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once kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • they'd kill the women if once they thought themselves betrayed
  • No longer can they exert the authority on major occasions that was once their hallmark.
  • once the grapes were pressed, the juice was put into barrels
  • Sevenoaks Motor Club understood that once improvements had been finished it could resume racing in the park.
  • Nona's response was to convince herself that Faith had never existed and did not once visit her in the asylum.
  • I've only seen it once in the past year at 2 in the morning and I remember watching it as a child.
  • But such a collection of dictators could become a tourist attraction once freedom comes to the country.
  • Lord Lansdowne said the estate has only covered its losses once in the past 13 years.
  • Last week, however, this once great company declared itself insolvent.
  • Anyone who'd seen the news even once in the past few years knew war would happen soon.
  • The study found the majority of consumers have bought products at least once in the past year because they were on promotion.
  • And really, I only have to do this once a year, so I am only losing one Sunday out of a possible 52.
  • the once fertile land is desert
  • if she once got an idea in her head you'd never move it
  • Otherwise, the game is remarkably stable - didn't crash once on my machine.
  • Adriano soon wasted a chance but once Ghana overcame early stage fright they began to dominate.
  • I challenge anyone to dispute this once they have accurate knowledge and some experience of what most councillors do.
  • Gran had once been a famous singer
  • Thinner roots are planted horizontally in trays of compost and potted up individually once shoots have developed.
  • they deliver once a week
  • He had once been an Army officer
  • In his experience employers in the Dublin area have had no problem with this once it was pointed out to them.
  • I've seen something like this once before but it's certainly not something you come across everyday.
  • We strolled through a stone gateway, past high walls which once fully enclosed the complex.
  • once a month
  • Make no mistake, there are many who would love to see O'Leary fail and are waiting in the wings to pounce once things start to go wrong.
  • once out of prison they're back in the same community
  • We must all have wardrobes wherein hang dresses three sizes too small and jackets worn once in the past decade.
  • More than once Walt has caught her talking to herself when in fact she was speaking to Fred.
  • I walked past the once crowded video rack which now contained only two items.
  • once two is two
  • I'm only going to say this once : there are obviously more stirring things to read in the weeklies.
  • But Eugenie says that once men have the know-how, they look wonderful dancing salsa.
  • my car has never once let me down
  • City life has changed the face of this once quiet and residential area.
  • It was a strange and eerie feeling riding through the near deserted streets of this once great city that I had read and seen so many films about.
  • he never once complained
  • once you to tell the truth you'll make enemies
  • Instead of delivering twice a day, including in the morning, it now delivers once , at lunchtime.
  • Most of the projects proved that once students put on their thinking caps, nothing could stop them!
  • Not once did he complain about me blocking his view even though I kept moving to look up.
  • Her daughter has only been to school only once in the past two weeks.
  • She knew how tired he must be after all that he'd endured, but he had not complained once .
  • Think of someone who was once young and vital, now old, battered, semi-literate and living off the social.
  • I was sure I'd done this once , and it appears to have not worked, so I've done it again.
  • Limited tickets are still available for this once in a lifetime opportunity.
  • Labels tell the public how to cook the food - this was once part of the of the family butcher's role.
  • once every three years
  • The date of commencement will be confirmed once people have indicated an interest in taking part.
  • The famous estate was once owned by the Viner family who sold it in 1966.
  • I will comment further on this once I have had a chance to fully digest it myself.
  • He says once people see better services start rolling out next year, they'll think the sale is a good thing.
  • But once people have children, few can ever be truly emotionally free again.
  • Violent death and loss have taken the life of this once powerful businessman - twisted it, broken it and turned it inside out.
  • Not once has my doctor ever bothered to ask me about what I eat or if I exercise.
  • I visited the once famous Micklegate run last Friday night and had a pint in the Firkin public house.
  • Montreal once had a famous family of peregrines living on the Sun Life building.
  • Only once in the past 11 seasons have Everton finished in the top half of the upper echelons of the English game.
  • I had done this once before and managed it OK, but today I got tired about two thirds of the way round and had to walk.
  • The field was once part of a terrace of the Whitton Dene manor house and it seems that the trouble began when it was filled in with material to even it out.
  • By midday, Ashley was tired, hungry and her back was throbbing, but she never once complained.

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engine : motor

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the part of a vehicle that uses energy from oil, electricity, or steam to make it move

aracı hareket ettirmek için petrol, elektrik veya buhardan enerji kullanan aracın parçası

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