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nay kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • The fact is universal: the life stream of blood links all men and women, nay the entire human race, irrespective of colour, creed, culture and religion.
  • I was angered, nay , infuriated, by your review of the movie.
  • Never mind me, I don't suppose the kids in the next field, nay the next village, got a wink of sleep all weekend.
  • nay, I must not think thus
  • Nay nay , they wrote him off in the '80s as a dinosaur, but he's back big time.
  • Yes, I know it's rather stilted, nay overwrought, prose.
  • It's all a judgment call at the end of the day, and one person usually will step in and say yea or nay .
  • the cabinet sits to give the final yea or nay to policies
  • It is upsetting, nay distressing, to read that Leeds United Football Club may be forced into administration with debts totalling eighty-one million pounds.
  • I'm willing to write to my local MP and MPP and join the picket line if necessary to make sure that this highly valuable nay essential service is maintained.
  • The events of the last few weeks - nay the last 18 months - have led me to ask some questions.
  • No one at the garage door company seemed able to tell me yea or nay .
  • Which is partly why I and so many other Brits - nay , the rest of the world - shook our heads and rubbed our eyes in bewilderment when he got into the White House four years ago.
  • As the site says: ‘This country, nay this planet, is going to the dogs.’
  • it will take months, nay years
  • As this is our first formal review of products of this type, we think it best to postpone giving a formal yea or nay until we've had a chance to try out the competition's offerings.
  • My window is over the desk, and provides plenty of light and an ample, nay unparalleled, view of the neighbour's shambolic back yard and the train tracks in the mid-distance.
  • This means astonished, nay furious, taxpayers will see expensive full-time staff working adjacent to cheaper county sub contract workers.
  • But, I repeat, no one doubted that he who controlled the Conan Doyle copyright could also say yea or nay to the further use of the character Sherlock Holmes.
  • By refusing to keep her emotional problems to herself and instead parading them in front of the nation, she implied - nay , screamed - that such behaviour was not merely permissible but required.
  • As you know, he's on the Judiciary Committee, which must vote yea or nay on sending her nomination to the full Senate.
  • Good teaching, nay great teaching, may yet be the salvation of the university in society in our day.
  • Come up with details to support your yea or nay verdict.
  • But do not forget that at the end of the day it will be a Plans Panel of councillors (not including me) who say either yea or nay , so the more people who write to protest the better.
  • This is indicative of an official willingness - nay , an active eagerness - here in Ireland to embrace the change that is undoubtedly on the way in this entire area.
  • So I have until next week to give the final yea or nay .
  • They have invited - nay , commanded - the public to evaluate his qualification for the presidency based on that.
  • It is all told in his ornate, nay , bombastic prose.
  • After all, do they think that we have forgotten that for months - nay , years - they have time and again denied being on the Army Council?
  • permission to build the superstore will take months, nay years
  • He probably was taking the counsel of his senior ministers, but not giving an aye or a nay - at least not in public.
  • What better chance to re-employ the hordes of laid-off middle-aged workers from State-owned companies and all for free, nay , even a substantial profit could result.
  • For I believe that it is the right, nay , the duty of the music critic to contribute to the seemingly endless and certainly redundant lists of ‘Best and Worst’ music for the year.
  • It will be spent, nay squandered, on unnecessary digital radio stations.
  • Has the Court of Criminal Appeal, by its disposition of those cases, indicated yea or nay whether immediate incarceration can ordinarily be expected to be the punishment imposed?

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nay kelimesinin kökeni

    Middle English (in nay (sense 2 of the adverb)): from Old Norse nei, from ne ‘not’ + ei ‘ever’ (compare with aye2).

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nay kelimesinin köken grafiği

Günün İngilizce kelimesi

engine : motor

Günün İngilizce sorusu

Choose the correct answer. Ann, how are you?

Günün İngilizce Deyimi

the part of a vehicle that uses energy from oil, electricity, or steam to make it move

aracı hareket ettirmek için petrol, elektrik veya buhardan enerji kullanan aracın parçası

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