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Fiil düzeltmek
Fiil saptamak
Fiil takmak
Fiil tamir etmek
Fiil yerleştirmek
Fiil bağlamak
Fiil kararlaştırmak
Fiil tespit etmek
Fiil yapıştırmak
Fiil dikmek
Fiil sağlamak
Fiil üstesinden gelmek
Fiil dik dik bakmak
Fiil gözünü dikmek
Fiil dikkat çekmek
Fiil gözünü ayırmamak
Fiil rüşvet vermek
Fiil rüşvetle elde etmek
Fiil tasarlamak
Fiil uyuşturucu almak
Isim çıkmaz
Isim güç durum
Isim önceden belirlenmiş sonuç
Isim uyuşturucu iğne
Isim eroin dozu
Isim aşırı doz

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fix kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • he turned back to fix the scene in his mind
  • Phil Smith, of Swindon's Threshold Housing Link, believes addicts desperate for a fix will start using more subtle methods of getting cash.
  • She found it hard to believe a forecast favourable to the Administration wasn't somehow a politically dishonest fix .
  • I have found a new coffee shop to get my daily fix .
  • And, if it's a genuine glitch, I fix it right away.
  • IT support staff waste up to 75 days a year on travelling to off-site locations to physically fix PCs.
  • You won't care who you tread on and hurt en route to your next fix - even your family and closest friends.
  • he hadn't had his fix
  • In junior high, I learned how to apply makeup and fix my hair from my older step-sisters.
  • If the real victims of drugs are the people who get their houses burgled by addicts desperate for the money for a fix , maybe we should legalise drugs, she suggests.
  • I wonder if it's how drug addicts feel when they need a fix .
  • If you are an NFL or College Football junkie, which I am, it won't be hard to get a fix this weekend.
  • that rush of adrenaline that is the fix of the professional newsman
  • Those who need a daily sugar fix are in luck.
  • Helen's sister Delia is in a bit of a fix herself since being arrested for reckless driving, public endangerment and leaving the scene of an accident.
  • It was a cold, rainy November day and all I wanted was my daily fix of coffee.
  • Lord Wilberforce stated that in order to fix vicarious liability on the owner of a car in such a case as the present, it must be shown that the driver was using it for the owner's own purposes, under delegation of a task or duty.
  • They gradually perfected the process of drying the grass to fix the image with some degree of permanence.
  • He needed to have surgery the following morning but Chris couldn't stay in overnight because he needed a fix .
  • don't you tell nobody, or I'll fix you good!
  • He may well feel better after a fix , but he's just storing up more problems than it will solve.
  • Is there a fix for our political, economic and moral problems that have come upon us?
  • I hope he gets a really bad dose of whatever his fix is and never wakes up again.
  • Later in the novel, he will use the ‘Earth’ to fix the exact location of his enemies on a flotilla of rafts in the middle of the Pacific ocean.
  • The caffeine fix is just one aspect of coffee drinking.
  • In the past Italian governments got out of this kind of fix by devaluing the lira to stimulate exports and growth, but this option is closed by membership of the euro.
  • Few street corners now fail to offer Britain's army of caffeine addicts a fix .
  • Police say most burglaries are carried out by drug addicts to pay for their next fix .
  • Their last visit was a week long adventure of helping me clean and paint and generally fix my house up when I first moved in.
  • you've forgotten to fix that shelf
  • There is no quick fix , either for addiction or its risk factors and effects.
  • In some areas nearly all robbery and burglary is drug related to pay for the next fix .
  • Flexible hours would leave us in a right fix .
  • Imaginative and sophisticated workouts are evolving to engage dwindling attention spans or cash in on punters addicted to the endorphin fix .
  • the company is working on a fix but suggests users consider technical workarounds in the meantime
  • We have a short-term fix for the communication problem.
  • If you need a caffeine fix , bring along a Starbucks Double Shot and chocolate.
  • Serious problems of disrepair are often lurking unseen below the surface, with a backlog of home repairs it is estimated will cost £37 billion to fix .
  • And so, it is a much more difficult enemy to find and fix .
  • He would just present me with a loaded syringe and fix me every time.
  • She convinced me to fix her for the first time.
  • Those importing brand new vehicles are in a fix because for them, the cost will be astronomical.
  • At one time my only worry would have been where I'd get my next fix from; today I worry that I won't have enough time to do all of the things that I want to do.
  • Suppose, for example, that a scholar tried, as many did, to fix the exact date of Noah's Flood.
  • there are no facts that fix the defendant with liability
  • In fact, this kind of exhibition often serves to fix in the minds of viewers a picture that in most cases is a constructed reality.
  • Sam was right, he hadn't given me an instant fix to my problems, but he had significantly cheered me up simply by treating me as though I were human.
  • The American and Filipino artillerymen tried to fix the enemy's position by the use of sound waves, but this method proved too delicate and complicated.
  • GPS receivers use the passive, one-way transmissions of signals from the orbiting satellites to determine a position fix .
  • One solution to the problem would be to fix liability for malpractice due to inadequate resources on the commissioner rather than the provider.
  • he's sent her on ahead to fix things up
  • What women more often than not want, says Gray, is empathy and understanding from men rather than a quick fix and solution.
  • Can we be sure that further individuals or gangs aren't attempting to fix races?
  • I gasped and stood up quickly, trying to fix my clothing and hair.
  • It was the first day in ages that Rebecca had actually bothered to do her hair, fix her makeup, and put on an outfit that wasn't sweats.
  • She needs only light, photosensitive paper, an object to block the light and chemicals to fix the image afterward.
  • Where else, for example, could they get their daily gambling fix ?
  • there are no facts which fix the defendant with liability
  • The bad news is that there isn't a simple fix for your problem.
  • An order has just been given to stand in to enable our coast pilot, Cooper, to fix our whereabouts exactly by his knowledge of the land.
  • But then he tried to fix the London mayoral election.
  • Ostreids were also able to fix themselves to movable objects such as driftwood or cephalopods, thereby further facilitating their dispersal.
  • Some nights she'll have a few glasses of wine, and I get my fix from coffee.
  • I think the whole competition was a fix .
  • Then we went to the cafe in Borders bookshop because I was needing a coffee fix .
  • His eyes took on the glazed expression of a drug addict contemplating his next fix .
  • We're going to get to the truth and then fix what went wrong.
  • you should fix that shelf
  • There were, if you can credit it, illegal ‘coffee dens’ where people who were addicted to the stuff would go for their fix .
  • the radio operator received the distress call and calculated the fix
  • I'm afraid that Katherine is seeking an instant fix for her problems and that she might be disappointed if the therapeutic process takes a bit more time.

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    late Middle English: partly from Old French fix ‘fixed’, partly from medieval Latin fixare ‘to fix’, both from Latin fixus, past participle of figere ‘fix, fasten’. The noun dates from the early 19th century.

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To respect and admire someone very much

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