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meter kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • the Horatian ode has an intricate governing meter
  • Nevertheless, the line lengths and meter can become predictable.
  • A wide selection of these species is usually caught by traditional fisheries, including both large and small species, varying from five centimeters up to one meter in length.
  • The simple melody derived from a pentatonic scale and the prevailing dotted rhythm in compound duple meter elicit the feeling of a slow, graceful Korean traditional dance.
  • One of the simplest lung function tests uses a peak-flow meter to measure the rate at which you expel air.
  • This new technology will enable residents to keep a check on their own electricity and water consumption and act as a record for the meter readings.
  • OK, I'll just put you through to the electricity meter department so you can give them the reading.
  • The meter , complexity of rhythms created by dotted rhythms, triplets and irregular accents manifest the spirit of Korean peasant dance and music.
  • A better but more expensive measuring device is a laser meter .
  • They produce most of the energy at very low frequency, where a meter can only give a very approximate measurement.
  • unexpected changes of stress and meter
  • You are constrained by a specific meter , a specific rhyme scheme, and a specific length.
  • There are 100 centimeters in a meter , and 1,000 meters in a kilometer.
  • Error tolerance criteria were used to evaluate the accuracy of the glucose meter measurements.
  • While difficult to count, the symmetry of the phrases grounds students in the meter of the piece, allowing them to solve the challenges in listening, counting and texture.
  • an electricity meter
  • A trifield meter measures the electromagnetic frequency in the space around it.
  • His first works are called the Eclogues, a collection of pastoral poetry done in the same meter as the Aeneid (dactylic hexameter).
  • In the key of A minor, this lively marching tune in triple meter uses only two fingers in the right hand and four in the left.
  • Often the meter seems to fluctuate between triple and duple time, which transforms the rhythmic emphases of the loops.
  • During several of these dives, the scientists will deploy an instrument called a gravity meter to measure very tiny changes in the pull of gravity that hint at the nature of buried faults.
  • A developmental psychologist would likely say that the resonance of a particular meter or beat or note-combination sends the baby into fits of laughter.
  • They range in size from a few centimeters to a meter or more in greatest dimension (commonly between 30 and 60 cm).
  • Once students can associate the syllables, they would need additional practice recognizing the tonality or meter of familiar music.
  • Hexameters are the epic meter; by stealing a foot in the second line, Cupid has turned it into elegiac meter , used for love poetry.
  • The meter and rhyme schemes of the Crepusculars were less regular than Italian poets formerly had employed, and so their work was an important stage in the move toward vers libre in Italy.
  • Security comes from your electricity meter , the device that should stop anyone else from using your electricity without you knowing.
  • Rhythm patterns always are taught with musical inflection to aid in the audiation of meter and so students learn that music always is performed musically.
  • Record the number that the meter reads (this is known as a reading).
  • Gerber's handling of rhythm especially impresses me, with a mastery of the phrase against the meter .
  • The pub offers an all-night cellar vigil including the use of infra-red cameras, dousing rods, and a meter for measuring electro-magnetic fields for serious enthusiasts.
  • The first piece, Valse Noble, is a work in triple meter .
  • Also difficult is the changing metric structure and the note patterns that do not jive with the meter of the moment.
  • He often created large-scale pieces by bringing back the same blocks of material, and varied their meter to give more variety.
  • The isotope source gives off photons, usually Gamma rays, which radiate back to the meter 's detectors on the bottom of the unit.
  • If so, then the extra revenue will pay for the cost of gas, repairs, licenses and administrative fees - which have all increased since the meter rate was last set.
  • Details of meter numbers, past meter readings, billing information and names and addresses are all passed from one supplier to another by computer.
  • If you think your bill is inaccurate, read your meter , give the reading to your supplier, and ask for an amended bill.
  • I am happy with my meter only being read once a year.
  • The rest of the rhymes are embedded in the middle of lines whose meter becomes erratic.
  • At first the cymbals merely kept time with the meter of the mantras, but soon the conch-blowers and trumpeters struck up too, and the band was joined by four priestly drummers each holding a tall wooden tabla.

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meter kelimesinin kökeni

    Middle English (in the sense ‘person who measures’): from mete1 + -er1. The current sense dates from the 19th century.

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......... do you go to the gym? - Twice a week.

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To respect and admire someone very much

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