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Isim nokta
Isim puan
Isim husus
Isim sayı
Isim konu
Isim mesele
Isim amaç
Isim sivri uç
Isim anlam
Isim ana fikir
Isim an
Isim vurgu
Isim özellik
Isim oyma kalemi
Isim etki
Isim incelik
Isim neden
Fiil doğrultmak
Fiil işaret etmek
Fiil göstermek
Fiil sivriltmek
Fiil noktalamak
Fiil bitirmek
Fiil çevirmek
Fiil sivrilmek
Fiil uç vermek
Fiil çıkmak

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point kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • On the subject of Betty's harrowing death, again he seems to miss the point .
  • to point your toes
  • It's not that I even really understand the point of using conditioner anyway.
  • the check-in point
  • Six point nine percent, that's a nine-year high.
  • point of light
  • a point of concern
  • Nothing with a sharp point was allowed within a mile of the young girl as she grew up.
  • four point two
  • she made the point about it being unfair
  • I was on the point of leaving when the postman called bearing an invoice from the bicycle suppliers.
  • So regardless of who gets put in charge, the point is that someone needs to be in charge.
  • our fox made his point to Moorhill
  • At one point in the night we went for over forty minutes without a single customer.
  • There is no point in moaning about it.
  • She exhibits classic English setter style on point with a nice running gait.
  • The club last night appeared to be on the point of calling in the receivers.
  • They'll take a photo of us looking in different directions and try to make out that we're on the point of breaking up.
  • The breakeven point in our budget though looks remarkably close to the market value of my South London home.
  • She concentrated hard to gather her wits, and when Frank paused, slammed a right uppercut to the point of his chin.
  • There is no need to stock up on supplies - and no point buying a gas mask.
  • He's astonished by the way dancers on point don't wobble.
  • The road was closed for three hours at one point and only reopened fully at midnight.
  • At the far end of these instruments is a screw or a sharp point for piercing right through the cork.
  • The needle was roughly rounded and well-pointed, and the point was still quite sharp.
  • You should always seek professional advice before having an outside power point installed.
  • He sold off his company at the peak of the boom, and cashed out for a reported three point five billion dollars.
  • From the point of conception onwards, parents are now viewed as a risk factor in their children's lives.
  • that was the high point in our season
  • Anyway, the point is that this method cannot be universally relied upon.
  • Given greater composure, they could have scored more tries and thus gained a bonus point .
  • There is no point in denying the language in Shakespeare is problematic.
  • A lieutenant stood at the right of the line, the point of his sword upon the ground, his left hand resting upon his right.
  • It was just so disappointing to lose the playoff by a single point .
  • Typically, shooting guards are taller than point guards and more athletic.
  • She skated in from her position at the point to collect a pass in the right circle.
  • I'm just taking the canoe around the point for a little paddle.
  • But often the outcry over the loss of a rural post office only starts when it has closed or is on the point of closing.
  • The point of a sharp knife should feel little resistance when pushed into the potato.
  • At what point does a good idea become compromised by the thought of how best to make money?
  • the furthermost point of the gallery
  • We walked up the curving beach below Malibu Creek and paddled out at the top of the point .
  • More broadly, the point is that political philosophy is only one part of politics.
  • Not until the midway point did the president acknowledge that he had an opponent in the coming election.
  • The quarter percentage point rise alone is unlikely to push your finances over the edge.
  • What is the point of drawing up plans if they're not going to be adhered to?
  • Kim winced as the sharp point of the needle pierced the vein in her arm.
  • The vowel is sometimes written; and at others it is expressed by the point above the consonant.
  • she'll point you to whatever you need
  • point of colour
  • a power point
  • Doctors said she probably died at the point of going limp in the pool.
  • shares reached a low point
  • The second round resolves with a point being rolled or a seven.
  • As well as giving point to the subject, experience of algebraic representation is crucial if pupils are to understand and use precise algebraic language.
  • The defendant claimed his father had had a carving knife and had become aggressive and he had felt the point of the weapon in his back.
  • Mr Davie made the point that the low paid and many elderly people are particularly hard hit by double figure rises in council tax.
  • This had a serious impact on morale and many teachers were on the point of leaving their jobs.
  • Of particular note is the visual montage that comes at the halfway point of the film.
  • there was no point at all to his story
  • They were on the point of collapse from thirst.
  • Using 10- point font size for the main text the printing area should be 12.2 x 19.3 cm.
  • he walked point and I took the tail
  • When it came to the point , little economic or social and no military action was taken.
  • The other motorist slowed down just when she was on the point of braking, allowing her the right of way.
  • The point is that he had the opportunity to change the rules and he left it too late.
  • But critics point to the fact that the clubs do benefit from public money, at least indirectly.
  • Paddy Geraghty and myself used to point that wall when I was employed in the wood many years ago.
  • the highest point in the locality
  • He/she who needs to resort to violence to prove a point , has a poor argument.
  • it took her a long time to come to the point
  • I'd been doing well up until that point
  • There comes a point in the refurbishment process where the law of diminishing returns come into play.
  • fifty-five point nine
  • Every punctuation point had better be right.
  • power point
  • Many people do not notice a problem with their vision until this point , or assume a poor vision is part of getting older.
  • it is packed to the bursting point
