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Isim model
Isim kalıp
Isim şablon
Isim örnek
Isim numune
Isim patron
Isim eşantiyon
Sıfat örnek
Sıfat ideal
Fiil örnek almak
Fiil örneğe göre yapmak

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pattern kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • Using your pattern , the cloth is then cut and trimmed, along with the finest linings and silks available.
  • The pattern of arrangement of the stamens was found to be conservative.
  • Wedge biopsy of the lesion showed benign spindle cells arranged in a whorled pattern .
  • By the early 70s, the pattern was becoming quite discernible.
  • I sit beneath my mother while she reads the pattern 's instructions, see her eyebrows contract through a crack in the table.
  • An ECG also shows doctors how fast your heart is beating and whether it's beating in a regular pattern .
  • This was the pattern , his lordship regularly exposing a gap in the government armour, only to plug it soon afterwards.
  • The lesion was composed of mononuclear cells and plump spindle cells arranged in a plexiform pattern .
  • The hair-cells within the spiralling cochlear duct are arranged in a pattern like the bristles of a brush.
  • Staff members will pattern their leadership after those above them - not after what others say as much as what they do.
  • Therefore, the 1937 treaty set the pattern for the subsequent flurries of activities.
  • If this can be achieved, the pattern and example that he sets will be not just for Scotland, but a light to the world.
  • At a very young age, I made a donkey, by knitting the pattern , stuffing it with wool and sowing it all together.
  • a neat blue herringbone pattern
  • For our prototype instrument, we use three pinholes, arranged into a triangular pattern .
  • Plus, league bowlers pattern their styles after their favorite player.
  • In regular dense connective tissue, collagen bundles are arranged in a definite pattern , making the tissue greatly resistant to stress.
  • he set the pattern for subsequent study
  • this will set the pattern for the weeks ahead
  • The walls were arranged in an octagonal pattern , giving the impression of a tower or fortification of some sort.
  • There is a discernible pattern in Indian politics and economics which shows that change has tended to take place only very slowly and gradually.
  • It's not a difficult pattern to knit, but it's not going as fast as I would had imagined.
  • no single pattern emerges from the statistics
  • Structurally, the tumor cells were arranged in a medullary pattern composed of polygonal tumor cells.
  • Using a pastry brush, paint a decorative pattern on the inside of each cantaloupe with the green chocolate.
  • Students learn about quality control, dress designing, pattern making, merchandising and administrative work in a garment factory.
  • the house had been built on the usual pattern
  • An asexual adult colony is made up of just two cell types arranged in an orderly pattern .
  • most interviews follow a similar pattern
  • it is easier to choose carpets from the roll than from a pattern book
  • make a pattern for the zigzag edge
  • It involves using a special type of sand and a wooden pattern .
  • Pipe some frosting in a decorative pattern on top of each and set aside.
  • I can't help but think we are still looking to secular models to pattern our thinking rather than to revelation.
  • to make a split mould a wooden pattern has to be made first
  • External root hairs occur in a pattern governed by the arrangement of underlying cortical cells.
  • I have not knit a pattern from this book yet, however, all the patterns seem to be very well-written and easy to understand.
  • Visual inspection of the quality of the metal pattern was carried out using a 20x lens on an upright light microscope.
  • These are normally arranged in a polygonal pattern .
  • Have a regular pattern of going to bed and getting up at the same time every day, whether you are tired or not.
  • The fabric is baby blue with a pattern of assorted donuts.
  • These follow a similar pattern to the later instructions.
  • With regard to disease processes, the chapters follow the same layout and provide an excellent pattern for learning.
  • Basically, a clock depends on something that repeats a pattern at a very regular rate.
  • The fossils indicate the wings had feathers, arranged in a similar pattern to that of modern birds.
  • I have used the pattern as a guide, and I think I am going to change the neckline, but so far it is working out very well.
  • In theory, the replenishing of the body's supplies of water and glucose should not be beyond the abilities of someone who can follow a knitting pattern .
  • Now, if I can stay awake until tonight I might just be able to get back into a regular pattern again.
  • the bag contained wool, needles, and a pattern for a sweater

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    Middle English patron ‘something serving as a model’, from Old French (see patron). The change in sense is from the idea of a patron giving an example to be copied. Metathesis in the second syllable occurred in the 16th century. By 1700 patron ceased to be used of things, and the two forms became differentiated in sense.

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To respect and admire someone very much

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