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occasion kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • it was only an occasion for fighting
  • We addicts can always come up with suitable justifications when the occasion demands.
  • on one occasion I stayed up until two in the morning
  • The Assembly used this rare occasion to chat about everything and nothing and just enjoy the time they spent together.
  • There may be occasion at work and reason at home, for you to lose your cool or balance but that's not helpful so avoid extremes of any kind.
  • Raf was a great playmate to have around and could be serious when the occasion arose.
  • to mark the occasion
  • Sunday lunch has a suitable sense of occasion about it
  • Whenever the occasion arose to work in a different area or learn new skills, I welcomed it.
  • he seized the occasion to make a speech
  • Theresa is already working on big celebrations to mark the special occasion in the history of the prominent Association.
  • The occasion arose through the trip of the old people to Poppleton, given by Captain Grace, on the ‘River King’ a few weeks before.
  • For the first thirty years of my academic career, I had no occasion and no reason to worry about sports.
  • I think you are somewhat reserved, but my daughter does not seem to mind your taciturnity, so I suppose I have no occasion to complain.
  • In 1979 Jimmy Carter used the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the lunar landing to push his energy program.
  • At once, occasion arose for versions of reality to compete for public credibility.
  • The greatest occasion for celebration in a Kurd's life is marriage.
  • The occasion afforded staff the opportunity of paying tribute to a long-standing member of staff.
  • About this time last year I had occasion to complain about the non-collection of my refuse bin.
  • Not everything said or written on an occasion of qualified privilege is protected.
  • In 1974 he was invited to address the US Congress on the occasion of the celebrations marking the American bicentennial.
  • The ceremony was an occasion for considerable celebration, but Margaret was never crowned queen.
  • by-elections are traditionally an occasion for registering protest votes
  • The recent parish outing and day trip to West Mayo proved a very enjoyable occasion .
  • it's the first time that I've had occasion to complain
  • Today, on the occasion of his 70th birthday, we wish him well.
  • Actually, I could only remember one other occasion , months and months ago.
  • The Bodhisattva can be represented as both male and female as need and occasion demand.
  • it was a convenient occasion to leave
  • They gave me a crystal wine glass to celebrate the momentous occasion .
  • The controversy provided a rare occasion for agreement between the ruling right and opposition left.
  • I often have occasion to be reminded of the man who, as executive deputy mayor, was the face and the voice of Buffalo City.
  • She was crowned at the end of a gala occasion on Sunday night.
  • Actually, there is no special occasion or reason to buy the stuff.
  • Were the written words used by the defendant on an occasion of qualified privilege?
  • Some cultures decorate to celebrate a festive occasion , others to mark membership in a group or tribe.
  • There had been only one previous occasion when I actually had to appear in court.
  • The name-giving ceremony is a formal occasion celebrated by feasting and drinking.
  • To celebrate this momentous occasion , have all your neighbors get together for a good old fashioned barbeque.
  • I remember one occasion
  • Her family and friends, along with staff at St. Joseph's, had a right old party bash celebrating the occasion .
  • on this occasion
  • I promised myself that I'd tell Karl as soon as the occasion arose.
  • The special occasion gave guests the opportunity to meet the director, singers and dancers of the world renown opera.
  • Last week there were celebrations to mark the occasion with Mass being celebrated by the new Bishop of Galway.
  • she wouldn't refuse it if the occasion arose
  • Opportunity refers to the occasion suitable for or conducive to the behavior, including such factors as geography and time.
  • I might have occasion to mention it again
  • Instead of passing the ball off every time, he took shots around the arch when the occasion arose.
  • elections are an occasion for registering protest votes
  • Ms. Ayotte said she was prepared to issue a formal opinion to that effect if the occasion arose.
  • Each situation is different, and must be assessed individually when the occasion arises.
  • Thankfully, they are all still fit and well and could still turn on the style if the occasion arose.
  • The meal followed and it proved to be a most enjoyable social occasion .
  • The entire set, costumes and props will also be flown to New York for the gala occasion .
  • His swimming marathon last summer was on the occasion of his 40th birthday.
  • They marked the occasion with a celebration with family and neighbours.
  • she was presented with a gold watch to mark the occasion
  • Mass will be celebrated to mark the occasion and the dinner and party will be held in the Anglers Rest Hotel in Headford.
  • Our certainty, whether grounded in reason or miraculous signs, affords no occasion to trust.

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    late Middle English: from Latin occasio(n- ) ‘juncture, reason’, from occidere ‘go down, set’, from ob- ‘towards’ + cadere ‘to fall’.

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