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instruction kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • Educators also spend less time in actual teaching or instruction than is specified in policy.
  • In a clear and lucid way, he was able to offer instruction about drawing the human form.
  • Full class instruction during school hours is a perfect way to introduce students to art sites.
  • instruction in the Roman Catholic faith
  • This is also the manner in which she handles the religious instruction and moral education classes entrusted to her.
  • The first day of instruction , the teacher asked students to summarize the problem in the video.
  • The practical foundation of this policy has been the medium of instruction in primary schools.
  • She can have the children come to her for instruction and teaching rather than having her go to them.
  • When they reach middle school and high school, they will not have access to instruction in Spanish.
  • The teachers were asked to fill in the subject or activity and the medium of instruction for each period.
  • Air traffic control wondered why the aircraft turned in the opposite direction each time an instruction was given.
  • Figure 1 is an example of how data are collected on ways teachers provide instruction .
  • The second model used Irish as the medium of instruction in schools either partially or fully.
  • Bosco provided boys with education, religious instruction , and recreation.
  • The loss of parental preference does not mean that a child has no access to educational instruction either in school or otherwise.
  • Policies to support student achievement are not restricted to curriculum and instruction .
  • Training and education should include instruction on how to prevent and respond to or manage fires.
  • Each participant sat at a table across from the teacher when receiving instruction in the study.
  • That is to say, Taiwanese educators fail to give instruction in accordance with individual needs.
  • the school offers personalized instruction in a variety of skills
  • What's worse, it is a policy instruction which comes directly from Ministers.
  • During her instruction , a college class was observing her from a nearby college.
  • It is now the language of instruction in secondary education and in some universities.
  • Whether such an instruction qualifies the order to the bank or is directed to the payee is a question of fact.
  • The primary focus of our teacher's reading instruction was phonics and reading fluency.
  • Properly crafted computer instructions appended to the text will then be executed by the machine, giving hackers a way in.
  • A macro is set of keystrokes or instructions which are assigned to a short key.
  • The cast of performers included three Korean boys who received their instructions through an interpreter.
  • I think I might need to study the instructions again in more detail!
  • When God asks Abraham to leave the land of his birth He gives the instructions in a curious order.
  • I read that in the papers somewhere that the trial judge actually gave some instructions to the jury about the role of the foreman.
  • There are detailed instructions and safety tips provided in the Attachments Pack.
  • We have issued strict instructions to the area engineers to fill potholes as and when they are appear.
  • Some of them have already made recommendations on new pedagogy and instructional strategies.
  • Somebody had, however, issued him with instructions to admit this photographer.
  • Detailed instructions on slaughter technique were not made available until late March.
  • The exert is Imhotep giving the queen instructions to follow in order to let the wound heal properly.
  • He sings as if issuing instructions to a slow-witted housekeeper.
  • Communicate with the foreman - issuing instructions all over the place will cause problems.

instruction kelimesinin zıt anlamlı kelimeleri nelerdir?

Günün İngilizce kelimesi

attendance : katılım

Günün İngilizce sorusu

…........................... many people in the shops at the weekend

Günün İngilizce Deyimi

the number of people who are present at an event or in a place such as a school or church

okul ya da kilise gibi bir yerde ya da eventte hazır bulunan insanların sayısı

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