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Bu yazımızda expertise ile ilgili İngilizce cümleleri bulabilirsiniz. Sizler için derlediğimiz İngilizce'de en çok kullanılan expertise kelimesi ile ilgili olumlu, olumsuz ve soru cümlelerinden yararlanarak İngilizce pratik yapabilir ve expertise kelimesinin kullanım alanlarını öğrenebilirsiniz.

  • technical expertise
  • I'm sure she can bring her expertise and local knowledge to bear to put on a great meet.
  • He stressed the need for local knowledge and expertise in dealing with flooding not to be lost under the new system.
  • Large chunks of money and technical expertise went into the production of these films.
  • He had a clear knowledge and expertise in the management of people with autistic spectrum disorder.
  • Using their own expertise and knowledge, the pair hope to do much of the conversion work themselves.
  • Each member casts a ballot for the category of competition in their field of expertise .
  • That task is a field of expertise which the Federal Court has specialised skills in.
  • It is wise to examine all the options and then make a commitment to one area of expertise and master it.
  • I do rely on him because his technical expertise is superb and his ability to predict the future has been uncanny.
  • The hospital trust shares its medical expertise in the field of blood diseases with the facility in India.
  • They are asking for a fair day's pay for a fair day's work that reflects their expertise and skill.
  • He is considered a strong asset as a result of his expertise in the justice field.
  • The knowledge and expertise gleaned over the years is now shared with other groups.
  • You don't improve these abilities in the same way that you learn technical expertise .
  • Each field requires its own expertise and in politics there are no simple solutions.
  • I have seen the staff of the health service who show not just skill and expertise but love, care and friendship.
  • Though she wanted to say something, she felt it more to be in her co-worker's field of expertise .
  • That, at least to some extent, may well be no more than a reflection of my lack of expertise in this field.
  • They were looking for someone with financial and commercial expertise and experience.
  • With two teams of referees on the field there will be no shortage of expertise on the rules of the game.
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poultryman : tavukçu

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Five students were very intelligent.

In _________, "v" is in final position.

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something that helps you or gives you an advantage

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