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patch kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • We also called the admiral's office and had a cellphone patch directly to his aide.
  • You sew new patches on old, fragile cloth, it will tear around the patch and make the hole bigger.
  • Fungal infections can have effects ranging from an irritating patch of itchy skin to a life threatening condition.
  • It was a circular patch of black silk three feet wide emblazoned with Elven runes.
  • Microsoft also has a software patch to fix the flaw and said users who have the Service Pack 2 security update for Windows XP are not affected.
  • I casually open the door, hoping that CAG isn't present, and if he is, that it is so dark he can't see my face or my squadron patch .
  • The laptop needs to patch into the telephone, and get its connectivity via cellular networks.
  • He also had a bad patch over a holiday in Majorca as a guest of media people, though he broke no rules and the story was puffed up far beyond its importance.
  • Liberalism had a bad patch in the late 20th century, not through lack of feelings, but through lack of arguments.
  • The patch modifies this function and adds the following lines of code.
  • The patch corrects flaws that could allow malicious users to execute code on your computer.
  • A radical shake up of rural policing in the district will see the return of local Bobbies patrolling a beat and being responsible safety and security on their patch .
  • You are hoping that the company is incredibly cheap, as judged by the low PSR, and is actually able to recover from its bad patch .
  • Combined hormonal contraceptives are also available as an adhesive skin patch , which is worn for three weeks out of every four.
  • he may have been going through a bad patch
  • once the patch is removed, the drug clears from the body tissue after twenty minutes
  • He was rather plump, and wore a black patch over his right eye.
  • This synth proves to be a very complete tool kit for sound and patch design and presents a unique sonic flavor that's not available elsewhere.
  • Auto-save happens after each recording pass and edit, and when storing a locate memory or mix scene, a patch preset or an FX preset.
  • the bird has a bright red patch under its wing
  • For the past two weeks I have been going through a bad patch .
  • they spent Sundays digging their vegetable patch
  • All plates, bowls, and flatware have the group patch superimposed over bands of Transportation Corps red and yellow along the rim.
  • Retained part-timers who decide to carry on working during the dispute will normally be asked only to cover their usual patch .
  • they did their best to patch up the gaping wounds
  • Although consumers still need to wait for the phone company to patch their line into Covad's equipment at the central office there is no other delay.
  • Last year, students were given information at that point on how to patch their operating systems.
  • We have two lovely cats and they keep us great company, are clean and loving and, as I keep a vegetable patch dug, use our garden as their toilet.
  • Subjects covered will include advising users to maintain up-to-date anti-virus signatures, patch operating systems and use firewalls.
  • A third Bankers' goal made it a harsh scoreline for York, who are going through a bad patch after a great start to the season.
  • Last year I created a patio garden in a small patch outside the kitchen door.
  • A garage should have a dog of indiscriminate breed sleeping near the door and a persistent patch of weeds growing through the crack in the concrete out by the pumps.
  • I'd rather not ruin things with him to possibly try to patch things up with you.
  • The exploit was so bad that it brought the server down to its knees, and it took me over a week to write a program just to patch the problem and keep things under control.
  • The time when every area had a patch of green and jumpers for goalposts is long gone.
  • Yet now he is going to jail for seven years and has only 24 hours to try and patch things up with his father, hang out with his oldest friends and try and find out who tipped off the cops.
  • One woman on my patch called police fifty times in twelve months, and they attended every time. That's fifty crimes of violence for the politicians to wave about.
  • Do you plan to release another patch before the expansion or will the expansion also patch the main program?
  • He needs to go online to download a patch to get his DSL working.
  • She scurried off into the kitchen, while Grandad stayed out in the garden, digging his vegetable patch .
  • She was extraordinarily supportive when I went through a bad patch some years back.
  • I've been reading lately that the French are trying to patch things up with the U.S., but I guess they've abandoned that strategy, haven't they?
  • You can use it as a control device and make a patch that actually synthesizes the notes.
