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Fiil ölçmek
Fiil tartmak
Fiil ayarlamak
Fiil ölçüsünü almak
Fiil süzmek
Fiil dikkatle bakmak
Isim ölçü
Isim tedbir
Isim önlem
Isim ölçüm
Isim ölçek
Isim oran
Isim miktar
Isim had
Isim vezin

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measure kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • it gives a measure of protection from the rain
  • This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some unscrupulous elements.
  • For one test, a device called a reflectometer is used to measure the degree of whiteness in processed tuber samples destined to become chips.
  • That alone is a measure of the extent to which the listeners were drawn into the music, but subsequent conversation proved the point.
  • I had better measure my words so as not to embarrass anyone
  • She concentrated on centering herself, achieving a slight measure of control.
  • his resignation is a measure of how angry he is
  • Similarly, units of measure had to be reconciled.
  • He's currently in our waters to measure whale numbers, and to audit the impact of man-made pollutants on marine creatures.
  • Either measure the amount in ounces or measure the depth of water in each jar.
  • She turned to Colette and lifted her down from the bed and asked the modiste to measure her.
  • In 1997, the House passed a measure to abolish the agency, but the Senate restored its funding.
  • As all units of measure are determined arbitrarily in the first place, though not fixed by law, obviously they can be altered by law.
  • it is hard to measure teaching ability
  • A rotary encoder is a digital input device used to measure angular rotation and direction.
  • I'm afraid we didn't measure up to the standards they set
  • The golden measure of poetry does not yet exist, only the rhythm of the maracas, the exact sound of the kettledrum.
  • you can't measure success in terms of wealth alone
  • she helped to measure out the ingredients
  • Contemporary buildings have long lost their ability to accurately measure the urban significance of what they hold.
  • the dimensions were in imperial measure
  • we must measure twenty miles today
  • By the late 70s he had achieved a measure of fame.
  • In a bold response, Congressional leaders added a measure to the energy bill raising fuel economy by one mile per gallon.
  • the Senate passed the measure by a 48–30 vote
  • we must gain some measure of control over our own money
  • the original dimensions were in imperial measure
  • The group's device allows researchers to measure the heat given off by these electrons, and devise ways to get around the problem, Blick says.
  • A nautical instrument used to measure the altitude of stars and planets in the sky in order to determine a ship's exact direction.
  • Now you've also been attaching devices to them that measure the depth to which they dive.
  • metric measure
  • A tailor was brought in to measure Willow for clothes.
  • that's only one measure of the quality of a school
  • she did not need to measure herself against some ideal
  • the data will serve as a measure of progress
  • The European Council has passed the measure but the deadline for its adoption into the laws of EU member states is still 15 months away.
  • it was a measure of the team's problems that they were still working after 2 a.m.
  • Districts choose from commercially available standardized tests to measure students against national norms.
  • a furlong is an obsolete measure of length
  • The carpet beside the bed indicates a chamber decorated for Costanza's lying in; its bare floor indicates a measure of austerity appropriate to her station.
  • It would at least have given a clear measure of the extent of anti-agreement sentiment in the unionist community.
  • they didn't all feel the pain in equal measure
  • Indeed, a good measure of success in this endeavour has already been achieved.
  • now tread we a measure!
  • Yet the odds are against the measure as legislated policy.
  • children were evacuated as a precautionary measure
  • the prize was a measure of their creativity
  • Plus, we provide the control and safety systems and instrumentation used to measure the oil flow.
  • how do they measure the distance in the long jump?
  • The measure passed in 2000 was to finish the job.
  • There was more than one instance where claws sunk into soft tissue and offered them a small measure of success.
  • If a water meter isn't installed on the system, a short-term pumping plant test can be run using one of a variety of devices to measure the flow rate.
  • a measure of spirits
  • Well, if we're all still speaking at the end and the PIC site is being accessed and used, we have a good measure of success.
  • Geologists use centimeter-precision GPS devices to measure the movement of continental plates.
  • Play the last four notes of each measure staccato, or make a crescendo into the next measure .
  • a preventive measure against swine flu
  • Mareen came in with two palace tailors to measure me for the wedding.
  • Often the two sets of data have very different scales of measure , so a bar graph would not work.
  • Don't let the late-night munchies make you pay £1.50 for a Mars bar or £6 for a single measure of spirits.
  • At measure 31, a cadenza is marked in the flute parts; however, it is not noted in the piano part or the original score.
  • the states retain a large measure of independence
  • the award was due in no small measure to your efforts
  • I'm happy to accept this wager as a measure of the quality of my predictions about the long term sustainability of commons-based peer production.
  • They can measure force - the amount of pressure being exerted.
  • her husband had dealt out hard measure to her
  • It's very hard for me to measure the success of that.
  • It is a measure of the quality you can expect to hear, however, that whatever you pay to see them will probably be worth it.
  • imperial measure
  • This they did with a fair measure of success from the 1940s through to the 1970s.
  • Much of her art has required a substantial measure of patience in its extended procedures.

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    Middle English (as a noun in the senses ‘moderation’, ‘instrument for measuring’, ‘unit of capacity’): from Old French mesure, from Latin mensura, from mens- ‘measured’, from the verb metiri .

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