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look kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • you still look the same
  • the bedraggled look of the village
  • The pleading, concerned look in his eyes overwhelmed me.
  • Their job is to translate these trends into a look which is up-to-the-minute, yet wearable and affordable.
  • This season's hottest fashion look is judged incomplete without a trio of large, colourful brooches.
  • At the month's end there was much excitement as I unveiled my new look to the world.
  • take a look at ways to improve it
  • people finishing work don't look where they're going
  • Its originality makes it worth a look ; its brilliant cast and perfect soundtrack ensure this is a film not to miss.
  • He cast a quick look over his shoulder.
  • One look in the mirror, two days later, and I was horrified.
  • she will look to you for help
  • So when lawn edges become overgrown and tatty, it can have an adverse effect on the look of the whole garden.
  • I looked up to the transmitter controller who had a look of complete disbelief.
  • The building has been given a new look with two brightly coloured murals.
  • they stopped to look at the view
  • And then something happens and you stop and look, the look becomes a gaze, the gaze a stare.
  • look carefully
  • I look at tennis differently from some coaches
  • It is time the experts are called in to take a look and suggest measures.
  • Currently I am testing out a new look for the blog which seems to be an improvement on the default template.
  • Security personnel had to struggle a bit to restrain those who wanted to surge forward and have a closer look .
  • Sam's eyes were on her, a look of confusion on his face.
  • Every now and then someone would appear, but most of them didn't want books, they wanted a photograph or a closer look .
  • Headteacher Nick Capstick will be examining the new look later today.
  • Coral, blue, brick red and yellow combine to lend a rustic look to versatile garments.
  • Italian designers unveiled their latest look
  • this might look bad
  • I had a look in the mirror earlier, and, although you might not believe this, I was even whiter than usual.
  • They then ask the reader to take a closer look , reflecting the in-depth analysis in the articles.
  • The Healthcare Commission should also reserve the right to take a closer look , randomly as well as responsively.
  • I glanced at Julia to exchange a look of disgust and found a strange expression on her face.
  • it doesn't look like you'll be moving to Brooklyn
  • I thought that the hem on my skirt was looking a bit frayed and decided to take a closer look .
  • let me get a closer look
  • Mobile phone users are less likely to look whether the road is clear before crossing.
  • The many parents that called to have a look and investigate places for their children enjoyed the visit.
  • she had a good look at the dress
  • It's possibly the most accurate adaptation of a comic you'll get, in terms of the visual look and the narrative style.
  • The cut is also beautiful, and the look fashionable yet sophisticated.
  • Mr. Scanlon is planning extensive renovations to give the premises a modern look .
  • The even better news is that bathroom accessories can be spray painted in the same colour for a co-ordinated look .
  • He knelt down beside one of the bodies to take a closer look , and looked back up with a furrowed brow.
  • Angry householders have claimed the historic look of their community is being ruined by the removal of cobblestones.
  • To see him with such a pained worried look in his eyes; my heart gave a light twinge.
  • There must be scores of former tenants who would welcome a look inside before modernisation.
  • Pull over to the side of the road for a closer look , and you will find these seals amiable enough to photograph.
  • the orderly gave me a funny look
  • it doesn't look like you'll be moving to Liverpool
  • Tina keeps up to date with trends in nail art and promises she can do any look a customer might see in a magazine.
  • the government should be taking a look at the amount of grant the council receives
  • it was a way to take a look at her work
  • You really should look where you're going. I could have run you down.
  • Classic monochrome style proved the look of the day, as racegoers rose to the challenge of the weather.
  • he had a look of concern
  • the principal rooms look out over Nahant Bay
  • While attendance may seem decent at first glance, a closer look reveals very few students.
  • Tom had brought his patrol vehicle so the children could have a closer look .
  • the government should take a look at the amount of grant the council receives
  • If the plants generally look good to you, pick up a few likely specimens and have a closer look .
  • These kitchen accessories will add a modern look to any kitchen.
  • he has a modern look
  • There have been great reviews about the quality, the look and usability of our site.
  • When the lighting is finally in place it will make a huge improvement to the look of the village.
  • We went and had a look - it appeared to be very old, but the safety pin was out so that in the interests of safety we had to cordon off the Square.
  • The new trend for a 1950s look is creeping in, accompanied by fuller skirts and wide belts.
  • Another moan of terror brings him out of his reverie and he casts a worried look in her direction.

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look kelimesinin zıt anlamlı kelimeleri nelerdir?

look kelimesinin kökeni

    Old English lōcian (verb), of West Germanic origin; related to German dialect lugen .

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Elton John? No, I dont like …....................... .

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To pause before doing something, especially because you are nervous or not certain

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