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immediately kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • Colour can certainly affect soil temperature, and that of the air immediately above it.
  • Even if they ring off immediately they'll stay connected for a minimum of five minutes.
  • they're not immediately involved
  • she left immediately following the meeting
  • I rang immediately for an ambulance
  • she was sitting immediately behind me
  • her son was immediately behind her
  • Once cooked rinse it immediately in cold water, then let it soak in fresh cold water while you get on with the sauce.
  • When an older gentleman next got on people jumped up immediately without being prompted.
  • It still exists but has been relocated and now runs immediately south of Union Station.
  • He bounced off the first vehicle and then struck a second immediately behind it.
  • Once inside, I immediately fall in with four London guys who are also staying in our hotel.
  • Once elected, MPs immediately fall out of the control of those who elect them.
  • I scraped once and immediately a frog sounded once from beneath the porch.
  • It was hit when the car immediately behind shunted into his vehicle after it was banged from behind by a third motorist.
  • I called immediately for an ambulance
  • phone me immediately he comes in
  • I had an opportunity to chat with him once or twice, and was immediately impressed by his fund of knowledge.
  • I of course told him that he was drunk and should immediately ring and book me a flight.
  • They are released in the area immediately affected by the subject's behaviour.
  • He immediately rang the police on his mobile telephone and explained what had happened.
  • It seems clear to me, however, that one may know things for an instant and immediately forget.
  • let me know immediately she arrives
  • The ban on taking scallops from the area immediately west of Westray has been lifted.
  • There is no time to take a position and you end up facing your own goal, which immediately sets alarm bells ringing.
  • He was unaware that he was upside down and thought he was in the corridor immediately behind the coal train's cab.
  • He immediately attempted to contact a nurse by ringing the hospital bell near his bedside.
  • Once it is produced and transported it must immediately be delivered to buyers or users.
  • The boat passed out of the harbour and immediately things began to get better.
  • The quick acting anaesthetic took hold immediately , too fast for me even to speak.
  • turn left immediately before the bridge
  • Duval stood immediately behind the green, applauding as Palmer came into view.
  • they would be the states most immediately affected by any such action
  • That left just four directors to go immediately from the annual meeting to an emergency board meeting.
  • Juno Beach was six miles wide and the Germans had fortified the area immediately behind the beach.
  • Sitting in the penalty box at Philadelphia, he was heckled by fans immediately behind him.
  • Serve immediately straight out of the saucepan into deep soup bowls with the olives and eggs to the side.
  • The aim is to allow the hazard rate to be altered during a time interval immediately after each long flight.
  • Some of these axes were even deposited in a marshy basin immediately north of the henge complex.
  • he answered the question immediately
  • She said the prisoner was attended to immediately and an ambulance was called.
  • It meant he could not make a move on those immediately ahead and was a sitting target for those chasing from behind.
  • He tended to have a few pints very quickly immediately after the close of play and be in bed by 10 o'clock.
  • Anyway, the place to see and be seen at the Masters is under the big oak tree that sits immediately behind the clubhouse.
  • Pool staff tried to revive him and an ambulance was called immediately .
  • There is an island just below the weir and the best pegs are the two behind this island and the two immediately below it.
  • On his return, he joined Shackleton and immediately set sail once more for the Antarctic.
  • Almost immediately two of the jurors began to cry and were left obviously distressed by what they were asked to study.
  • There was a gateway on the western side and a timber building immediately behind the enclosure boundary.
  • There was irony in the fact that the only player from the area immediately south of the Zambesi had played for England.

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To respect and admire someone very much

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