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science kelimesi şu şekilde okunur
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science ne demek Türkçe anlamları nelerdir?

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science kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • They will study modules such as chemical and physical forensic science , forensic psychology and criminal investigation procedures.
  • To this has been added a sustained critique of much that passes for science studies.
  • he studied forensic science
  • The next 20 promise even greater advances, particularly in the areas of materials science , computer aided manufacturing technology, and molecular biology.
  • The new galleries, which are aimed at promoting Earth science to the general public, are immensely popular.
  • Call it the big book of activities for science geeks - it features 100 weird and wacky experiments.
  • By the mid 1970s, the computer industry and computer science were quite advanced.
  • Modern social science has banished concepts of good and evil.
  • Natural science is quite advanced, particularly as applied in engineering and medicine.
  • A state-of-the-art DNA analysis system is opening a new world of study for science students at Muskingum.
  • the science of mathematics
  • We promote the science of psychology, and we rely on the foundation it provides for the practice of psychology.
  • We must educate our fellow educators and fellow scientists about the science of psychology.
  • And still she succeeded in advancing the cause of the science of genetics.
  • The team members were chosen from among graduate students in computer science at the participating universities.
  • It is also an area requiring psychological science in order to serve the public interest.
  • But understanding the science of complexity is a far more useful metaphor than the traditional appeal to Newtonian physics.
  • Patients feel that modern medical science has become too commercial, almost to the point of being labeled as unethical.
  • What technology and infrastructural changes are needed to fundamentally advance environmental health science ?
  • Emily's garden inspirations were also fueled by her high school science teacher and study hall supervisor.
  • It is fair to say that this a priori account of science has found little favor after Hobbes's time.
  • It is a polemic because it sidesteps the criticism of science and its metaphysics by Hegel, Nietzsche and Heidegger.
  • The second point is mostly for emphasis: science studies the natural world.
  • Instead, we have found that our history fits the naturalistic world of science .
  • McGill's timber studies developed within a utilitarian culture that expected science to produce practical results.
  • Join him for a discussion about how today's science affects tomorrow's water.
  • He also combined the study of science with personal experience and philosophy like no poet before him.
  • his rare science and his practical skill
  • She has co-written four books of hands-on science activities for children for the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco.
  • How can basic cognitive science be translated into the classroom?
  • the world of science and technology
  • the science of criminology
  • the science behind this product
  • It's used in medical science and some other areas, too.
  • veterinary science
  • Others reflect that we cannot all be technically expert in areas such as bio-medical science .
  • We should like to be able to translate science into logic and observation terms and set theory.
  • There his private income enabled him to take up the new science of geology.
  • These are just a few of the things historians do when they study the past of science , technology and medicine.
  • there's a science to boxing
  • Nanotechnology is an emerging engineering field that borrows from such areas as materials science , engineering, chemistry, biology and physics.
  • Most importantly, the lists tend to omit the natural vitamin complexes and food-form minerals that are so important for our health, as demonstrated by a large body of published science .
  • It can't be directly observed or measured (except by me) and appears to play no causal role according to determinist science, so science denies it.
  • I may defend my professional status by claiming ownership of an advanced body of knowledge or science .
  • There was an affinity of intellectual structures of science with authoritarian politics.
  • Clearly science and empirical research is relevant to the study of ethics and to ethics research, but how exactly?
  • Perhaps the other area of psychological science most relevant to camps is behavioral psychology.
  • They could also translate that science into appropriate physical activity regimes for prevention and management of these conditions.
  • Nor is there any reason for a historian of science to study philosophy of science .
  • The book has lessons for the new field of ‘conservation medicine’ - veterinary science applied to wild populations.

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science kelimesinin kökeni

    Middle English (denoting knowledge): from Old French, from Latin scientia, from scire ‘know’.

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the number of people who are present at an event or in a place such as a school or church

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