  • On the point of giving up, I noticed a small dust covered bottle at the back of a drawer which had a few bright purple tablets in it.
  • we've reached the halfway point in the project
  • This type of system is in common usage worldwide but up until this point had not been available in Ireland, the bank said.
  • They point to the plans for increased public spending as an indication of what might lie ahead.
  • on this point we're all agreed
  • To argue that the world of 1919 was worse than that of 1914 is to miss the point .
  • The Board say that there is no point testing or treating anyone who has eaten these products if they are well.
  • point A
  • he wouldn't miss the opportunity to point a moral
  • Supposedly, the point is that the public can see the people behind the public persona.
  • point the browser at the company website
  • Harry hit him on the point of his chin.
  • She licked the pad and pressed it onto the glass next to the compass point .
  • reach up with your arms and point your toes
  • I think the lowest point was when the insurance company sent in forensics experts to check if the fire was arson.
  • He was reluctant to be drawn into any detailed discussion of this point .
  • what's the point of having things I don't need?
  • My maternal grandfather was 84 when he died, having ridden a five-mile point to hounds barely six weeks before.
  • in point of fact I didn't say that
  • Up until this point almost all swords were heavy and required more strength than skill to maneuver.
  • The council is also proposing to close a gap in a nearby pedestrian guardrail to stop people crossing at a dangerous point .
  • The district auditor has made the point that he is independent of the council.
  • The national companies were in financial crisis and the ballet was on the point of closure.
  • a pencil point
  • The hounds made an eight mile point in a little over 45 minutes.
  • The number of cards in the suit is announced (e.g. ‘ point of 5’) and it scores this number.
  • the boat came around the point
  • As he stood there on the point of committing suicide, he felt a hand on his arm.
  • Some dogs tend to exhibit signs of jealousy on seeing another dog on point .
  • point of a pen
  • what's the point of his visit?
  • There's no point in splashing out on expensive designer gear if your skin is as rough as sandpaper.
  • Andrews caught him on the point
  • I know the layout of the town best, so I'll ride point .
  • Wig pins are small and usually have a sharp point at one end to help the pins penetrate the wig piece.
  • What's the point in discussing that if we both know the answers inside out?
  • The company appears to be on target to hit a cashflow break-even point by the end of the year.
  • Footnote numbering in the text should be placed after the full point at the end of a sentence.
  • I could go on, but I think I've made my point .
  • Every point on these lines has the same properties as the end-point on the N border.
  • His feet were blistered and his legs were on the point of collapse.
  • charge point
  • I think the point is that you need to be not only strategic but tactical as well.
  • He talks and talks, but when it comes to the point he either does nothing or he's just evasive.
  • Cleeve Hill is the highest point on the Cotswold hills at about 300 m. above sea level.
  • The feeble point of light to the right of the star is the newly found cold companion.
  • While writing, focus on the point of the pen and move your eyes with its movements.
  • I dropped my tool on its point , which blunted it, so the left side is less worked and detailed than the right side.
  • don't point your finger at me!
  • We were in a metal box with gas bottles, connected to an electrical hook-up point .
  • The spacious master bedroom is on the top floor and should prove a key selling point .
  • she smiled, assuming she had won her point
  • point of entry
  • None of them was concerned with the specific point which arises in this case.
  • Eight of the previous 10 rate cuts the Fed has made this year have been by half a percentage point .
  • The Festival reaches climax point on Sunday with something for all the family.
  • it's rude to point at a person
  • The point system provides a convenient - and more impressive - way of describing diamonds that are less than one carat.
  • a point of grammar
  • she was on the point of leaving
  • Ballet's use of point shoes is not intended to cripple the dancer's feet.
  • Grant says the point is that no one knows what it's like to be Lauren or what's going on inside her head.
  • I elect to stay outside and swim round the point , making a circuit back to the boat through an archway in the cliff.
  • from this point onward, the teacher was completely won over
  • A fast wireless access point means you can connect your laptop to the machine and roam around the house.
  • point at the word and click
  • This meant that there was electric light in the kitchen, but no power point for a radio.
  • it's a point of detail
  • There's no point in being an artist if your goal is to produce the same thing for your entire career.
  • The whole point in this particular case was that she was not simply doing the duties of a merchandiser.
  • At some point during that long night they took a decision - and headed north.
  • stop me at any point
  • There's no point in trying to take them for money because they don't have any.
  • there was no point in denying the truth
  • The lads were at mutiny point by now and we reached the top of the climb not a moment too soon.
  • These bridges are long because they cross rivers at the point where they empty into the sea.

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    Middle English: the noun partly from Old French point, from Latin punctum ‘something that is pricked’, giving rise to the senses ‘unit, mark, point in space or time’; partly from Old French pointe, from Latin puncta ‘pricking’, giving rise to the senses ‘sharp tip, promontory’. The verb is from Old French pointer, and in some senses from the English noun.

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engine : motor

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the part of a vehicle that uses energy from oil, electricity, or steam to make it move

aracı hareket ettirmek için petrol, elektrik veya buhardan enerji kullanan aracın parçası

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