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Isim karış
Isim süre
Isim mesafe
Isim kiriş
Isim kanat genişliği
Isim an
Isim kısa süre
Isim kolların genişliği
Isim sera
Isim çifte koşulmuş öküz
Isim çift koşumlu at
Fiil uzatmak
Fiil karışlamak
Fiil karışla ölçmek
Fiil germek
Fiil arabaya koşmak
Fiil üzerine köprü kurmak
Fiil kapsamak
Fiil içermek
Fiil sıkıca bağlamak

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span kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • If you go back and look at the career of John Carpenter, you will find a remarkable string of artistic successes that stretched over a span of 12 years.
  • a major setback was the collapse of one span of a flyover
  • Next year will see the start of the five-year $3billion replacement of the eastern span of the Bay Bridge.
  • After a silent moment that seemed to span an eternity, she turned to him again.
  • Many stock analysts plot the daily net advances of the stock market in a graph that can span months or even years.
  • I had learned a life lesson in the short span in which he'd been missing, and I wasn't planning on forgetting it anytime soon.
  • The new span 's design reflects the graceful arch of Folsom's 1916 Rainbow Bridge just upstream.
  • The Croatian bridge has a much smaller span , and does not have to rise for shipping, but its deck forms a real part of the spatial sequence of the city.
  • a short concentration span
  • her waist was slender enough for him to span with his hands
  • The bridge design is unpretentious. It consists simply of two steel towers supporting a lift span .
  • Suspended some 300 feet above a ravine, the footbridge would span a quarter mile between two mountains.
  • These are people who've packed seemingly 10 lifetimes into one normal span .
  • thanks a span
  • a warehouse with a clear span of 28 feet
  • Fifty-four feet high, the mill has sails that cover a seventy-foot span .
  • Internally, the central span peaked on rounded trusses.
  • The 464 black and white photographs taken between Spring 1982 and Fall 1993 span the period in which the Wall came down.
  • In the span of 28 short minutes, the band races through 10 songs that are all maddeningly pleasant-sounding.
  • You are pregnant only for a short span of time my dear.
  • their interests span almost all the conventional disciplines
  • In most cases, recovering money spent acquiring tech equipment will span several years.
  • Immense wings spread to more than the span of 2 metres in total length.
  • The sky had opened up during the short span of time between my entering the lobby, picking up Rob, and going to leave again.
  • He had lost three important things in a short span of a day.
  • The span of the Pacific Ocean, covered in fog, hints at the approach of winter.
  • Powerful wings spread a span of twenty feet and Jack had to step back to avoid being hit.
  • In a short span , they were on the ground level, facing the door to the street.
  • These are men who, within the short span of three weeks, brought life, hope and joy to a leper colony, simply by offering handshakes.
  • A complete planning cycle should ideally span a period of about three to five years.
  • The defining dates of the style generally span the last decades of the eighteenth century through the first quarter of the nineteenth century.
  • the gannets had black-tipped wings with a six-foot span
  • The wings of the Tupolev-designed plane had a span of more than sixty metres, the same as a Boeing 747's.
  • The moon would peek out every now and then, but it was mostly hidden behind monstrous black clouds that stretched across the span of the sky.
  • Officials first tried to limit the number of pedestrians on the bridge, but when that did not seem to help they decided to close the span to allow engineers to study the problem.
  • Hispanics dominate large portions of counties in a span of states stretching from California to Texas.
  • Their wings stretched to a massive span of six feet.
  • Suddenly, in the span of a few short years, forests had become ‘indispensable’ not only to support industrial growth but for the sake of national security.
  • While a radiator has one relatively small hot area, the underfloor pipes range the full span of the floor, and this greater surface area mean that the pipes don't need to be as hot and the heat is more evenly spread.
  • More people die annually in Victoria on the road system, of which the West Gate Bridge is just one small span , than did in the accident that occurred during its construction in 1970.
  • I have managed to find true friends within my short span , and I wish you the same sort of felicity.
  • Her mouth seemed to spread the entire span of her head.
  • The raft had wedged itself up against the steel span of a collapsed bridge.
  • The authors recorded more than 235 interviews over a span of ten years.
  • It is the first Thames crossing to be built in more than a century and the first pedestrian bridge to span the river.
  • So the university commissioned a pedestrian bridge to span a hazardous street, uniting the residential tower with the rest of campus.

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    Old English, ‘distance between the tips of the thumb and little finger’, of Germanic origin; reinforced in Middle English by Old French espan .

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