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learning kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • an important learning process
  • Share some learning / knowledge/information that you think is necessary in making a relationship work.
  • The program includes a clear mission statement focusing on the school counselor's role in supporting student learning and achievement.
  • Their collective learning is immense, and is deployed without pity.
  • The agency offered numerous classes, films, and other learning opportunities on a regular basis.
  • Distance education facilitates lifelong learning , a major factor for all professionals in knowledge intensive fields.
  • It is your collective learning , your know-how and bank of experience.
  • All learning and knowledge is supposed to represent culture.
  • these children experienced difficulties in learning
  • His team of experts wear their learning lightly and the information is presented with admirable clarity.
  • It was in this London bookshop that Faraday acquired his learning , reading what he bound.
  • And the moment they are born one's own learning process starts all over again.
  • Mimetic adoption is a rather limited form of organizational learning from the experience of others.
  • I think it's a marvellous tool and it's great that we all have instant access to so much information, knowledge and learning at our fingertips.
  • If experiential learning is properly implemented, learners are definitely not passive recipients of knowledge.
  • They had no choice but to stay on in Asia, intermingling with the local peoples, and leavening Indian learning with Greek philosophy and classical ideas.
  • Leaders continually acquire new knowledge and abilities and pass their learning on to others around them.
  • A pledge of $250,000 has been made in the coming territory budget, to improve interactive distance learning .
  • I liked to parade my learning in front of my sisters
  • But presentations by experts in the teaching and learning process facilitated our efforts.
  • The site is intended to help you improve your learning of the English language.
  • The educational system emphasizes rote learning and memorization, rather than analytical thinking.
  • Future research should be directed at more careful examination of these learning processes.
  • Creative thinking, innovative material, and student-centered learning have not been encouraged.
  • The school is very spacious and bright and will enhance the learning of pupils.
  • There have also been extraordinary achievements when intelligent faith, deep learning , and imaginative wisdom have come together.
  • A number of master piano teachers have promoted cooperative learning for students in small group settings.
  • Courses that emphasized crop production, pest management, and courses that emphasized experiential learning were frequently listed.
  • It may just be apples and oranges; as researchers well know, the study of learning can be maddeningly complicated.
  • As such, the results underscore the importance of an instructional approach that encourages active learning .
  • Many contributors were Trinity graduates, parading classical learning and disdain for the vulgar.
  • Each fast-paced presentation is designed to maximize your time and enhance your learning .
  • Her learning of English empowers her, but also affects her judgment.
  • You still need the sequential, programmed, methodical approach to your child's overall learning .
  • An urbane man who wears his intellectual learning lightly, he retires next year, when he will be 60.
  • He would murmur a quiet corrective now and then, or insert an informative note, but never parade his learning .
  • I am often highly impressed with the intelligence and learning of the military officers I meet at security conferences.

learning kelimesinin zıt anlamlı kelimeleri nelerdir?

learning kelimesinin kökeni

    Old English leornung (see learn, -ing1).

learning kelimesinin köken şeması


learning kelimesinin köken grafiği

Günün İngilizce kelimesi

attendance : katılım

Günün İngilizce sorusu

Kate Winslet ? Yes I like ….......................

Günün İngilizce Deyimi

the number of people who are present at an event or in a place such as a school or church

okul ya da kilise gibi bir yerde ya da eventte hazır bulunan insanların sayısı

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