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Isim evre
Isim sahne
Isim aşama
Isim safha
Isim kademe
Isim zemin
Isim etap
Isim derece
Isim katman
Isim ortam
Isim iskele
Isim tabaka
Isim erim
Isim menzil
Isim mikroskop lâmı
Fiil sahnelemek
Fiil sahneye koymak
Fiil hazırlamak
Fiil düzenlemek
Fiil yönlendirmek

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stage kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • The superstar of the stage is back again with his latest collection of digs at society.
  • The reform of civil service pensions put civil servants at the centre of the political stage recently.
  • On the wider political stage , doctors should demand a level playing field.
  • We hurried into the next car for the last stage of our journey up the mountain.
  • The specimen was placed on the stage of a light microscope with the magnification set to x100.
  • the first stage is to apply
  • The company has added an inspection step after the developing stage of the process.
  • Besides this there were passengers coming in on the stage and mail from Silver Reef and Pioche.
  • I might add though, that I feel rejuvenated as a result of being back on the stage .
  • At least you can sleep at night regardless of sudden shocks on the global economic and political stage .
  • So who precisely is deflecting public perception away from internal problems onto the international stage ?
  • Frank brought this country onto the world stage in boxing after several decades in the wilderness.
  • Wherever and whenever you have an opportunity to get on stage and perform, take it.
  • we started off on the first stage of the race
  • Her poems have appeared in many anthologies, and she has written widely for stage and television.
  • The curriculum sets out the skills and concepts that each student should know at a certain stage or level.
  • That assertion represents the goal for all three men to perform on a larger political stage .
  • Strange, then, that he should all but abandon poetry in his twenties, and concentrate his efforts on writing for the stage .
  • How do you adapt George Orwell's famous memoir of the Spanish civil war for the stage ?
  • Steeply banked, it rises up about five or six floors, with the stage and bottom floor sunk under the ground.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Houdini is not thought to have died on stage while performing his Water Torture Cell escape.
  • Each year of the music week the best of talent come on stage to perform, and some greats of Irish music always show up.
  • Later, she was heard asking everyone to explain where she went wrong while performing on stage .
  • the Oxfordian stage
  • Her father was very caring but did not want his daughter to go on the stage .
  • These are matters which may well be of relevance at a later stage of the debate.
  • the final stage of the journey is made by taxi
  • This could be let down by the fact that he hasn't had a big hit record for years, and he might be too frail to stage such a comeback.
  • the upper stage was added in the 17th century
  • But this was a scene playing on the international stage , for the world to behold.
  • Writing was a consistent part of Launder's career and he wrote for the stage and radio, as well as for cinema.
  • Computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging are undertaken to stage the disease accurately.
  • The boundaries and subdivision of the Ladinian stage are widely debated.
  • there are only two characters on stage
  • Lastly there may be a stage of exhaustion, tiredness and weakness.
  • they left at the same stage
  • she exited the public stage
  • It was due to make a circuit of Earth before separating from the second stage of the rocket 90 minutes after launch.
  • the visit was a stage for Irish fashion
  • the president's attempt to stage a comeback
  • An actor gets on stage and performs and you have a moment of true inspiration.
  • He says he has always loved singing, and discovered his talent when he performed on stage during a family holiday in Turkey.
  • It is a brilliant feeling to get up on stage and perform in front of thousands of people.
  • he wrote for the stage
  • The next stage in this federal structure would be politics at a state level.
  • When placed on the microscope stage , the bottom of the Petri dish was superimposed on this circle.
  • He said he could not say whether he preferred teaching or performing on stage .
  • The problem took place as the first stage of the bright red rocket burned out.
  • fare stage
  • Britain is playing a leading role on the international stage
  • He was a classical singer and even when it was not customary for people of the cloth to perform on stage , he did so with aplomb.
  • In doing so I want to welcome this legislation, which is in the final stage of its passage through the House.
  • the final stage of the journey is made by coach
  • community service is now moving to the centre of the stage
  • On the political and international stage , events were moving apace on Wednesday.
  • at an early stage
  • it provided a stage for their bombast
  • Although they stage the same play, the performance is different each night.
  • Argentina is playing a leading role on the international stage
  • His approach to diplomacy will decide the nation's position on the world stage for a long time to come.
  • One can perform on stage after six months and make a living with the art.
  • Both the wafer stage and reticle stage float on air bearings and move with linear motors.
  • Mr Nolan is no stranger to the political stage , having run in both the local and general elections in the past.
  • Astrella Celeste has been performing on stage with her father from a young age and in her own right.
  • there is no need at this stage to give explicit details
  • A robust player, he devoted his long life to keeping Shakespeare on the stage .
  • If you want to put your daughter on the stage , Mrs. Worthington, send her to Bradford.
  • William Hague really did pave the way for his return to the political stage at his packed out event on his book William Pitt the Younger.

stage kelimesinin benzer anlamlı kelimeleri nelerdir? (Benzer anlamlı kelimeler)

stage kelimesinin kökeni

    Middle English (denoting a floor of a building, platform, or stopping place): shortening of Old French estage ‘dwelling’, based on Latin stare ‘to stand’. Current senses of the verb date from the early 17th century.

stage kelimesinin köken şeması


stage kelimesinin köken grafiği

Günün İngilizce kelimesi

engine : motor

Günün İngilizce sorusu

Choose the correct answer. Ann, how are you?

Günün İngilizce Deyimi

the part of a vehicle that uses energy from oil, electricity, or steam to make it move

aracı hareket ettirmek için petrol, elektrik veya buhardan enerji kullanan aracın parçası

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