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schedule kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • take a moment out of your busy schedule
  • We had a successful broadcast in Carlow during Easter week 2005 and are presently planning our broadcasting schedule for the coming year.
  • The investment commitments of the concessionaires should be bound to a particular schedule for carrying out their contract, the auditors said.
  • He congratulated her on her appointment as Minister for Agriculture and thanked her for taking time out of her very busy schedule to come to talk to the meeting.
  • Despite his rather busy schedule , the flute maestro is in his own words at peace with himself.
  • The competition schedule includes 28 Olympic sports that will be held at 37 venues.
  • A schedule of events marking the program's 10th anniversary can be found online.
  • As the asset schedule makes clear, the financial resources are substantial and liquid.
  • They came up with a schedule , plan and fiscal philosophy that secured $50,000 in funding from the Council.
  • Jarrett kept up this busy schedule until he was forced to enter the hospital.
  • Amidst this busy schedule , she says that she gets enough time with her family.
  • Make time to talk with your child to counteract a hectic, busy family schedule .
  • Control is about monitoring, comparing results, revising the schedule , and the plan, taking corrective action, and deferred gratification.
  • The bus company has committed itself to always adhere to the schedule and the timetable.
  • As the Games developed, so did a set of procedures such as standardised schedule of events and the practice of the Olympic Truce.
  • They had monitored the locations for the first three events on the schedule and the guest speaker had in fact appeared exactly when he was supposed to.
  • The owner of such design rights is the person identified in the 2nd column in the table of the said schedule .
  • They also provide Express Lunch, a 45-minute three-course set lunch menu which is specially designed to suit guests with a busy schedule .
  • The Supporters' Trust is to draw up a fund-raising schedule with several events planned for the close season.
  • He arrived over the Christmas break after a unique situation freed him up from his usually busy schedule .
  • It fits easily around one's schedule , and allows the least stealthy among us to enjoy the chase.
  • I sighed knowing the hectic schedule I'd just gotten myself into.
  • First, we planned our production schedule in great detail, with aggressive but realistic goals.
  • Johnny raised his eyebrows and shrugged, ‘I suppose I could fit you into my extremely busy schedule .’
  • we have drawn up an engineering schedule
  • While the network is years away from establishing a primetime schedule complete with its own brand of original programming, PAX is making inroads.
  • The Festival will be wrapped up on Monday but not before a fun-filled schedule of events are enjoyed by the townsfolk.
  • He might come home for a birthday or stop by when his schedule allowed it.
  • Clause 26 of the contract between those parties was deemed time to be of the essence, and by Item L of the schedule , encumbrances were listed as nil.
  • Last season there were 35 events on the schedule and Palmer feels that such a number is far too much.
  • The engineer finally had to start over with an entirely new concept very late in the process, delaying the schedule for the whole project.
  • This is a sampling of her weekly schedule : Monday: swimming at 5 a.m., school, singing classes in the afternoon.
  • They would not, because there are statutory limits under the schedule to that Act.
  • Yesterday, Delaney was trying to rearrange his schedule in order to come.
  • Even though summer vacations are the only free time that a student gets in an otherwise busy schedule , it must be utilised to the maximum extent.
  • We continued to see each other at first every weekend, then it became every other weekend, then it became every 2 weeks depending on his busy work schedule !
  • Maybe you'll let me take you to lunch, if your schedule permits.
  • As I am a bachelor living in a condo with a fairly busy schedule , I vacuumed much more often with this thing than with a traditional upright.
  • The IRS and the Department of the Treasury have announced an increase in the threshold for filing a separate schedule for interest or dividend income.
  • they need a clear schedule of fixtures and fittings

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