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sphere kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • political reforms to match those in the economic sphere
  • The mystical warrior balled up his fist, summoning a sphere of black energy, which was surrounded by purple lightening, and flung it into the air.
  • He saw a large ghost pulling on a long lever, at the opposite end of which a plunger crushed a smiling white ball into a billiard-sized sphere .
  • External factors are also important in the case of social institutions outside the economic sphere .
  • They based their nation-building activities and their participation in the politics of the public sphere on their maternal role in society.
  • A plane surface, or the surface of a sphere , is two dimensional, right?
  • His eyes intently focused on the black sphere in the middle of the lab.
  • Important aspects of this public sphere were newspapers, literary journals, reading societies, and salons.
  • The only thing that kept this room from being a perfect sphere was the cylinder jutting from the wall to collect waste matter.
  • At this stage, the blastula is in the form of a hollow sphere with radial symmetry.
  • Rather than acquiesce, many women won a voice in the public sphere by forming societies and clubs for self-improvement and community reform.
  • There, in perfect view, a glowing sphere of blues and whites and greens magnified in the black sky.
  • Anyway, the large sphere is the planet, obviously.
  • Planets float about the sphere as satellites, the bright sun rakes across its surface, and you want to move under it and explore the space beneath this levitating orb.
  • He then merely raised his hands above his head and ancient phrases started to escape from his lips as a black sphere of nothingness started to appear between his palms.
  • The symbol of the sun and moon lay embossed on the frontal bind, the lunar sphere overtaking the sun in wars of dark and light.
  • Few of us had emerged so far into the public sphere of largely male activity that the guys had actually noticed the shift.
  • The largest gulf separates the two men on the role of the market in the public sphere .
  • In her mind she could extend a mental sphere around her body and no matter what she was looking at she could see everything that happened within that circle.
  • In civil society and the public sphere , myriad groups interact and seek to influence each other.
  • This can be seen in the following quotation, in which Pareto connects interests with the economic sphere .
  • It may be permissible to call them economic conflicts because they concern that sphere of human life which is, in common speech, known as the sphere of economic activities.
  • A new logo was also designed for the Airport, consisting of a bird in flight, silhouetted against a sphere or the earth's globe.
  • This demo draws a cube and a sphere on the screen.
  • As she breaks the surface, there is a slight audible pop, much like that of a soap bubble, and the sphere dissolves in a small flash of many colors.
  • The archon floated over to a shiny sphere filled with orbiting balls of light.
  • As the concert progressed this balloon gave birth to a sphere , which then disgorged a giant plastic ball.
  • his new wife's skill in the domestic sphere
  • The black sphere was getting bigger every nanosecond.
  • Also it is finite and spherical; for it cannot be in one direction any more than in another, and the sphere is the only figure of which this can be said.
  • The humans in the painting reveal the geometric shapes, volume in sphere , oval, cylinder or ellipses.
  • A black sphere surrounded with bolts of lightening then appeared.
  • He often compared life to the sine wave or the sphere .
  • Bob then lifted his hand to waist height and then turned it palm side up, a light then came from Bob's hand and formed a sphere that looked like earth.
  • However, this is not to be equated with genuine globalization in the economic sphere , and the extent of this has been exaggerated.
  • These will include a 20-metre sphere representing the Earth.
  • In the economic sphere , Cuba has promoted Internet development in areas that can generate hard currency and shore up the regime economically.
  • Perhaps it is more aptly described not as a sphere but as spheres.
  • The Ball is a geodesic sphere , six feet in diameter, covered with 504 triangular pieces of crystal featuring original Waterford Crystal designs.
  • The sphere looked much like a dark crystal ball with swirling colors, all dark shades, mixing and moving inside.
  • However, this is to exclude the role of civil society and the public sphere from this process.
  • When all are on it, the whale creates a bubble-like sphere around it.
  • With the birth of trade unionism, women became important in the economic sphere , although the male-dominated society did not accept women as political equals.
  • In other areas of the public sphere , most people are in favour of an egalitarian system, even if it's slower.
  • For ease of mathematical solution, the load is considered to be a symmetrical shape, such as a sphere or a long cylinder.
  • His eye notices a tiny sphere of black in the wet soil.

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    Middle English: from Old French espere, from late Latin sphera, earlier sphaera, from Greek sphaira ‘ball’.

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revere : saygı duymak, hürmet etmek

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......... do you go to the gym? - Twice a week.

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To respect and admire someone very much

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