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Isim an
Isim moment
Isim önem
Isim nüfuz

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moment kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • the issues were of little moment to the electorate
  • it was a defining moment in Irish history
  • He held my gaze for a moment longer before returning his focus to my grandmother.
  • Carla Gray lit up the stage from the moment she stepped onto it.
  • I'll only be a moment
  • we had to wait until the right moment came
  • She knows the exact moment the boat capsized: ten past three in the afternoon.
  • They need to be investigated in the field, although this might not be the exact moment to do it.
  • He had been laying low for awhile waiting for the right moment to get his revenge.
  • I looked at him blankly and for a moment a look of panic crossed his handsome features.
  • Most hypertext theorists rightly take his article as a key moment in the conceptual development of hypertext.
  • Learn to wait for the right moment , the right partner, the right time to present itself.
  • It is therefore exposed to a disproportionately high dose of chemicals at a critical moment of its development.
  • While the Cimento did not survive, it appeared at a crucial moment in the development of early modern science.
  • Marsha's frown returned and for a moment Thomas feared she'd go all motherly on him.
  • There comes a moment in the development of a team when it cannot stand still.
  • come over here for a moment
  • she was silent for a moment before replying
  • Take a moment now to remember the best thing that ever happened to you.
  • Martyrs' relics and graves seemed of little moment in a world about to be consumed by fire.
  • bending moment
  • She looks back on China as a significant moment in her development as a 400m runner.
  • now isn't a good moment
  • Although we entertained the idea of one of us moving, it just never seemed to be the right moment .
  • I'll always remember that moment
  • Julia wants to wait until just the right moment before she sends it to you.
  • no particular moment stands out
  • I had a brief moment of silent panic when I thought I'd chipped a tooth on a particularly hard bit.
  • I was waiting for the right moment to tell him
  • she grasped her moment to ask him
  • She rolled over onto her stomach and paused, as if she was waiting for the right moment to move.
  • I was waiting for the right moment
  • Rachel disappeared for a moment , then returned with a glass of water in her hands.
  • Setting aside the real world for a moment , let's return to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
  • William spent the winter months preparing and then, once ready, waited for the right moment to invade the country.
  • He rummaged around for a moment and returned with a pair of black pants and a light blue sleeveless top.
  • The exact moment of the disaster was caught on an amateur video camera.
  • Wyatt stood silent for a moment , unable to anything other than stare at the duo in front of him.
  • His diplomacy won over only the Illyrian king Genthius, whose support proved of little moment .
  • The men in this novel are mostly shadowy figures who seem to appear at the right moment to fill out a necessary niche.
  • It is very important to be able to save energy in a fight and then attack the right target in the right moment .
  • She has been trained to approach the table only at the exact moment when everyone's mouth is full.
  • It should not be so difficult to say these things, but Sonia has been waiting for the right moment .
  • He has a knack for bringing closure to each of his 10 tracks at just the right moment .
  • it's of special moment in the Church's history
  • I fell asleep for a moment
  • she was back a moment later
  • From the moment they met he had always made her laugh and smile, so much that she feared that even the Gods would be jealous.
  • His answer was the resolute sort that made her fall silent for a moment in contemplation.
  • We all have wonderful ideas hiding inside just waiting for the right moment to be let out.
  • in a moment
  • The third series opens at the exact moment the last episode ended.
  • that was his greatest moment
  • She disappeared for a moment and returned with a towel, blanket, and a first aid kit.
  • By failing to protest at the right moment , I missed the chance of being heard.
  • it was a proud moment for all of us
  • it was a crucial moment
  • A bell was sounded at the exact moment the waves hit, marking two minutes of silence.
  • I bought these shoes in a moment of madness

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