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quick kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • The smart lines drop in fast and quick , with some great gags that click two seconds after you think they should.
  • Making money in this segment will require careful management and a quick eye on micro-trends.
  • Normally, he was quite calm and quiet, but he had a quick temper that subsided as easily as it came.
  • Stung to the quick by allegations our banner graphic looked very 1994, we've done a bit of a redesign here.
  • They're relatively simple and quick quests that result in very little gain in terms of experience points.
  • Best wishes to Eilish Marren who sustained a broken ankle recently and we wish her a speedy recovery and a quick return to the playing field.
  • A quick student, she memorised entire scripts and soon learned how to cry or laugh on command.
  • This is not to say that problems do not occur, though eBay is quick to state that any such happenings are few and far between.
  • You can be rather selfish, though, and a partner needs to be able to deal with your quick temper and impulsive tantrums.
  • You'll enjoy the movie if your idea of a good time is sitting glued to the edge of your seat chewing your fingernails down to the quick .
  • Mathias was a quick learner, in just a short time he could perform the kicks satisfactorily.
  • She had made just two quick trips home to Indianapolis during that time.
  • So get your ducks quick as they are flying out of the place.
  • Its implications cut to the quick of the British constitution.
  • This promises to be an uplifting and exciting concert, but tickets will sell fast so get in quick .
  • Another aspect of Swedish business success is that the country's firms are quick to recut their cloth to suit changing times.
  • They know her and her flaws - a quick temper, a dicey sexual past - too well for that.
  • She instead gives the reader quick snapshots as fast as the events she describes.
  • Remember these fish are fast and spooky, you have to make quick accurate casts, often into a twenty knot wind.
  • All over Britain, parental nails are being chewed down to the quick .
  • Her bearing has turned to reserve, her normally quick eyes dull and watery.
  • They can even catch a bird in free flight, so that's how quick they are.
  • I have to admit that I don't learn new things as quick as I do 10 years ago.
  • His military skills resulted in quick promotion in Carranza's constitutional army.
  • If you suffer from either type of sinusitis, our quick fixes offer fast relief.
  • This seemingly ‘technical’ issue in many ways cuts to the quick of electronic nonlinearity.
  • The result is quick response both around town and on the open road, plus levels of fuel efficiency and economy that rate at the top of the class.
  • You take swift decisions and make quick changes when situations are tense and demanding.
  • Meticulous copy editing may be another impediment to the quick dissemination of results.
  • Before looking at the results, let's do a quick recap on what happens in the formation of an embryo.
  • It would take off real quick in a straight line, then seem to turn 90 degrees, then up and down and left and right.
  • It neutralises the whining about failing to address the issue because it cuts to the quick .
  • She headed for the cyber café to do a quick search and learn a thing or two.
  • My business would not offer a return for several years, whereas Bob was promising a relatively quick buck.
  • He was in trouble for vandalism and had a notoriously quick temper.
  • Her mother, for instance, with her high blood pressure, her quick temper, is obviously choleric.
  • I'd like to point out - most people are talking about how quick you need to do this.
  • Possessing a quick eye, and sly about it, they never let slip an opportunity or an advantage when it comes their way.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Marla did not have a quick temper, she was simply angry all the time.
  • As she packed, I saw her hands and her once beautiful nails were bitten to the quick .
  • Finally someone's cutting right to the quick of a very important subject that's all too often ignored.
  • Pests should be controlled with a quick shot to the head or fast acting poison.
  • Four children, three boys and a girl, were born in fairly quick succession.
  • The vote or die campaign that was launched by young Afro and white Americans stung the heartland of America to the quick .
  • We've got excellent linebackers because of the speed there, and we're fast and quick up front.
  • As the room swirled and tumbled around him, Fleet caught only a few quick glimpses of what happened next.
  • ‘Why?’ David asked, sounding a bit stupid, for his usually quick intellect was a bit slowed by the recent events.
  • Andy Reid is a marvellous player; skilful, intelligent, and quick in thought and action.
  • I am easily provoked, and rather vicious when my toe is stepped on, but I'm quick to cool down and fast to reasoning.
  • Endowed with a keen sense of perception, they also have quick minds.
  • Other nations were quick to emulate Ecuador's experiment, but few have enjoyed the same success.
  • A skin test is usually done first because it is quick and straightforward.
  • This law renders willful killing of an unborn ‘ quick ’ child by any injury to the mother of the child to be manslaughter.
  • The city was saddened by the news of Terry's closure and readers were quick to suggest alternative uses for the factory site.
  • There are no quick fixes for the grief and anguish after the death of a loved one.
  • Part of the myth is that it's easy, quick , fast money, but there are always strings attached.
  • Mary, who never received any domestic training from her mother at home, marries Jack, a business executive with a quick temper.
  • When he drew it back real quick he stabbed himself in the neck with it.
  • From the salvation of the dead we move to the healing of the quick .
  • With electric gates which can be operated from either end of the pit cows make a quick entry and a fast exit.
  • Materials are sold off to earn a quick Kwacha and the result is people continue wallow in poverty.
  • It cuts to straight to the quick of this most sinister tale, using just two actors on a bare stage to tell of a man divided and torn between his good and evil nature.
  • Keep the defence tight, and when on offence, I want to see quick feet and fast passing.
  • When an accident happens a quick response may be necessary to keep an injury from becoming a fatality.
  • The set was two and a half hours of music with a twenty-minute interval for drinks and some quick reprogramming of the lights and video projectors.
  • Nosing into the wave, called purling, will usually result in your quick exit from the board.
  • So we will take a quick look at Pi Fast, which, as the name suggests calculates Pi to as many digits as you want.
  • And all from a little British film, with a tiny £2 million budget which was cut to the quick .
  • However if we want a quick result on a short session they are ideal.
  • Joseph early in life learned that quick wit would get him through.
  • While being quick and fast, those involved in the relief and rescue work should maintain their temper, he noted.
  • The defence say that the defendant is a peaceable, non-violent man, who did not have a quick temper.
  • Age and size are a bad mix, and Brown has a quick temper and slow feet to boot.
  • This will prevent the quick from growing too long and prevent the nail from bleeding.
  • It is seen as the least dangerous of the notorious cobra family but its bite can still cause rapid death without quick intervention.
  • It looks like the new fast track to quick money is being a test user.
  • And it is that a company can play quick and fast with procedural rules, and escape action.
  • Her heart beat quick as she ran into the office and lifted the shade to witness the flood.
  • Now I realized that it was his cold anger that I feared, and not his quick temper.
  • Women tend to want quick results if they're working alone, and they are more likely to give up in a few weeks if they don't see real progress.
  • Ivan Denisovich's quick eye allows him to cut in front of another prisoner for a serving tray.
  • He was quick to learn and was literate in both English and Irish and had a good understanding of the Brehan law.
  • I adapted pretty quick to it so it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
  • A quick test shows this happens with enough browsers to make it funny (I didn't find one that worked).
  • Troy Stevenson, a murderer, was formerly a big man in the drug business with a quick temper and a bigger attitude.
  • He is able to use his wit, he's able to use his quick thinking in very sharp and tactically, even brilliant, ways.

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    Old English cwic, cwicu ‘alive, animated, alert’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch kwiek ‘sprightly’ and German keck ‘saucy’, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin vivus ‘alive’ and Greek bios, zōē ‘life’.

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revere : saygı duymak, hürmet etmek

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......... do you go to the gym? - Twice a week.

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To respect and admire someone very much

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