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interval kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • Meanwhile, in the interval , the audience is positive about this very different version of one of Shakespeare's most famous plays.
  • an interval of mourning
  • Shortly after the interval the long ball almost bore fruit.
  • The Villagers only trailed 16-4 at the interval but paid the penalty for poor defence in the second half.
  • Play was on the halfway line when the interval came, with France leading by two goal points.
  • To be fair, the audience, or some of them, found the evening amusing although I noticed there were a number who left in the interval .
  • United led 3–0 at the interval
  • But if that goal seconds before the interval left the game poised on a knife edge it was nothing compared to what followed in the opening 13 minutes of the second period.
  • after his departure, there was an interval of many years without any meetings
  • After the conclusion of the exposition in bar 182, Mozart needs only nine bars to reach the key of B minor - at the interval of a tritone.
  • A second goal eased them into the interval and the third seconds after the break banished any nerves.
  • Farmers have laboured all hours this week in a bid to recover their harvest in an interval of unexpected dry weather and glorious sunshine.
  • How loud is a person allowed to shout in order to attract the attention of someone in the interval of a concert, whether at a Prom or elsewhere?
  • The interval illuminated a match which travelled fast but went nowhere.
  • leading 3-0 at the interval
  • They were unfortunate not to have held the lead at the interval , after matching the lively home side in most aspects of play.
  • After the interval the soloist had changed from her strapless, formfitting glittering blue to a classical, double-tiered dress in subdued pastels.
  • But a few times before the interval they almost conceded.
  • Following the interval came Schubert's haunting Trio in B flat D898.
  • Surely it is possible for smokers to visit a cinema or theatre for an hour or two and then light up in an interval in a smoking area or alternatively wait until the end of the performance.
  • In less than 15 minutes of play either side of the interval they had conceded 22 points to the reigning world champions without managing a reply.
  • No sign of what was to follow after the interval as our fellows matched, and sometimes bettered, the visitors in a lively and very entertaining first half.
  • The first half of this action-filled story is so alive and challenging that it dares the audience to take its eyes from the stage, until the breathing space of the interval .
  • Again the Cougars showed their fighting sprit to open the scoring after the interval .
  • The match lasted just over five hours, including the interval .
  • If the task can be repeated without a decline in average power output from one exercise interval to the next then the pause interval permits complete recovery of performance.
  • Figure 3 shows how the percentage of calories from fat changed with the interval between meals.
  • Following an interval the performance follows and lasts about an hour.
  • Thanks also to the ladies committee of the Castlerea St. Kevin's Club for the hospitality and reception during the match interval .
  • Consumers can help themselves by limiting the interval between meals and limiting the consumption of simple carbohydrates.
  • The match was abandoned when rain washed out play during the lunch interval .
  • After the interval we heard Milhaud's own re-orchestration of his ballet score La Creation du Monde for piano and string quartet.
  • Owen returned after the interval as soloist in Constant Lambert's Rio Grande, and the programme ended, for no very obvious reason, with Copland's Rodeo.
  • When it's eight meals, they're very small and my meal interval is 2-2 1/2 hours.
  • Having fielded a sluggish team in the first half against Cameroon, his tactical adjustment during the interval transformed the match.
  • The Conference side broke the deadlock six minutes before the interval and added a second just after the hour.
  • The match continued to be evenly contested after the interval and played mainly in midfield.
  • To their credit they kept the deficit to a single goal at the interval .
  • After the interval the show veers towards panto.
  • At half-time against Norway yesterday, this supposed cultured voice from abroad was sent to the stand after berating the match officials during the interval .
  • The string quartet will play during the reception and there will be a licensed bar during the interval and throughout the performance.
  • Just before the interval Lindley came back with a chip over the Silsden defence after a sustained pressure to take the score to 16-8.
  • A fully licensed cash bar will be available prior to the performance and during the interval .
  • And after the interval comes some of the fiercest theatrical drumming I've heard since Ariane Mnouchkine's production of The Oresteia.

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interval kelimesinin zıt anlamlı kelimeleri nelerdir?

interval kelimesinin kökeni

    Middle English: from Old French entrevalle, based on Latin intervallum ‘space between ramparts, interval’, from inter- ‘between’ + vallum ‘rampart’.

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