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Isim ritim
Isim ritm
Isim ahenk
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Isim vezin

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rhythm kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • Shay offers something to the effect that he was amazed that white boys should have such incredible natural rhythm .
  • he made her count beats to the bar and clap the rhythm
  • Traditional poetry, with its innate rhythm and alliteration, as well as free verse focusing on social issues, flowed from her pen.
  • The sound of your environment is essential to your overall well-being since it impacts the frequency of your body, your own natural rhythm .
  • in Art Nouveau, the flow and rhythm of a design became pre-eminent
  • Too few dancers seem to me to have even a decent sense of rhythm , let alone demonstrate musical understanding.
  • After so many scenes of hearing actors sing their non-rhyming, no rhythm , slow-moving musical dialogue, he's definitely a sound for sore ears.
  • His talent is amazing, his superb phrasing and sense of rhythm as flawless as a perfectly cut diamond.
  • Do you avoid musical fundamentals like rhythm , pitch, harmony; or are you incorporating them, trying to assimilate them?
  • It took him awhile to get back to sleep, but finally he did, and I watched him, listening to the strong rhythm of his heart.
  • He wanted the words to sound beautiful, and sometimes meaning is actually less important than the sound and rhythm of the words.
  • The Ethel string quartet have got rhythm - the kind that puts music back on its feet
  • limericks have a characteristic rhythm and rhyme scheme
  • The verse rhythm should have its effect upon the hearers without their being conscious of it.
  • To understand the power of rhythm , jump in and hang on if you're lucky enough to be able to ski for even a short distance behind a better skier.
  • You can't read very far in any direction in the Bible without realizing that fasting was part of the natural rhythm of life for the people of God.
  • Every kind of move has a specific musical rhythm .
  • It covers all the basic areas of general music, including rhythm , pitch, dynamics, tempo, texture, form and tone color.
  • This counterpoint rhythm , of natural and man-made elements, alludes to both classical and modern musical forms.
  • In the underground cellar bars and cafes of San Francisco, performance poetry was blending the rhyme and rhythm of the spoken word with free jazz.
  • Feeding them disrupts their natural rhythm : they get hooked on people-food and forget about the food they've buried.
  • Later, students would be asked to layer the three components of rhythm: the small beat, large beat and melodic rhythm of the piece.
  • On record, he is a master of filling spaces with innovative licks, whilst still leaving enough room for the music's swing and rhythm to ease the tunes along.
  • A student who has a solid grasp of rhythm and pulse is much more likely to correctly notate the pitches of a melody.
  • When things began to flow out of rhythm , you knew something had gone wrong.
  • Similarly, the most soothing music usually beats at about 70 to 80 tones per minute, which resembles the natural rhythm of a heartbeat.
  • This tough, touching account of a young life redundantly snuffed out by police prejudice is steeped in musical rhythm and fluidity.
  • This arrangement presents few problems in technique, tessitura, rhythm , ensemble or endurance.
  • When we interrupt the natural rhythm of day and night for any reason - even reveling - we risk setting off a cascade of problems.
  • The cycle goes up and down, part of that natural rhythm .
  • An example of music and its bodily origin is found in the way in which individuals perceive and respond to musical rhythm .
  • Nowadays, though, consumer trends increasingly interfere with the natural rhythm of the farmers' calendar.
  • Sheff injects poetry into his words through repetition and rhythm , sometimes as interdependent traits.
  • Page was familiar with verse - especially the cadence and rhythm of the nursery rhyme - and with the idea of creating one's own books.
  • the heart's natural rhythm
  • As for activity on the dance floor, Rubens Barrichello and Felipe Massa proved that not all Brazilians have a natural sense of rhythm .
  • She found herself making up a song, to the slow rhythm of his regular breathing, to the tune of her thoughts.
  • Some futurists have said that we'll need to be more inventive, creative, and flexible to handle the tasks, flow and rhythm of life in this century and beyond.
  • they've got no rhythm
  • The Appendix contains nine short rhythm and pattern exercises that Attwood provided in his original edition and they are well suited to the level of the music.
  • Their sneakers pounded out a staccato rhythm at a pace so fast that ‘Lord of the Dance’'s Michael Flatley would be envious.
  • The octometric (eight stress) ground rhythm is firmly established in the first two lines.
  • I need my little musical rhythm to wrap me up and shush me tenderly as I wonder about the black-haired girl, and the basilisks in the hotel lobby.
  • And the poetic rhythm and verse of the script gently takes the audience along for the ride.
  • Her sense of rhythm is perfect, which shows in both her singing and her dancing.
  • They're all played with a fantastically organic sense of rhythm and the 1st violins shine throughout.
  • The performance here is a testimony to Brain's knowledge and appreciation of Beethoven and also to his keen sense of balance and rhythm .
  • It is through an unexpected blending of rhythm and syntax that his prose yields the remarkable or compelling image.
  • the drum is a rhythm instrument
  • Coast dwellers are accustomed to the daily rhythm of the tides, which are primarily lulled in and out by the gentle gravitational tug of the moon.
  • There was a flow and rhythm to the Hockeyroos performance - especially in the first half - which the Black Sticks couldn't match.
  • I also have to acknowledge the influence that music has on my work as it contributes to the studio atmosphere and establishes the rhythm for making art.
  • The whole piece is structured around rhythm , rhythm produced by various musical instruments used in different parts of India.
  • As a result, your stroke will be shorter, your rhythm will be off and you'll probably swim slower than you're capable of doing.
  • I was drawn deeper into sleep as I listened to Mother's sweet song with the natural beat and rhythm of the sea accompanying her.
  • The notion that cities are removed from the natural rhythm of the seasons is pervasive.
  • The rhythm of the word resonates easily in the mind.
  • they increased the rhythm of their stroke
  • Musical concepts like rhythm , pace, and the use of themes and variations can help us understand the mixed feelings Letter arouses.
  • I think of the painting of the lion and the tamer, with its own rhythm , where the colours keep on moving with a strange music of their own.
  • the rhythm of the music
  • The band is stingy with its arrangements, bringing in the simplest bits of melody or rhythm only at the most necessary moments.
  • This topic is relevant because music is more than just voice, rhythm , beat, melody but lyrics.
  • I love the rhythm of the movement and the fact that you don't need to think - it frees your thoughts.
  • I would sail away to fantastic places that existed only in the deep recesses of my mind and describe them in verse heavy with rhythm .
  • Lucian started up behind her, rapping out a short, simple rhythm to trigger the rest of the instruments.
  • These many editorial changes include alterations in dynamic contrasts, tempo indications and rhythm .
  • There is a retinal torquing of the field color that is pushed further by the interlocking order of the columns, which establishes a sequential rhythm or pulse.
  • So the short rhythm just works better for you than a longer narrative.

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    mid 16th century (also originally in the sense ‘rhyme’): from French rhythme, or via Latin from Greek rhuthmos (related to rhein ‘to flow’).

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