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Sıfat düzenli
Sıfat normal
Sıfat olağan
Sıfat düzgün
Sıfat muntazam
Sıfat devamlı
Sıfat kurallı
Sıfat kadrolu
Sıfat değişmez
Sıfat herzamanki
Sıfat uzman
Sıfat meslekten
Sıfat güvenilir
Sıfat dürüst
Sıfat mazbut
Sıfat inişleri ve çıkışları olmayan
Sıfat sıradan
Isim müdavim
Isim gedikli
Isim devamlı müşteri
Isim keşiş
Isim muvazzaf asker
Isim meslekten olan asker
Isim partisine bağlı üye

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regular kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • they have regular meetings
  • Then it's just like the regular process for the other stuff I'm making.
  • In addition, many women are among the gallery's regular customers.
  • They don't even have the hard drive space and memory that regular laptops have.
  • All nursing staff who work a regular night shift pattern have been allocated on-site parking spaces.
  • To these people I knew I was not just a regular person, I was something that they wanted to protect, but hurt by doing so.
  • Later another telegram arrived to say my father was missing; he served as a regular with the Royal Marines.
  • We bought the exact same things: slice of pizza, a regular size fry, and a bottle of juice.
  • In July 1962, further efforts were made to transform the Kuwait irregular infantry into a regular force.
  • Additionally, it may be best to separate storage traffic from regular network traffic.
  • A standard closet is generally equipped with regular poles and shelf space.
  • He assigned the tetrahedron to fire, because the tetrahedron is the regular solid with the sharpest angles, and because fire is the most penetrating of elements.
  • At some sites, corn hills have been carefully arranged in rows, while at others they show no such regular arrangement.
  • He recently sold 27 such pieces to the White House, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a regular customer.
  • In all cases, for instance, individuals must maintain their access rights through regular use.
  • Special constables have the same powers as regular police constables.
  • The leaves, with their regular branching, resemble those of mistletoe: this is still a common plant in the area.
  • she has a regular income
  • Considering they fail to exceed the average size of regular apartments, prospective tenants may baulk at the use of the term penthouse.
  • Cliff Hill is very close, has a trig point and a regular shape like an upturned saucer.
  • Your dentist will use a series of small files to enlarge the canals and make them a regular shape so the root filling can be placed.
  • Over the decades, especially since the 1980s, Special Forces techniques have been spreading to the regular army.
  • Many of these people are former regular professional military folks, both commissioned officers and enlisted personnel.
  • The regular tetrahedron is the most basic of all polyhedra.
  • The two on the side were regular rookies, they'll cower upon orders and fail to obey when it really counts.
  • The resident was an active individual, who did regular weight training and played competitive ice hockey.
  • there are regular storms
  • So does the image of a society with so ordered, predictable, and regular a daily round that the minutest deviation from routine constitutes a clue to the eagle-eyed sleuth.
  • We now know how to change basic permissions on regular files, but what about directories?
  • Nickione had changed back to his regular form and sat on the sidewalk holding Kristianna.
  • The third is the fact that, besides a few regular customers, the place is practically deserted, and it gives me time to do my homework.
  • Barely a regular structure, road or building broke the contours of the mountainsides, whose ragged, stony slopes rose straight from the shore to a thousand feet.
  • Jumping up, she changed into her regular work clothes even though school was over for that day.
  • FOR 20 years Englishman Graham Leake had been a regular fishing visitor to the picturesque heritage town of Lismore.
  • Opening space to regular folks, he believes, will accelerate our progress back to the moon and eventually to Mars.
  • Specimens have been found all over the world, but it's not clear if they have regular migration patterns.
  • he was a regular visitor to the island
  • To assist us in teaching, and to give the students a regular format, we have prepared a teaching framework for the classes.
  • These were probably formulaic, and he was able to tinker with his regular format to suit.
  • He pointed to a regular sized figure that had a katana.
  • A second branch of the clerical hierarchy was composed of nuns and monks who were members of the regular religious orders.
  • Just last month, the council announced plans to increase access to the archives by holding a special evening opening, a service it plans to make a regular feature.
  • With all the fat-free products on the market today, is it best for someone on a diet to eat these products, or is it best to eat regular foods in moderation?
