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Zarf kolayca
Zarf seve seve
Zarf çabucak
Zarf isteyerek
Zarf can atarak

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readily kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • Yet, as he readily admits, this sanction was used just eight times last year.
  • Nor are grandparents or other extended family members so readily available for nursing duties.
  • He asked me then to contribute to the document on the issue of wildlife and I readily agreed.
  • Ferguson readily admits he has never been in as bad a situation as the one he is faced with now.
  • The gnarled brown root is readily available in our supermarkets and not expensive.
  • Yet, his age is not readily apparent in the middle of these discussions or interviews.
  • New ideas are not always readily accepted, and so it was with this dialogical project.
  • this can readily be seen in the diagram
  • It's a great way to spice up spuds - all the flavours are readily absorbed while the potatoes are hot.
  • She readily admitted to performing the black magic associated with witches.
  • The short answer is to hightail it out of the capital to where large and detached homes are more readily available.
  • Things are not quite so heady just yet around south west Scotland, as Donna readily acknowledges.
  • Perhaps the best thing to do is to use a journal place-holder note more readily when things get too fraught for me.
  • Seed is readily available from stock centres and gives small, easily grown plants.
  • His liturgical assistants will be readily available now that so many women serve at sea.
  • As you would expect, car hire is readily available, but don't discount the local bus services.
  • He has readily quoted it in support of his own Calverley and Farsley ward.
  • Since Christmas is usually a family affair, this should be readily available.
  • Instead of readily agreeing to be re-tested, Annus talked of being treated like a criminal.
  • How odd, though, that such a self-styled patriot can cast his loyalties aside so readily .
  • the cause of it became readily apparent
  • Moreover, the Oakfield Campus could readily swallow up the entire teaching facility.
  • Lime grows quickly, is handsome looking, and can be readily clipped or pollarded.
  • This can reduce symptoms, but permits infections to take hold more readily .
  • The young couple are calling for more information about meningitis to be made more readily available.
  • She readily posed for group photos with that characteristic smile always on her lips.
  • Thus these rays are readily absorbed by the body along with their therapeutic values.
  • it's readily available in the shops
  • illegal fireworks are readily available
  • she readily agreed to do it
  • Pots of the bulbs in flower are readily available at this time of year.
  • Expert advice is readily available to any person doing restoration work if needed.
  • Eddington readily conceded that the company's assumptions may quickly be blown off course.
  • For example cows in heat or those with health problems can be readily identified.
  • he readily admits it
  • Later on I was requested to help in the appeal filed by the man and I readily agreed.
  • There would be a reluctance to readily dispense with them unless absolutely required.
  • He talked readily and, as though he sensed my nervousness at making contact with him, he did his best to put me at my ease.
  • Star voices not only draw eager listeners but also their message is readily accepted.
  • The Society is fortunate to have such a specialist readily available to step into Roger's shoes.
  • Second hand office furniture is readily available and can easily be given a new lease of life.
  • he readily admits that the new car surpasses its predecessors
  • McGee readily admits that he was a big political influence in his teenage years.
  • This is not a society in which communal political ideologies will readily seize hold.
  • He readily admits that it is a dream job for someone who has been passionate about cars since boyhood.
  • My usual mistake springs readily to mind, and this simple action quickly solves the problem.
  • Joe readily admits that he was persuaded to play the leading character over a few drinks.
  • transport is readily available

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revere : saygı duymak, hürmet etmek

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......... do you go to the gym? - Twice a week.

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To respect and admire someone very much

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