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phase ne demek Türkçe anlamı nedir?

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Kelime Türü Kelime Kullanım Sıklığı
Isim faz
Isim aşama
Isim evre
Isim safha
Isim kesim
Isim bölge
Fiil aşamalı olarak yapmak
Fiil değişik fazlar uygulamak
Fiil safhalarla gerçekleşmek

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phase kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • The final phase of the planning process is orders production, which centers on developing the CHS casualty treatment and evacuation plan.
  • phase two of the development is in progress
  • Males in the fanning phase of the nest cycle use their pectoral fins to fan the surface of the nest, do not add algae to the nest, and do not spawn with visiting females.
  • Adolescents' developmental phase and their available ego strength determine their willingness to seek help.
  • Leta is going through a phase where she doesn't like to be put down.
  • The residents largely believed, however, in an ancient prophecy that said the city was safe from its enemies during the waxing phase of the Moon.
  • Such a disappearance of a solid into the gas phase was an intriguing phenomenon.
  • As these are newer bits, the USEA was interested to learn more about them when considering approving them for use in the dressage phase of eventing.
  • Both phy and cry photoreceptors are presumably involved in setting the phase under white light: dark cycles.
  • The country hopes to pass the next key threshold of 25 chapters and reach the final phase of the negotiation process, he said after the meeting.
  • The club's new pitches and dressing-rooms were in the final phase of development and it was envisaged that they would be completed by May, 2004.
  • solid carbon dioxide passes directly into the gas phase without becoming a liquid
  • I have caught many large fish during the full or new moon phase and while the catch rate is not as good as on other nights, trout still take my offering.
  • Puberty is the first phase of adolescence, the time when sexual maturity becomes evident.
  • Am I a rebellious teenager whose going through a phase in life?
  • The determination of the date of Easter is governed by a computation based on the vernal equinox and the phase of the moon.
  • Regardless of the method used, the final phase of the research process is disseminating the findings.
  • With this letter, we enter a new phase of the nomination process, in which the opponents have something very substantial to talk about.
  • Once a blockbuster had made a solid purchase on a block, it was relatively easy to complete the final phase of the blockbusting process.
  • So when you told us that day that you no longer wanted to be a lawyer, we thought you were going through a phase .
  • ‘We are in the administrative phase of the process at the moment, where we are getting the bones of the business together,’ Mara said.
  • As you go through the book we think Holden will change his easy-come-easy-go attitude to life and that his alienation is just a passing phase of adolescence.
  • The interaction strength and the relative phase of the electric field in neighboring particles both depend on polarization and frequency.
  • During the low-pressure phase of each sound wave, bubbles expanded rapidly.
  • This phase sees the active development of ideas and a movement towards a more balanced life and diversified set of interests, relationships, and routines.
  • the invertebrate residents of the tundra pass the winter in dormant phase
  • In order to properly phase the two telescopes, adaptive optics on both telescopes removed the distortion caused by the Earth's atmosphere.
  • The new-technology approach also places the design control requirements into the appropriate phase of the development process.
  • Although agriculture is still caught in the grips of industrialization, corporatization is the final phase of the industrial process.
  • For males, we also found that their parental bond became somewhat less positive in the transition from the early to the middle phase of adolescence.
  • The fifth phase , the final development of the project, will feature semi-detached houses.
  • On the other hand, there remains the issue of identification with the father, which brought to a close the Oedipal phase .
  • He's going through a phase where he doesn't like to be the center of attention (at least outside of the house).
  • phase two of the development
  • Judging by the standard of the ‘artwork’ on display these people are not artists - just children going through a phase .
  • Davidson was the clear winner of the dressage phase , finishing with a score of 47.21.
  • Adolescence is the exciting phase of transition when human beings start developing the cognitive ability to form abstract thoughts.
  • you are not obsessed, but you are going through a phase
  • But in this preoedipal phase of psychological development there is no evidence that masculinity or femininity will follow predetermined routes.
  • This marks the third and final phase of the development process, decline in development intensity.
  • Similarly, molecules in the gas phase occasionally strike the surface and are captured by the attraction of molecules in the liquid or solid phase .
  • The morning started off with the final phase of the eventing competition, the show jumping.
  • You might consider doing this ritual destruction on a New Moon, as it is a phase of the moon commonly held in association with new beginnings.
  • most of your fans are going through a phase
  • The RHIC detectors will soon be able to record energetic photons emitted in quark-antiquark interactions in the plasma phase .
  • Floods cue fish to spawn, for instance, and trigger certain insects to begin a new phase in their life cycles.
  • In the first phase of his reform process, he has directed each institution to come up with two or three major projects that can be completed by December.
  • It was generally believed that I was going through a phase , or trying to be different.
  • The first phase of the development process will involve the department's planning and building unit publishing a discussion paper on a target areas.
  • As the peace process enters its final phase I think we can be hopeful about its outcome.

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    early 19th century (in phase (sense 2 of the noun)): from French phase, based on Greek phasis ‘appearance’, from the base of phainein ‘to show’.

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