • the division of his estates between the two branches of his family
  • These cells replicate by division , do they not?
  • Cell division ceases with birth, and all development thereafter occurs by growth of individual cells.
  • Suppose A can propose any division of $10 between A and B. B can accept or reject A's proposal.
  • This set me thinking about the perennial problem of equitable division of household labour.
  • a growing sense of division between north and south
  • The first panzer division was improvised in the summer of 1935.
  • The rules for multiplication and division of a matrix by a scalar (a real number) are simpler.
  • Cllr Jones is the current county councillor for the division .
  • Hermann's contributions to mathematics include a treatise dealing with multiplication and division , although this book is written entirely with Roman numerals.
  • Furthermore, the company also informed of profits at the hotel division increasing 48%.
  • no multiplication or division is necessary
  • I found it perfectly reasonable that division by a fraction should equal multiplication by its reciprocal.
  • they opposed the division of Germany
  • what division are Wicklow in?
  • To ask these questions is to begin to question how the whole of society operates and how its division into classes narrows and stultifies the lives of nearly everyone, both men and women.
  • These bulbs don't like frequent replantings and can take their time flowering after division .
  • he was MP for the Lancaster division of North Lancashire
  • The work contains 11 chapters, one each on topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division , square roots and cube roots.
  • Basically they had to devise methods of multiplication and division which only involved addition.
  • it created a division of loyalties
  • The book contains addition, subtraction, multiplication and, very surprisingly for that period, also division .
  • But multiplication and division are not at all easy, and there is no way the Roman system could form the basis for any scientific or technical work.
  • There was a great division of the spoils amongst the clubs.
  • division and multiplication
  • Ray won the second division with 40 points.
  • a licensing division of a district
  • Ideal division ‘progresses to infinity’; actual division terminates in atoms after finitely many steps.
  • In just four minutes the boom, like a wall, can be raised up from a 1.8 metre deep slot at the bed of the pool, creating a solid division .
  • One division within a company may have authorized access to information for the performance of a specific contract that another division of the same company does not.
  • When separated from the original iris clump, each division is ready to plant.
  • And people are left to believe that division and conflict and tension are the only sources that we can look for in the future.
  • If you look at how those drugs work, they all target processes that are involved in active cell growth and division .
  • the division between the teams is getting bigger
  • Not only was it virtually naked, stripped of all lights, signs and road markings, but there was no division between road and sidewalk.
  • Today, it emerged that the burglary rate in the South Trafford police division dropped 59 per cent.
  • In my time, the nearest we got to a trophy was winning the old second division .
  • A truly main class (e.g., the natural sciences) is usually susceptible to logical division into subclasses that are themselves known as disciplines.
  • Landis is by any standards a big business - the distribution division turns over €450m a year.
  • Pot-bound grasses require frequent watering, as well as annual division and repotting.
  • The division Teleostei within the Osteichthyes (bony fish) is made up of 38 orders.
  • Revenue in its services division grew 42 per cent to $19 million.
  • Over the past year the company has launched the distribution division and fine-tuned its franchising package.
  • the new clause was agreed without a division
  • By 1916, there was a standardization of support elements in each infantry division .
  • All the while he has hoped that division between countries and uncertain public opinion in the democracies would weaken our resolve and allow him to carry on in power unchecked.
  • In such ways are the seeds of social division and sectarianism planted in young children and there's no reason to think it's much different now.
  • After the war he served as staff commander of an infantry regiment and division and commanded a combined unit.
  • At the Tate Modern there is no division between a fancy restaurant for certain visitors and the cheap self-service one for everyone else.
  • By supposing that the atoms form the lowest limit to division , the atomists escape from this dilemma: a total space traversed has only a finite number of parts.
  • And - this is the part that really bugs me - I can add and multiply, but am really bad at subtraction and division .
  • I think that reminded us all that there is a sharp division of members' views on the bill we are discussing, with people taking very different attitudes and approaches to it.
  • I fully see the point of mastering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division , but after that - what's the point?
  • There was a real and deeply worrying possibility that it would reopen the Cold War division between East and West.
  • cell division
  • the division of powers
  • While some problems needed only division or multiplication to solve, others used fractions or multiple steps.
  • The advice has been dished out by Northern division 's road policing unit after a number of complaints to police from motorists about cycle users not using lights and an increase in accidents.
  • It has created disunity and division between people.
  • Aristotle proposes a solution that applies to definitions reached by the ‘method of division .’
  • Even those who remain sceptical of devolution must grant that, now the thing is established, the division of responsibilities makes sense, at least in some areas.
  • Cancer is essentially the uncontrolled division of cells, and its development typically requires the presence of multiple mutations.
  • Can you explain binary addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in a non-complex manner?
  • In some cases this involves displacing chemically related metal ions that are required for important biological functions such as cell growth, division and repair.
  • The only division between her classroom and his is a wooden partition erected in 1930.
  • after the division of assets among relatives
  • he works in the finance division
  • In the case of land, wealth and sovereignty, sharing can be understood best as sharing by division which involves the apportionment of goods between individuals.
  • Each division should have its own roots and stems.
  • Within each weight division each competitor is placed in a pool that determines who they fight first.
  • The former is better for addition and subtraction of vectors, but can be used for multiplication and division of vectors as well.
  • In 1899 Buller asked for him to command the cavalry division in South Africa.
  • gender division
  • He did his work at home: spelling lists, book reports, the math book full of multiplication and division problems.
  • premier division

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    late Middle English: from Old French devisiun, from Latin divisio(n- ), from the verb dividere (see divide).

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