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lore kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • He has had a front-row seat for the biggest events in modern New York baseball lore .
  • These leaders used the wisdom they found during this meeting to begin the tradition of Indian lore at camps.
  • She spent mornings there, according to local lore , reviewing proofs of her work.
  • They have had the kind of season that is so rare it will go down in the annals of baseball lore .
  • baseball lore
  • He considers attitudes to antiquity and to change in general terms, and looks at perceptions of old traditions and proverbial lore .
  • the jinns of Arabian lore
  • Certain parts of the History section are outdated and may therefore conflict with other pieces of lore or stories.
  • The folk healers' knowledge of natural resources and lore is an ancient cultural heritage.
  • Body painting, traditional dance and spoken lore are all virtually impossible to safeguard.
  • The rich fairy lore of Ireland is the subject of many oral legends.
  • His four books, which ranged over local lore , geology and topography, became standard reading for lovers of the Lake District.
  • In the realm of sea lore , fact or fiction, stories of sea serpents have long held a special place.
  • He thought that traditional lore provided them with most of what they would ever need to know.
  • Those innings are now part of the glorious baseball lore of New York and Florida.
  • We owe it to the younger generation to pass on the vast lore , knowledge and expertise and let them know the heritage of the county.
  • It has been the subject of lore and the object of cravings for centuries.
  • Collectors have documented children's lore for centuries, often to record what they considered a dying culture.
  • This lore was passed on by my mother who had spent many of her childhood holidays on the same beaches, as had her mother before.
  • I've always been fascinated by Japanese mermaid lore , which is very different from our mermaid stories.
  • Romanians have a variety of traditions and lore dating back to antiquity.
  • It is largely secondary knowledge and includes much herbal lore as well as superstition.
  • We determined the sex of birds in the field from the color of the lores (males black, females brown.
  • It shared the same yellow lores , median crown stripe, and goatee-like black malar markings.
  • With some birds, the lores presents the most conspicuous field mark.

lore kelimesinin zıt anlamlı kelimeleri nelerdir?

lore kelimesinin kökeni

    Old English lār ‘instruction’, of Germanic origin: related to Dutch leer, German Lehre, also to learn.

lore kelimesinin köken şeması


lore kelimesinin köken grafiği

Günün İngilizce kelimesi

attendance : katılım

Günün İngilizce sorusu

Kate Winslet ? Yes I like ….......................

Günün İngilizce Deyimi

the number of people who are present at an event or in a place such as a school or church

okul ya da kilise gibi bir yerde ya da eventte hazır bulunan insanların sayısı

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