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forte kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • I may be surrounded with a reminder of the old times but chivalry was never my forte and lucky for me no one expected it to be.
  • Davis' main strength, fund raising, is also Clinton's forte .
  • Schepkin is the ideal accompanist, expertly handling the quirky piano solo halfway through the piece and slamming his forte chords with the right degree of surprise.
  • The forte is used to parry, the medio to engage and the debole to hit.
  • By the way, Fred is alive and well in Wellington and looking forward to a new season of javelin throwing, his forte nowadays, along with track and field administration.
  • Ploughing was his forte and he loved to sow and plant the crops, watch them grow and mature, and harvest them at the back-end.
  • If adventure sports is one's forte , the city offers everything from dune bashing, desert camping and deep water diving to dolphin watching.
  • Admittedly, his latest two efforts have been less than inspiring, but they both came over hurdles and jumping fences is very much his forte these days.
  • Knowledge has always been Hinduism's forte and almost all the ancient temples had specially dedicated space for encouraging arts and literature.
  • But to watch a whiplash rapper ride the crest of an orchestral forte is a genuine awakening.
  • As noted previously, mathematics is not the Professor's forte - nor even simple sums, apparently.
  • Jumping has always been his forte and really it has all been about getting him fit and ready.
  • Whereas Brian specialises in little gifts, Beth's forte is surprises.
  • As visitors to this blog may have gathered, all that HTML-squiggle-dot stuff isn't the Professor's forte .
  • If entertainment is your forte you fare out no better.
  • Such situations are Jamie McAllister's forte and twice within a brief spell, he accepted the duty.
  • The Petrarchian Sonnet is not quite as successful, Cliburn's dynamics favoring mezzo-forte and forte a little too much throughout.
  • The victorious fencer has his hand in seconda (palm down), his forte against the forte of his opponent, his left leg forward and his point in his opponent's belly.
  • The orchestra accompanied well although in the forte passages certain sections of the choir needed to project more tone.
  • His forte lay in articulating authentic emotion, because most of his fictional writing was structured around intensely felt personal experiences.
  • His forte lies in turning the plebeian into the poetic.
  • If innovation isn't the industry's forte , adapting research to the profit motive certainly is.
  • Our forte right now, whether we like it or not, is that we're a live band.
  • That said, Ali Baba's forte lies in its masterly lahmacuns and pides - appropriately enough, Turkey's answer to the pizza.
  • This is a good piece to work on the many levels of forte playing, especially in an ensemble setting.
  • Angst is my forte , so beware the bittersweet angst that is my sword!
  • small talk was not his forte
  • Bocelli may be a global singing star, but opera's not his forte .
  • The opening number had the performers singing grand forte two feet from you.

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