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existence kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • In fact, its existence was barely acknowledged.
  • Despite the fact that the club has only been in existence for a short time, both teams acquitted themselves well.
  • Everyday there is a new crisis of modernity that threatens our continued existence .
  • An individual's role throughout life is fixed by his or her good and evil deeds in a previous existence .
  • our stressed-out urban existence
  • I was so stunned to know he acknowledged my mere existence .
  • I want to enjoy my existence on this earth, be happy and make merry.
  • Although 0% credit cards haven't actually been in existence for that long it's hard to remember a time before them!
  • This album is entirely a product of living and coping with a city existence .
  • In their daily lives Americans, and not only those living in smaller communities, lead an impoverished existence .
  • The world yet again faces another mind-boggling issue which threatens the existence of human beings on planet earth.
  • No matter how people try to maintain a normal existence , there is an underlying hysteria waiting to rear its pulsating head.
  • He has always written songs with a message and can claim to have been preaching the green gospel long before the Green Party came into existence .
  • What we discovered was truly frightening and made us question our own existence in this strange, strange world.
  • he believed in the essential unity of all existence
  • People living a hand-to-mouth existence are turning to ' buy-back stores' to get their hands on ready money.
  • Single-party regimes enjoy continued existence , in part, because they enjoy an air of infallibility.
  • Some may know that I will admit to having had a violin in my possession in a previous existence .
  • Muddling along and having panic attacks a year or two before your child has to attend secondary school or university is not conducive to a stress-free existence .
  • The fact that we would have to eke out a miserable existence as rural farmers has not occurred to them.
  • Parts of both have survived into the 21st century, but their continued existence is precarious.
  • It would fool people into thinking that by joining and supporting the aims of Countryside Ireland that they are supporting the existence of rural Ireland.
  • Even so, the company says the cars are not selling well enough to justify their continued existence .
  • Bedouin existence depended on their herds and flocks.
  • In fact, there's only one other similar document in existence .
  • However, surviving on minimal water resources could result in farmers having to lead a precarious existence , depending heavily on seasonal rains.
  • Secular humanists are basically atheists who deny the very existence of a personal living God.
  • Their thoughts are controlled by men, and their very existence depends on men.
  • Of a previous existence I know no more than others, for all have stammering intimations that may be memories and may be dreams.
  • The commercial director has been charged with the job of getting the club's finances back in order with the serious situation threatening its very existence .
  • They see that military operations have increased and pose a threat to our people's existence and survival as a culture and ethnic entity.
  • Unity with nature is the foundation of man's existence on the planet.
  • Whenever we attended we found ourselves in pointless meetings with people justifying their own existence .
  • An odd sort of surrealness has glazed over the events of the past two weeks as I continue my relatively peaceful existence on my college campus.
  • In a frequently harsh, small-scale subsistence existence , people were all too aware of nature and her awesome powers.
  • I don't know, and don't care, because in either case it does not affect my reality and my place in existence .
  • Enlisting Crumb's help, he writes a series that chronicles his mundane, day-to-day existence .
  • The purpose of such rites is to separate people from a previous existence .
  • People here live a hand-to-mouth existence , picking through the trash for something of value.
  • The reward for the risk taken pays rent, feeds children, and supports a subsistence level existence .
  • He was called away from temporal existence on November 12.
  • She stares at me like I'm the stupidest human being in existence .
  • Most of the people live a subsistence existence , obtaining a living from growing rice, goats, poultry or fishing.
  • In a previous existence Ms Honeyball was a probation officer, dedicated to keeping real criminals out of jail in order to make room for villains like Mr Bloom.
  • The series is named after a unit in the Metropolitan Police, whose continued existence the force will neither confirm nor deny.
  • living in a city was more expensive than a rural existence
  • In fact, this arrangement may be the only one in existence anywhere in the United States.
  • The candidates for this system were generally documents whose continued existence would very likely undermine the legitimacy of the State.
  • the plane was the oldest Boeing remaining in existence

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existence kelimesinin kökeni

    late Middle English: from Old French, or from late Latin existentia, from Latin exsistere ‘come into being’, from ex- ‘out’ + sistere ‘take a stand’.

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engine : motor

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the part of a vehicle that uses energy from oil, electricity, or steam to make it move

aracı hareket ettirmek için petrol, elektrik veya buhardan enerji kullanan aracın parçası

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