  • One of my wildest dreams in life is to one day have a garden, a vegetable patch and an orchard.
  • So I can help you patch things up with him to that capacity!
  • we didn't want any secret organizations on our patch
  • Before I finish this letter I must add that as we were finishing our lake walk we came across a large area of litter on a grassy patch under the trees, very unsightly.
  • He was allegedly carjacked by Mr. Nichols in the parking garage and you can see that he is wearing a patch over his eye from the injuries in that incident.
  • His patch covers the whole of the North of England from Birmingham upwards, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • You have to do that to get the best out of him, but he's just having a bad patch at the moment and we expect him to bounce back soon.
  • Common side effects are skin redness when the patch is removed and restless sleep.
  • Every now and then, an experience would serve as a reminder that intelligent marine mammals can be aggressive as well as friendly; that you must operate with respect in what is their patch .
  • He stood by the small patch of ground that was usually their garden for the year and watched the sun come up.
  • It is not a fashion statement it is a cult statement in the same way that wearing a political rosette is, or that wearing a gang patch is.
  • Many vendors include vulnerable Sendmail servers as part of their software distributions, hence the need to patch Unix and Linux systems as well as dedicated mail servers.
  • Then in an ideal world we could perhaps patch this into a wireless network, so that passing geeks could genuinely play Tetris on the side of the building from their laptops.
  • One of the most common methods of doing kernel work is to use the patch and diff programs.
  • They say they've been working for years to help poor people find shelter and patch their lives together , only to see the ‘revitalization’ movement snapping up what little low-cost housing is available.
  • Boy Scouts wear the patch on the right chest pocket of their uniform, while Girl Scouts wear the patch on the back of their sash.
  • they sent him home to patch things up with his wife
  • Dell Computer will issue a patch to fix performance issues on some of its Axim PDAs on Wednesday, according to company officials.
  • When we walked in this area we were just leaving the grassy patch to walk down when we encountered a flock of fantails fluttering to and fro across the path in a kind of war dance defending their territory.
  • Perhaps he'd gone through a bit of a rough patch in grade 5 and in the years that followed.
  • You can morph from one synth patch to another, resulting in some astonishing effects with voice, percussion and other instruments.
  • A few words can make a big difference - if she hears it from you, she might finally start to realize what she's doing wrong, and start trying to patch things up with you.
  • There is no smarter way to edge up a vegetable patch or kitchen garden than with box hedging.
  • The facility is designed for its ability to be relocatable and offers the only bit of greenery in the area - a patch of grass imported straight from Australia.
  • This idea hitting him, he reached up and pawed at his neck, finding that although it was no longer shaven, the hair on that patch was noticeably shorter.
  • One option for transdermal administration when patients cannot tolerate morphine is the fentanyl patch .
  • on his sleeve there was a red ‘Freedom’ patch
  • his hair was combed forward to hide a growing bald patch
  • Can you give some examples of the sorts of applications that your patch can noticeably improve the performance of?
  • The father in ‘Powder,’ for all his fervent desire to patch things up with his estranged wife and bring the family together, flounders on two counts.
  • At the moment we are certainly going through a bad patch and ‘that was the week that was’ is an apt phrase to describe the last week when everything came in threes.
  • It is possible that this year our team is just hitting a bad patch and the future will be more promising.
  • The sun has been shining, my neighbour has been in his garden farting and Poppy, my most excellent beagle has been digging up the vegetable patch .
  • By now, anyone with a Windows computer knows that hardly a week passes without a software patch / hotfix/update issued by Microsoft to fix a problem in its products.
  • The paper will wrinkle slightly; if it tears, patch it with another piece.
  • Last season, we had a bad patch in mid-campaign.
  • In front of the building, each flat has a short front garden beyond which there is a patch of open ground that extends all the to the road 40 yards away.
  • The loopback patch is a source code patch to the loopback driver and associated utilities.

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    late Middle English: perhaps from a variant of Old French pieche, dialect variant of piece ‘piece’.

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