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minute kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • Think about the bit in the brackets for a minute .
  • Such minute attention to textual detail is characteristic of the entire work.
  • Perhaps you ought to think about that for a minute as well.
  • Any evidence recovered is then scrutinised in minute detail back at the laboratory.
  • In some places this process was for a time so minute and insignificant that it escaped detection.
  • A minute detail like this could have meant something else was in play.
  • His winning is no longer a story, his losing guarantees him a hard time and minute analysis of everything from his serve to his choice of coach.
  • I told Aziza every minute detail, about the angry Jewish slave and the pharaoh's reaction to the stories I told.
  • look up the case and minute me about it
  • Every minute detail was made available at the stalls, and the company officials were present for giving more information.
  • Each rack is suspended over a lake of thick black paint and dipped with minute precision so as to coat the very top of the pencil in a millimetre of black.
  • It seemed cruel when there were so many minute details to remember, none of which were taught systematically.
  • When I point this out to her, McCartney thinks for a minute .
  • He just wants to be by her bedside, just for a minute .
  • come and sit down for a minute
  • For those who still aren't convinced, stop for a minute , look around and take the time to absorb all that this great campus has to offer.
  • She bent her head towards the tiny thing and a minute sapphire winked at her from its head.
  • It is amazing that your life can turn in an instant, one minute enjoying a social event, the next lying face down in the gutter, or in a cell somewhere.
  • she spends every spare minute with him
  • Large hands belong to people who are fond of fine work and like minute details.
  • The children run and minute these meetings themselves.
  • Examining a game in minute detail has its advantages but the big picture can easily be lost when taking such a view.
  • Storage of even minute phonetic detail is suggested by another consideration.
  • I sighed and made my decision; I slipped her my piece of paper with Tina's tiny minute writing.
  • Drive it, take it to pieces, and examine in minute detail.
  • Nolan's new house is described in minute detail, from the bathtub to the airshaft.
  • Pat Lee, the penciler, has an excellent eye for minute detail, which the Transformers sport in spades.
  • I thought for a minute that ...
  • A comprehensive scan will create an electronic image of the virtual relic which can be shared and analysed in minute detail by experts around the world.
  • The supermarket will be five minutes from my work and one minute from my home.
  • McGoldrick's goal was a powerful finish in the 17th minute of the second period.
  • The lacquer contains minute ceramic particles which harden in the paintshop oven and form a barrier that's difficult to mar in any way.
  • He re-appeared much later, in the ninth minute of the second period, but his impact was never the same.
  • In the sixth minute of the second period Christopher Kelly levelled matters when he scored from a free-kick.
  • The eye receives an impression, though it does not dispose of it, in a very minute fraction of a second.
  • The idiosyncrasies of Shakespeare's handwriting have been analysed in minute detail by palaeographers.
  • Strangely this failure to minute discussions was also mentioned in the Hinduja Report.
  • Termed aptly as ‘Souls of Inferno’, the dance drama took every minute detail into account.
  • The instant may perhaps be a minute fraction of a second and so it is difficult to give a blow or a grasp just that instant.
  • At the very least, any melt must represent a minute fraction of the mantle from which it formed.
  • Let's talk about that for a minute , about the oil, and what kind of problem that this is posing with regard to this cleanup.
  • Every minute detail of constructing a scaffold is intrinsically important.
  • We're both ardent American fans of yours who enjoy obsessing over minute and insignificant details.
  • An office minute recommending dissolution of this forum to take effect from early April 2007 is being drafted for Second Commissioner approval.
  • she had been laughing one minute and crying the next
  • And that's when the other person got some hand puppets and asked Britney to sit down for a minute .
  • I just saw it… I just gave it to someone to hold for a minute while I took a picture and it's gone.
  • For everything, every last structure, every minute detail, every smiling face, was false.
  • she was laughing one minute and crying the next
  • Well, let's get to Mohamed Atta for a minute because you mentioned him as well.
  • It was the kind of minute examination of the image or soundtrack that became all the rage in film studies.
  • Saudi Arabia has more Red Sea coastline than any other nation, yet only a minute fraction is accessible to divers.
  • Men focus first on minute detail, and operate most easily with a certain detachment.
  • The book had potential, but it was lost in a myriad of minute details.
  • He was puzzled for a minute before he exploded into hard sobs.
  • A newborn baby has a tiny heart and minute organs, and there is no margin for error or carelessness.
  • Forensic scientist Karol Higgins usually uses a microscope when looking for minute clues to help solve crimes.
  • In 22 articles with 138 clauses, the FIA has laid down in minute detail exactly how the cars should be designed.
  • It was crafted in the shape of a spider, so that its minute legs would curl around her index finger, with tiny ruby eyes.
  • I puzzled for a minute , then gave a totally unconvincing answer.
  • Administrative officials should learn to delegate jobs to avoid being trapped into minute management details.
  • The pair had camped in the video room for most of the night, watching the security tapes with minute scrutiny.
  • Due to time constraints, I am unable to reproduce every minute detail of my cobbler making.
  • The springs' colors changed, too, as minute particles of broken rock muddied the waters.

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minute kelimesinin kökeni

    late Middle English: via Old French from late Latin minuta, feminine (used as a noun) of minutus ‘made small’. The senses ‘period of sixty seconds’ and ‘sixtieth of a degree’ derive from medieval Latin pars minuta prima ‘first minute part’.

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