knowledge nasıl okunur? (Telaffuzu)

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knowledge ne demek Türkçe anlamları nelerdir?

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knowledge kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • As they disappear, so does their ancient culture, their wisdom, their knowledge .
  • Fortunately, he imparted his knowledge to a generation of postgraduate students.
  • The goal of science education is not only to help students acquire scientific knowledge , but to understand its development.
  • The infected computers can then be used to attack a Web site without their owners' knowledge .
  • Installing the card and the software was extremely straightforward with no need for specialist technical knowledge .
  • the programme had been developed without his knowledge
  • The book reveals the author's encyclopaedic knowledge of the hundreds of aristocratic families and their houses all over Ireland.
  • he has detailed knowledge of the case
  • the transmission of knowledge
  • Experts, driven by a belief in their professional knowledge , often cover up their own shortcomings.
  • Her grasp of scientific truth in all branches of knowledge , combined with an exceptional power of exposition, made her the most remarkable woman of her generation.
  • He appears to have very little knowledge with regard to the Internet and IT.
  • However, we must here recognize that to Kant, consciousness, and thus, knowledge , is specific to the domain of the human being.
  • Then you could have spyware software running on your computer without your knowledge .
  • a thirst for knowledge
  • All of these plans require insider knowledge in order to carry out the operation in a timely and accurate manner.
  • A scientific fact is knowledge that can be gained by means of scientific research.
  • Artists are asked to submit works that explore the importance of cultural knowledge and the wisdom of elders.
  • it requires technicians with specialist knowledge
  • He denied all knowledge of the bank robbery, but police were able to detain him on a technicality.
  • As a rationalist, he believed that the only path to true knowledge was through logic.
  • Banks must be more proactive in this area as a lack of public knowledge will only serve to increase consumer reluctance to go online with their bank.
  • We have no secrets from one another, and know that we can tell each other anything in the sure and certain knowledge that the other will respond in a loving fashion.
  • Very often they respond to an emergency call in the knowledge that they may encounter very challenging or dangerous situations.
  • There is among the people of the nation a hunger for learning and knowledge , in many aspects of their lives.
  • Some people say that with age comes wisdom and knowledge , and as such you can live a much richer life.
  • The fact is that judgments are inevitably based on the knowledge available at the time.
  • Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward, including a lorry driver who may have been involved in the incident without his knowledge .
  • This anthology pairs contemporary stories with folk tales, many of which interpret natural phenomena in the light of local knowledge and lore.
  • I wondered too if we will ever find a way for a more efficient transmission of knowledge .
  • her considerable knowledge of antiques
  • He also says other executives committed accounting irregularities without his knowledge .
  • I have no knowledge of that system
  • he denied all knowledge of the overnight incidents
  • He was always fascinated by science and nature and he had an insatiable thirst for knowledge .
  • These steps opened the doors to the transmission of ideas and knowledge from Europe.
  • Without their knowledge , innocent computer users may trigger the virus by simply browsing a website.
  • she has some knowledge of history
  • On her deathbed, she apparently signed a new will without my knowledge .
  • The profession must recognise that it does not have a monopoly of either wisdom or knowledge .
  • Held back in her career by dyslexia, she struggled to learn new skills but realised that computer knowledge was the key to getting ahead.
  • This would mean that an entire realm of academic knowledge would be inaccessible to students.
  • to acquire knowledge of a subject
  • Close friends and family reportedly knew, but his sexuality was not public knowledge .
  • This study aims to contribute to the body of knowledge in these areas.
  • Unfortunately, the author's knowledge of his subject is not matched by literary grace.
  • Without his knowledge , the council released CCTV footage of his actions to the media.
  • The people in China have traditional respect for scholarship and knowledge .
  • His travels had given him a wide knowledge of ancient, medieval, and Renaissance art.
  • If others with more knowledge of the procedure e-mail me, I'll put out a further update.
  • The thefts only came to light when one customer noticed that money had been taken from her account without her knowledge .
  • Renaissance science also received added impetus from the increased transmission of knowledge between east and west.
  • One thing very important to the dying is the knowledge that they will be remembered after they are gone.
  • If you've got a pension, do you feel secure in the knowledge that your money is in safe hands?

knowledge kelimesinin kökeni

    Middle English (originally as a verb in the sense ‘acknowledge, recognize’, later as a noun): from an Old English compound based on cnāwan (see know).

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revere : saygı duymak, hürmet etmek

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......... do you go to the gym? - Twice a week.

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To respect and admire someone very much

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