lickety split nasıl okunur? (Telaffuzu)

lickety split kelimesi şu şekilde okunur

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lickety split kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • I took off lickety-split across the lawn
  • Once mealtime is over, cleanup is lickety-split too.
  • Despite stock market woes, people are still buying housing lickety-split , fueled by piles of equity in their current properties and rock-bottom mortgage interest rates.
  • We also ordered a bottle of sake, which arrived lickety-split .
  • If the human rights committee of the United Nations makes recommendations, there are members in this House who would have those implemented in New Zealand lickety-split .
  • You would think that he would tell him to rattle the cage of the Auditor General, and get a report in lickety-split so that they could make an intelligent assessment.
  • And yet he's had a very sunny disposition, telling great stories about how everybody is moving through lickety-split .
  • If he really was a stalker, he'd find it lickety-split .
  • Before you go from 5K runner to marathoner lickety-split , you'll have to address the second tenet of neuromuscular training: teaching your mind to push through pain, because - we won't lie to you - there's a lot of it.
  • The first movement, a lickety-split toccata, exploits what Lees calls a ‘trill’ idea and what I think of as more of a skip.
  • These include a lickety-split Don Giovanni (live from Aix), a disc of Beethoven overtures, and Brahms's Third and Fourth Symphonies.
  • The man should be lauded for wanting to get places lickety-split .
  • After all, they already assemble and disassemble floors lickety-split on top of hockey rinks.
  • Whipping out lickety-split footwork and curiously fey gestures in improbable succession, his character seemed controlled by external forces.
  • However, I can now turn over my OR and do my machine check or jam a needle into your spine lickety-split .
  • The high-pressure water stream can eat a hole in your fence or make kindling out of your lattice lickety-split .
  • While leaving day-to-day operations to company veterans - unlike most other turnaround artists, he doesn't bring in his own managers - he assembles a restructuring plan lickety-split .
  • The first theme, a lickety-split series of parallel chords hopping up the keyboard, sounds like the giddy mockery of an older person's pomposity.
  • Sure enough, the paint rubs off, lickety-split .
  • Hmm… I don't think Nathaniel is gone for good just yet, although he is not in this chapter… besides, what fun would it be if Thomas and Kate just got together lickety-split ?
  • There's only one man for the job - and I know he'll have you out of here lickety-split .

lickety split kelimesinin benzer anlamlı kelimeleri nelerdir? (Benzer anlamlı kelimeler)

Günün İngilizce kelimesi

engine : motor

Günün İngilizce sorusu

Choose the correct answer. Ann, how are you?

Günün İngilizce Deyimi

the part of a vehicle that uses energy from oil, electricity, or steam to make it move

aracı hareket ettirmek için petrol, elektrik veya buhardan enerji kullanan aracın parçası

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