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orbit kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • Affable by nature, Wallace moves from the stage to the bar and back again, using words of thanks and admiration to chat up everyone within his orbit .
  • Jupiter takes 12 years to complete one orbit around the Sun.
  • No, they did find one recently that had a Jupiter-like planet in a Jupiter-like orbit around a Sun-like star, that's the closest they've come so far.
  • In fact, this sense of daring separates him from many creative artists, both within the Hollywood sphere and the indie orbit .
  • The most interesting problem would have been refueling the booster in orbit .
  • For a planet in an Earth-sized orbit , it will only be in front of its star for a few hours, once every year.
  • the earth is in orbit around the sun
  • The book opens with cosmopolitan collecting activities of noble families in the orbit of the Russian court.
  • To help us understand these events, we compare data from Odyssey to data from similar instruments in orbit around Earth.
  • The stations could not be resupplied, so they had limited lifetimes in orbit .
  • The scales vary in form and size from the orbit , head, gill-covers, fins and trunk areas.
  • The orbit is a socket for the eyeball, muscles, nerves, and vessels that are necessary for proper functioning of the eye.
  • During its final years in orbit , the Russian space station Mir suffered a number of mishaps.
  • He may have come within the orbit of the literary set of which Jonson had been the leader.
  • It will spend four years in orbit around the gas giant, exploring the planet and its rings and moons.
  • Each electron orbit of the same size or energy could only hold so many electrons.
  • The researchers successfully recorded an interval of one ten million billionth of a second: that's shorter than the period of an electron's orbit in a hydrogen atom.
  • A planet or asteroid in the solar system follows an elliptical orbit , with the sun at one focus.
  • In its excited state, an electron in the molecule is pushed into a higher atomic orbit .
  • Cryosat, which is slated to launch on 8 October, will spend three years in orbit , studying the polar caps, the BBC reports.
  • Remember Cassini, the multibillion dollar spaceship we put in orbit around Saturn back in July?
  • In a different orbit altogether are forthcoming books by two authors also associated with the pop business.
  • Saturn takes approximately 27 years to complete its orbit .
  • In the 1980s and 90s, the emergence of centers within the orbit of the seminary has accented new mission challenges.
  • He claims that liberal opinions on these matters fall within the orbit of evangelical Christianity, but makes very little reference to recent books that refute these false notions.
  • Will they build up into still broader disarray and eventually move our planet out of its orbit around the sun?
  • Its seven scientific instruments will collect data for a full year in orbit around Mercury, an average 58 million kilometres from the sun.
  • Third, the size of the hydrogen atom's first electron orbit is accurately predicted.
  • planets in orbit around the sun
  • The Moon crosses the plane of Earth's orbit twice in each complete orbit .
  • It places any criticism of government policy in the orbit of illegal activity.
  • Human-made space debris in orbit around Earth is commonly called orbital debris.
  • To direct one's thoughts against someone is to remain within their orbit .
  • The Soviet Union in 1959 was the first country to complete a moon orbit .
  • As Kepler had pointed out, objects in low orbits will complete an orbit around the earth faster than those in high orbits, even though their linear velocity is lower.
  • I do not think there is one person within his orbit who was not the beneficiary of his wisdom, encouragement, and generosity.
  • It may be moving closer to the orbit of Western Europe, but there are still enormous obstacles to overcome.
  • If the Soviets could orbit Sputnik, who was to say that they were not proceeding to develop the capability for a space-based missile attack?
  • We have one great thing in common with Mars - both planets orbit the same star.
  • She appeared to be one of these people who think they know everything worth knowing, and who deem it their duty to enlighten all who come within their orbit .
  • The vessel made a small orbit round the moon before launching itself into space at reasonable speeds.
  • Two space probes are already in orbit around Mars: Global Surveyor and Odyssey.
  • Nunney is within commuting distance of Bath and Bristol and within the orbit of Londoners seeking weekend retreats.
  • The concern is that the gravitational tug of Jupiter could alter the orbit of the spacecraft and cause it to hit Europa or another moon.
  • Probes that orbit the planet have studied Mars and some spacecraft have even landed on it.
  • The new Hubble findings close a decade of speculation and debate as to the true nature of this ancient world, which takes a century to complete each orbit .
  • What the high court has done, however, is to at least bring the torturers within the orbit of the law, subject to some form of accountability and judicial restraint.
  • Like planets, comets orbit the Sun, but their path is usually long and narrow.
  • The maximum number of electrons in any orbit is fixed.
  • The southern parts are within the orbit of London and discharge commuters into Euston, St Pancras, King's Cross, and Liverpool Street.
  • The Russians had the space station Mir in orbit and American astronauts were on board for lengthy visits.
  • Because the orbit (eye socket) is made of bone it cannot expand to accommodate the protruding eyeball.
  • The best known Marxist economists outside the orbit of official Communism found it all but impossible to come to terms with what was happening.
  • the satellite will complete one orbit every 12 hours
  • It completes its tight orbit in less than 10 days, compared to the 365 required for our year.
  • One was spotted by the Europeans and is so close to its parent star that it completes an orbit in just four days.
  • As it moves further away from us, the Moon takes longer to complete an orbit .
  • Similarly, Kepler's discovery of the elliptical orbit of the planets did not sit well with the religious establishment.
  • Commenting on the polls is not within the orbit of this bill.
  • The difficulty is in making the concept both concrete and yet expansive enough to include everyone who ought to fall within our orbit of concern.
  • Jupiter takes about 12 years to complete its orbit but Zu was able to give a much more accurate value than that.
  • Integrating spacecraft is not an easy task, and it is easier to do it on the ground than in orbit .
  • The needle is directed upward and laterally to avoid passing through the foramen into the orbit .
  • Second, it is symptomatic that purposeful Baptist theological reflection has emerged outside the Baptist orbit .
  • Cassini is safely in orbit around Saturn, and the pictures and data are flooding in.
  • The shuttle era also witnessed the first untethered space walks by U.S. astronauts in orbit .
  • audiences drawn largely from outside the Party orbit
  • If all goes well, Messenger will be the first spacecraft to orbit that planet.
  • Schwabe had been looking at the Sun to discover a planet inside the orbit of Mercury.
  • During its nearly 14 years in orbit , Hubble has proven to be one of the most significant and successful scientific instruments in its time.
  • At these higher orbits it can take many hours to complete a single orbit .
  • It should not be concluded from this that Norman and Plantagenet kings were reluctant to see the orbit of their influence enlarged.
  • The further a planet lies from its star, the longer it takes to complete an orbit and the longer astronomers have to observe to detect it.
  • We continued to orbit until our two remaining wingmen joined.
  • This will put the spacecraft into an orbit that is less than 200 miles above the surface.
  • a radical filmmaker outside the Hollywood orbit
  • The Hubble space telescope has been in orbit for 15 years, during which time it has taken over 750,000 images of the universe.
  • A vehicle in orbit is less provocative than one flying through territorial airspace.
  • Galileo has operated in orbit more than three times longer than its originally planned mission.
  • However, a propellant-free way of moving objects around in orbit very slowly is under development.

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    mid 16th century (in orbit (sense 3 of the noun)): from Latin orbita ‘course, track’ (in medieval Latin ‘eye socket’), feminine of orbitus ‘circular’, from orbis ‘ring’.

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To respect and admire someone very much

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