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generation kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • The technical team is continually developing the next generation of technology to support testers into the future.
  • Both were built with the aim of teaching the younger generation to love family members.
  • Our youth are growing up in a generation where motivation is a politically correct term parading as selfish bias.
  • One of them is the reserve electricity generation that we have already mentioned, and I am pleased that action has been taken about that.
  • the new generation of computers
  • the generation of wealth
  • Has the Minister received any advice recently about Government planning for more electricity generation ?
  • The Fire and Heat Materials Research Team is developing the next generation of high-performance, flame-retardant technical yarns.
  • Not only has it contributed to the deskilling of the current generation of working age adults, it has also affected health.
  • methods of electricity generation
  • The current generation of athletes has grown up in an era of doping.
  • There isn't another actor in his generation who could have carried off the conflict and humour of the character with the same skill.
  • He himself feels this comes from a generation back when members of both sides of his family were blacksmiths.
  • In the longer term, it says that there is an available resource from renewables to account for half of the UK's electricity generation .
  • Despite being fêted as the greatest Shakespearean actor of his generation , he used to claim that he never understood a character until he found the right hat.
  • Development of the new generation of phones, which are more sophisticated, is thought unlikely to reduce demand for support and repairs.
  • Her name was still magic for many of the public but a new generation was growing up in the post-war period for whom she was yesterday's news.
  • How can the current generation of adult Australians help our youth?
  • This cooperative interaction influences both the magnitude and kinetics of force generation in skeletal muscle.
  • So much of what has been written to date comes from an older generation that have not grown up in a digital universe, or whose exposure has been limited.
  • All are capable of intensifying oxyradical generation in vivo and depleting tissue antioxidant stores.
  • She is now working with pharmaceutical companies to develop a new generation of drugs that may be more effective than existing ones.
  • Not only are policemen getting younger, but people are living longer - ten years more on average than a generation ago.
  • Every customer will be helping the development of a new generation of spacecraft.
  • It will be the job of wind engineers to tailor designs to specific wind regimes to maximize electricity generation .
  • He notes the center is designed to evolve into a ‘more urban’ place in the next generation of development.
  • Scotland's vast renewable energy sources will certainly have some direct contribution to make to electricity generation .
  • The main example I chose was the use of nuclear power for electricity generation .
  • Cancer researchers in Yorkshire have secured millions of pounds to develop a new generation of therapies to target the most common form of the disease in men.
  • Michael was a member of an old and respected family and is the last member of his generation .
  • Previously described protocols were used for isolation of mitochondria and generation of cytochrome spectra.
  • He is now one of the most acclaimed actors of his generation .
  • She is the last member of her generation of a respected family.
  • a new generation of rear-engined sports cars
  • ‘It makes absolutely no sense to burn coal for electricity generation ,’ he said.
  • But the program to develop a new generation of reconnaissance satellites is vastly over budget and years behind schedule.
  • She grew up in a generation that knew all about hard work from an early age.
  • His secondary goal was to use the area as an incubator for business generation .
  • Patents are meant to reward the inventors but also to promote progress through the generation of useful new products.
  • Renewable ‘green’ power will definitely be playing an important part in electricity generation in the years to come.
  • Some statistics about the regions illustrate just how big a challenge Ireland faces in the race to develop the next generation of medicines.
  • The ordnance and explosives experts have teamed up with a de-mining company to develop the next generation of anti-land mine device.
  • We rely very heavily on fossil fuel generation of electricity and renewable energies provides a very, very clean alternative.
  • I think a lot of the folks that I worked with at NASA were from the generation that grew up at that period of time.
  • We are not allowed to use coal in our electricity generation .
  • Shaped and moulded by the seasons, John grew up in a generation when everything had its place.
  • Much energy will be spent making energy, such as electricity generation and the process of liquefying natural gas.
  • They were the images a generation grew up with and each episode followed a familiar pattern: the atrocity, the grief, then anger.
  • a new generation of actors and directors
  • We have greatly limited sulfur emissions from electricity generation , thereby reducing risks from acid rain.
  • As a gifted mimic and notorious perfectionist, she would later become the most respected female actor of her generation .
  • Oil was in turn followed by gas, increasingly used for electricity generation , which brought power and light to households throughout the world.
  • it's the first time for a generation
  • The passing of a beloved relative is always sad, but there is something especially poignant about the death of the last member of a generation in a family.
  • the next generation

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