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instant kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • Called Winning Streak millionaire, it offers contestants a chance to become instant millionaires on television.
  • There is now a need for instant hits that immediately grab the public attention - difficult when potential viewers have so many other options.
  • Here's what has changed: the presentation and the instant need to know.
  • Power ceases in the instant of repose; it resides in the moment of transition from a past to a new state, in the shooting of the gulf, in the darting to an aim.
  • Since it's so fun - and inexpensive too - why not surprise a friend or parent with an instant spring garden?
  • Some Zambians and foreigners became instant millionaires driving posh cars like BMWs as a way to disguise proceeds of drug trafficking.
  • That person will be afforded instant genius status.
  • All of this, ever just below the surface of my thought, flashed across my mind in the instant between my question and his answer.
  • Unless it's a new type of instant food product on an advert, obviously - that is a revolution too.
  • But can these long-term goals overcome consumers' short attention spans and need for instant gratification?
  • Such instant solutions are neither necessary or desirable, said some traditional girlie publishers and printers.
  • The day has to be right for this, and the evening perfectly balanced, but it's worth waiting for the precise instant of stillness before the stars come out and the pond is just a pond once more.
  • The team is urgently seeking storage space in the Tokyo Tower vicinity to keep bottled water, blankets, tents, canned and instant food and other supplies.
  • Several bright comets streaked across the sky and then disappeared in an instant .
  • Importing more rice may be the instant solution, but increasing dependency on imported rice is not good.
  • He demanded that million dollar severance payments be banned and that directors of large companies be made liable to instant dismissal.
  • Named the winner and an instant millionaire he wasted no time going down on bended knee to propose to his lady-love who accepted through tears of joy!
  • The inflation rate edged up in December as a result of higher prices of key consumer products such as vegetable oil, soybean oil, and instant food.
  • Common high-glycemic foods include baked potatoes, boiled new potatoes, corn flakes, dates, and instant rice.
  • But when the children began to read the names, two years disappeared in an instant .
  • That kind of effort made him an instant favorite among some of the team's veterans.
  • No instant foods, no TV dinners, no cake mixes ever trespassed into my mother's kitchen.
  • The small earthenware exported to Malaysia three months ago was an instant hit there.
  • The scene flashes through his memory in an instant .
  • Pour 1 large box of instant chocolate pudding into a bowl along with 3 ½ cups milk.
  • His life is like a cloud, it could disappear in an instant .
  • She had been so close to Toni - but their friendship had disappeared in an instant .
  • With their increasingly high consumption of snacks and instant foods, is there any hope?
  • Would you snap it up and upload to your site in an instant ?
  • It is clear there is no instant solution.
  • Japanese instant snack noodles hope to dump their junk food status and soar to the higher gastronomical rank of space cuisine.
  • It was as though a dam had been filled to the point of breaking, and this moment was the instant of peace before the dam burst and sent forth the great flood.
  • Ruchi also has instant food mixes, spice powders and asafoetida under its belt, apart from a small presence in dates.
  • It's all about hard, elusive answers rather than easy, instant solutions.
  • Look at the stuff we ate then: Smash instant potato, Vesta curry and, an experimental addition to our school dinner menu, cheese meringue.
  • There are still some countries in the world where you can become an instant millionaire.
  • He waved his hand, turned on his heel, and disappeared in an instant among the crowd.
  • Jessica thought she heard him cry out in agony and she reached out to try to pull him free, but in the next instant , Matthew Jones disappeared from sight.
  • Terry was so surprised at her instant reply, she quickly gave her a hug.
  • You get 12 recipes for the price of four plus an instant solution to what to do with leftovers.
  • The grey cat is startled as Firemane flashes by, but only for an instant .
  • A beech hedge that keeps its russet-brown leaves right through winter is the perfect instant garden solution for a bare, brand new plot.
  • Though the Internet and email may seem like an instant solution to many problems, people still run the technology.
  • Mark my wise words - start stocking up on yer instant food and tins!
  • Called Lumberjack Pie, it consists of instant potato, Spam, baked beans and Cheddar cheese.
  • Palmer was in his prime in the days before golfers become instant millionaires the day they turned pro.
  • Only rarely can poetry aid us in communing with others; that is a beautiful idealism, except at certain strange moments, like the instant of falling in love.
  • But suddenly, the light flickered and flashed out in an instant .
  • Now to move all the supplies - including blankets, instant food, water, canned food, milk, rice - to another train.
  • Ninety years ago, there were no television pictures, radio broadcasts or Internet bulletins to flash the news around the globe in an instant .
  • They are mass-market plants for instant gardens, quickly transforming a space.
  • If his wife is pregnant, it's an instant solution to the problem; and the topic of constitutional reform can be put off for another few generations.
  • Sure, the lottery has produced winners, including a number of instant millionaires.
  • Many sins are forgivable, but charging handsomely for coffee that comes directly from an outsized tin of own-label instant is not one of them.
  • The paralysis that had gripped him from the first instant of the flash slowly ebbed, and he crawled out from under the truck.
  • But take to the practice field of the Calgary Rockies women's contact football team and thoughts of genteel femininity disappear in an instant .
  • You will not become an overnight success, an instant millionaire or an Oscar winning actor.
  • We changed our money to Kip (we were instant millionaires), and the first thing I did with the money was pay for entering a washroom.
  • To most petrolheads the combined letters ‘XKR’ demands instant desire and respect, even if the person has never driven one.
  • A beachfront flea-market vendor here became an instant millionaire when he correctly matched six lotto numbers on Saturday.
  • The day flashed by in an instant for him; time seemed to only slow when he was occupied with something.
  • But anyone who has drunk freshly ground coffee and then reverted to instant will know what I'm talking about.
  • Would she fade away slowly, or just disappear in an instant ?
  • The difference with OnePlan is that it gives borrowers instant access to this money via a mortgage chequebook.
  • Twice she saw the ‘green flash’, a brilliant flash of emerald green light on the horizon at the instant of the sun's setting.
  • Of course, like other instant solutions to complex problems, it's not quite as simple as that, because the root is still there.
  • They went away for a quiet weekend and came home to find they were instant millionaires.

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