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period kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • period costume
  • This house is a great blend of period qualities and contemporary design.
  • I took a seat in the middle near the window in my fourth period class which was art.
  • A name is nothing but two proper nouns with a letter and a period stuck between them.
  • Benefits are usually offered after a six-month probationary period and backdated to the start of employment.
  • The early 1990s also was a period of persistently sluggish growth - in credit, employment and GDP.
  • This old period house and shop front set beside the bridge and River Moy has a mystique all of its own.
  • Nevertheless, the eighteenth century was a period of rapid urban growth.
  • Venezuela was reduced to ten players for the second period of extra time and the pressure shifted to Uruguay.
  • Why is a penalty in the first period of a game in December not a penalty in the third period of a game in March?
  • she was there for a short period of time
  • You hate cats period , Tiffany reminded her fondly.
  • They totally dominated the first period , scoring five and conceding one.
  • She hadn't left Hong Kong during the two-week incubation period , it said.
  • They turned into gaping holes in the final period when three Belfast goals in as many minutes ended the contest.
  • I would look at it later and make sense of it but, as for now, I had to get to my next lesson because the free period would probably be nearing an end.
  • Some town councillors donned period costume to add to the authenticity of the celebrations.
  • Kinsale scored the decisive second goal three minutes into the first period of extra-time.
  • However, although much work was needed, care was taken to preserve the period style of the mansion.
  • The owners of one of the most important period houses in Cork are to cut their losses after a bitter planning saga.
  • a double period of Irish
  • she missed a period
  • He could simply have said he favours public ownership, full stop, period .
  • The second period of extra time saw the home side get a goal back.
  • Even the teacher was very interested in the argument, so she gave the class a free period .
  • you're not going out tonight, period!
  • He put a period on the end of the last sentence, and placed the pen down with a loud sound and looked up at her.
  • One of the most enjoyable events in Bolivia is Carnival, the period preceding Lent.
  • The late 1950s and early 1960s were a period of expansion and creativity.
  • The Book of Kells is one of the great masterpieces that has come down to us from a period often referred to as the Dark Ages.
  • When I was looking for my third period class which is Health, the halls were really crowded.
  • the Jurassic period
  • In the second period of extra time United pushed hard looking again for another equaliser.
  • Nothing could bring him down… until he reached his third period Algebra class.
  • The hotel's 64 rooms are in comfortable period style, with heavy doors and lots of antiques and arches.
  • a consultation period
  • This strong connection between politics and music is a feature of the period .
  • The nineteenth century was a period of unparalleled imperial expansion.
  • In the first period of extra time both teams played at a frenetic pace with tenacious defending keeping Keighley's hopes alive.
  • Dumping her test into the inbox she left the classroom for fourth period Health.
  • The two of them reached the door to their first period study hall room.
  • His save percentage and GAA in the third period is better than in the first two periods.
  • The file dates span the period between September 1996 and April 1997.
  • He said that period houses of this type and location were among some of the most popular in the city.
  • We are in the early 1970s, with plenty of gleaming period automobiles rolling past on cue.
  • If games are tied at full-time an extra period will be played with the first team to score winning the game.
  • Many women don't suspect they're pregnant until their period doesn't arrive.
  • They are furnished in period style and presented to the public as representative of a national or regional cultural tradition.
  • The survey covered the one-year period ending November, 2003.
  • The art forms that emerged in the early period of civilisation are primitive and catered to a people who had no alternative.
  • Uh, you really need to take this up next period in your Comparative Religion class.
  • Each of the five apartments is spacious and well-equipped and decorated in period style.
  • He also missed a 30m penalty in the first period of extra time.
  • There are eight suites - all decorated by Patricia with French period furniture.
  • the modern period
  • Walking down the hallway towards first period trigonometry Jordan smiled as she passed people.
  • By the time I got to class, the first period bell was ringing.
  • The room is furnished with expensive period furniture and even an antique gramophone.
  • The 1980s were a hectic period in his personal life.
  • Economists and historians regard a reduction in real wages as one of the distinguishing features of the modern period .
  • A military judge can extend the period of detention incommunicado up to 90 days.
  • They extend the grace period for the repayment of the loan till March 2006.
  • However, with almost the last kick of the game, he scored the winning point in the fourth period of extra time.
  • Yet the 1990s was a very robust period of growth.

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    late Middle English (denoting the time during which something, especially a disease, runs its course): from Old French periode, via Latin from Greek periodos ‘orbit, recurrence, course’, from peri- ‘around’ + hodos ‘way, course’. The sense ‘portion of time’ dates from the early 17th century.

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