  • At any time, incorporate single-discipline routines or individual moves into your regular exercise regimen.
  • On the day Mr Marlow was issued with a ticket - July 4-his car was noticed twice in the mayor's space by different wardens on their regular beat.
  • The pages seem bigger than they really are: intellectually, you know it's the size of a regular comic, but the artwork explodes beyond the confines of the page.
  • Those that have mastered the trick fall into a special category that is neither regular or goofy foot, but switch foot.
  • Why didn't you let it come through the regular process?
  • Mr Ibbetson said the Environment Agency had created a 100-year flood plan showing areas where regular flooding could be expected.
  • The modified instructions should boast regular structure and should suit for flawless execution in very simple functional units.
  • Visitors on holiday are welcome and our regular supporters are appreciated.
  • As there are still few options or places to park for those employees, it's still a hot topic with shopkeepers who claim they are causing regular shoppers to drive on due to a lack of space.
  • Lateral inhibition is also involved in the regular spacing of hair cells or trichomes on root and leaf surfaces.
  • All are welcome regular golfers, juniors, beginners and visitors.
  • When she checks out the position vacancy board at a large local hospital, on a board full of positions advertised for nurses, only five are regular full-time.
  • United States intelligence estimates 350,000 soldiers in the regular army, poorly equipped with low morale.
  • At 7: 15, I get off the ice and change back into my regular clothes, then I go home with Mom.
  • The lowest priority should be given to fit individuals with regular daytime duties who can make their routine journeys to work in other ways.
  • Books in digital format, also known as e-books, can be read on devices lacking the power and screen space to afford a regular Web browser.
  • The problem was that many people came in on that day by chance, taking advantage of the sale even if they weren't regular customers.
  • A PUB regular will be enjoying his first legal pint on Sunday despite being 72 years old.
  • We went through the regular processes you go through for something like this and emerged through the other side in late 2003.
  • But then they love the illusion that they're just regular guys having a regular night out.
  • The British arrived from a land of neat farms, specific hedgerows, a regular cycle of tilling the land and a cultivation timetable based on seasons.
  • he was a regular in the pub
  • Please view the italics as simply the opposite of the regular format, and vice versa.
  • The future of Circular Quay will probably continue to be a future of regular upgrade works spaced approximately 10 to 15 years apart.
  • Apart from the regular individual sheep classes, the main highlights of the sheep section are the Hogget Championships and the group classes.
  • They seem to cover equal amounts of the canvas in a regular arrangement broken only by the thin orange lines.
  • The reporter treks across America interviewing a host of experts on fast food and an equal number of regular folk while chowing down.
  • I figured they would be a change from my regular studs.
  • His features were smoothly regular and extraordinarily placid, as if he surveyed the world from a lofty perch, far removed from any of its foibles and cares.
  • Plan regular fire drills (twice a year is best) to ensure that everyone knows exactly what to do when the smoke alarm sounds.
  • If you did that, you would be part of the regular Army.
  • Her Majesty will open the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and break new ground by becoming the first public figure to address a regular sitting of the Scottish Parliament.
  • In school they also learn the importance of personal commitment, punctuality, regular attendance, planning for the future and working as a team.
  • Assuming there are no contraindications, a woman should plan to exercise at regular intervals.
  • This is especially obnoxious on a widescreen display, but there is even extra space on a regular television.
  • The stability mission remains one for combat-ready soldiers, but in the U.S. sector, not one to be performed by the regular Army.
  • Their regular food is kebab roll, shwarma or biryani, as they are forever short of funds and settle for the cheaper, greasier fast food variety.

regular kelimesinin kökeni

    late Middle English: from Old French reguler, from Latin regularis, from regula ‘rule’.

regular kelimesinin köken şeması


regular kelimesinin köken grafiği

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revere : saygı duymak, hürmet etmek

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......... do you go to the gym? - Twice a week.

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To respect and admire someone very much

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