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Edat üzerinde Yıldız Yıldız Yıldız
Edat ile Yıldız Yıldız
Edat üstünde Yıldız Yıldız
Edat -de Yıldız Yıldız
Edat yönünde Yıldız
Edat esnasında Yıldız
Edat civarında Yıldız
Edat -e doğru Yıldız
Zarf üstünde Yıldız Yıldız
Zarf sürekli olarak Yıldız
Zarf durmadan Yıldız
Zarf bu yana Yıldız
Zarf giymiş olarak Yıldız
Zarf beri Yıldız
Sıfat yanık Yıldız
Sıfat devrede Yıldız
Sıfat sahnede Yıldız
Sıfat çalışmakta Yıldız
Sıfat hazır Yıldız
Sıfat devam etmekte olan Yıldız
Sıfat olmakta olan Yıldız
Sıfat çakırkeyif Yıldız

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on kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • I'm happier than I was three years ago, when I was drinking and I was on cocaine.
  • I did it on your advice
  • put it on the table
  • The audience threw things at the first act, and the second didn't want to go on .
  • When you're on vacation or at an out-of-town seminar, go to the local galleries.
  • I'll see you later on
  • I was taught in college that one ought to figure out a program completely on paper before even going near a computer.
  • I spent a lot time driving and listening to books on tape.
  • that's a 65% increase on last year's rate
  • his attendant was out on errands
  • I stopped to pick up a gallon of milk on my way home from work.
  • the house went on fire
  • I was on heavy duty painkillers for 48 hours.
  • She fell and lightly grazed her knee on the sidewalk.
  • and here I am, ten years on, and ...
  • I'm struggling on
  • The animated short film The Snowman was a huge success when it appeared on Channel 4 in 1982.
  • the deal is still on, I believe
  • she had on a green coat
  • my words had no effect on him
  • on the team
  • He asked if I wanted a drink and got down on all fours while he looked in the mini-bar.
  • I knew he was on the jury but did not talk to him about it.
  • he gives advice on financial problems
  • her eyes were fixed on his dark profile
  • it was hanging on the tree
  • She now presents religious and travel programmes on BBC TV.
  • he's working on an important document
  • From time to time the lights go on and off in the auditorium, while the actors continue to perform.
  • Ms Rushton's review of Hicks' artwork, which is on at Abbot Hall until March 9, was entitled A Festival of Sculpture, Drawing and Light.
  • He put my resume down on his desk and rubbed the bridge of his nose.
  • The film is based on a true story.
  • He is on at the same time every weekend.
  • One of my favourite sketch shows is being repeated on radio four at the moment.
  • to be on the booze
  • I was standing on a chair in front of the mirror while Mother dressed me and combed my hair.
  • We can put another $50 on the course fees.
  • You'll see all manner of birdlife on the journey to the only tented camp in the National Park.
  • a lecture on the Great Famine
  • what special deals are on this week?
  • he banged his head on a beam
  • She had been on leave caring for a sick child.
  • read on!
  • They're planning an attack on the city.
  • she's on €35,000 a year
  • He banged his elbow on a marble countertop while cleaning dishes at his home.
  • The oil made a dark stain on the carpet.
  • After I began writing this article, a passionate debate on the same subject erupted in an online discussion forum.
  • He had a commission in the RAF and on leaving in 1990 he joined the Territorial Army.
  • He had been forced to use his bicycle to get to work because his car had broken down on the morning of the accident.
  • A few pence on your bid price because you can afford to pay more for it, moves you into maybe the top three positions.
  • there were a lot of people on the bus
  • on compact disc
  • are there enough people on hand to hold a meeting?
  • The music scene was full of underfed, hard working guys who wrote songs on the bus or in motel rooms.
  • a new TV series on Channel 4
  • to put sth on the air
  • Parents often keep the television on while feeding, dressing, or playing with their children.
  • The bike had a black seat with a white stripe on it, a white rim round the wheels and orange pedals.
  • Turner, Whistler and Monet is on at Tate Britain until the 15th of May, tickets are £10.
  • it was obvious that matters had moved on
  • In the examining room, Dr. O'Brien was silent as he looked at the mole on her leg.
  • My Nurse Manager mailed me my schedule and I'm on every Saturday.
  • There was a notice on the door saying that due to technical issues the shop will be closed indefinitely.
  • He tracks them through the forest and marshlands and finally finds that they have taken refuge inside a shack on the riverbank.
  • I'm on until we close, probably around four in the morning if the crowd keeps up like this.
  • on the table was a water jug
  • we've plenty of coal and turf on hand just in case
  • The tape player sat on the floor of my bedsit in Bromley, and I used to turn it on and off with my foot.
  • on the cheek
  • The same problem always happens when the fair is on .
  • he passed the ball on
  • Are we still on for that drink in July?
  • The police descended on the premises in large numbers.
  • he was lying on his back
  • leave it on
  • put your ideas down on paper
  • drink has a mellowing effect on him
  • Susan was called out of town on business.
  • One hundred pounds a year extra on the insurance is not a lot at all.
  • He doesn't know how to turn on the washing machine.
  • he's back on the cigarettes

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Elton John? No, I dont like …....................... .

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To pause before doing something, especially because you are nervous or not certain

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