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Fiil germek
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Fiil gerinmek
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Fiil çekmek
Fiil sermek
Fiil zorlamak
Fiil yaymak
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Fiil yeterli gelmek
Fiil arayı açmak
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Isim gerginlik
Isim esneklik
Isim genişleme
Isim süre
Isim geniş yer
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stretch kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • Recently it has been suggested that several different regions of titin might play a role in the sensing of stretch in muscle by binding various ligands.
  • Becky had thrown her stretch jeans in there and I decided that it wouldn't hurt if I borrowed them just this once!
  • It doesn't stretch us intellectually in any way.
  • my budget won't stretch to a weekend at a health farm
  • The two switched roles in December while the team was in the midst of its worst stretch of the season.
  • The precautionary effort was expected to stretch into this week.
  • Cyclical stretch has been shown to induce the release of various inflammatory mediators, which can lead to leukocyte adhesion in vitro.
  • He did a long stretch , and his body ached but he felt fully restored, and all he needed now was breakfast.
  • The new concept being to feel some good pain from the stretch then relaxing and letting go, softening the stretch and your general body tension.
  • The four-year-old colt drove clear while opening a three-length lead entering the stretch .
  • Once dug up, the stretch was never properly repaired again and it becomes flooded after every downpour, they say.
  • Care for hologram stretch knits by turning garments inside out and laundering them by hand; air dry.
  • The coaches believe Dual has been rushing his delivery from the stretch , causing him to leave the ball up in the strike zone.
  • The delay was caused by a 10-year stretch in a Louisiana prison for armed robbery.
  • Toronto continued their recent stretch of playing good ball by ending Orlando's three-game win streak with a convincing victory.
  • she could feel the stretch and pull of the muscles in her legs
  • The slump between New Year's Eve and Memorial Day is a long stretch with little to celebrate.
  • I rolled over to stretch , reminding myself of Felix when he awoke from naps.
  • Is the reduction in respiratory amplitude an effect of vagal inhibitory feedback from lung stretch ?
  • ‘Intellectually, theatre can stretch you as much as anything else’, he tells me earnestly.
  • The ISS is expected to stretch 17 stories tall and house six research labs by its completion in 2008.
  • A chance to be chauffeur driven in a stretch limousine to a romantic dinner for two is one of the lots on offer at an auction during the Mayor of Bolton's annual dinner and cabaret.
  • It pressed the pace for most of the race, took the lead at the top of the stretch , but lost the race by half-a-length to a closer that snuck by on the inside.
  • a four-year stretch for tax fraud
  • In 1978 he created the first stretch jeans, utilizing a specially and produced innovative stretch indigo denim.
  • It feels like two and a half hours spent watching someone see how far they can stretch an elastic band without breaking it.
  • To try to see the events of those times in perspective across a such a vast stretch of time is difficult indeed.
  • There were five Aussies in our stretch taxi and two Palestinians, our driver and our guide.
  • She kept her eyes open, watching her body stretch out, elongate, and dissolve.
  • You should feel the stretch in the back of your legs.
  • Our results differ from those found in chondrocytes exposed to mechanical stretch .
  • When he was appointed Archbishop of York, Hope was offered, in the way of bishops, a stretch Rover but turned it down.
  • Phillip remained alone with his sister's body for an unbearable stretch of time.
  • BNP is released by the left ventricle of the heart when it experiences ventricular overload and ventricular stretch .
  • The blood vessels, now less elastic, can't stretch as well to accommodate the blood flow, so the pressure on artery walls increases.
  • I got up and had a stretch
  • a treacherous stretch of road
  • Considered the toughest event, the obstacle course is a test to the cadet's stamina and ability to stretch him beyond his limits.
  • it's too easy—it doesn't stretch me
  • Turn right foot slightly outward, bend right knee over right foot until stretch is felt in inner thigh on left.
  • Every piece of land, even a stretch of road, is probably subdivided into many lots.
  • The beauty of stretch is that you can wear your jeans a lot tighter without sacrificing comfort.
  • Alternate each lap with a pool-length stretch of easier freestyle swimming.
  • She huffed, stood up, arched her back in a heavyweight stretch , turned to the fountain and started in on a long, long drink.
  • stretch the elastic
  • It'll be my first break in ten months - the longest stretch between holidays for years - and I can't wait.
  • It's time to pull out the empty canvas and stretch your mind.
  • rubber will stretch easily when pulled
  • They will arrive in stretch limousines and helicopters.
  • The left-hander holds runners at first more effectively than right-handers because he faces the base from the stretch .
  • Exiting through my front door, we were greeted by a white stretch limousine which I knew had created a great deal of drama between Greg and Robbie.
  • But it is Ted who ends up doing a stretch in prison.
  • What did surprise us was the extent and the incredibly good condition of this large stretch of wall that was found here.
  • All of their friends had coupled off for the upcoming night and they had arranged to share a white stretch limousine.
  • If it is too cold, he says, the plastic will be loose in summer; If it is too warm, the plastic will stretch too tight in winter.
  • stretch your weekend into a mini summer vacation
  • The essential clinical feature of compartment syndrome in conscious patients is severe pain out of proportion to the injury, aggravated by passive muscle stretch .
  • Many spandex-enhanced fabrics will stretch in both directions for maximum comfort.
  • Wounding of epithelial cells was dependent on the amplitude of stretch and on the rate of stretch .
  • She was wearing black stretch pants and a purple t-shirt.
  • As you start your forward movement with the lower body, feel the stretch in your upper body increase momentarily before the arms swing down.
  • stretch jeans
  • We've got a full line, with pants, shirts, hats, our own stretch denim and a girls' line as well.
  • Keeping your back straight, allow your upper body to lean forward until you feel a stretch in your chest and shoulders.
  • She wears stretch jeans and a white sweatshirt with glittery appliquéd gingham teddy bears.
  • Merrion expect this would stretch the team's operational capabilities.
  • Soft, springy materials like rubber and skin don't tear easily because they stretch before breaking apart.
  • The endothelial responses to circumferential vascular stretch are poorly defined.
  • Another very interesting vehicle is the stretch Hummer limo.
  • These were the last stretch of holidays left before she graduated, and after that, she intended to live in L.A.
  • a chauffeur-driven stretch
  • We'd asked the car attendant to make up the lower berth, so Yoli could stretch out and take a nap.
  • ‘I always look for roles that are going to stretch me,’ he says.
  • A pervert who tried to lure young children into his car from the streets of York is facing a long stretch in prison.
  • If you replace your laces with elastic you will be able to tie them up before you slip your feet into them; the elastic will stretch to enable your foot to go in but will still be tight enough to hold your shoes on comfortably.
  • Reaching back, I held my body in a languorous stretch .
  • The new process allows three times as much stretch in the material before tearing, opening the door to more complex shapes in aluminum for automotive use.
  • Ryne Sandberg was the best second baseman in baseball for a ten-year stretch .
  • He loves his children too much and he wouldn't risk a stretch in jail just because of him.
  • To enhance the stretch , push gently above the knee on the outside of the leg, with the non-stretch leg hand.
  • In fiscal terms, the number of near-death experiences in America's space program stretch back decades.
  • When the horses turn the final stretch , the spectators become more animated.
  • Anglers wishing to tackle the stretch should take of the rapid rising tides and also are reminded that vehicles should not be taken down the bank until the hay has been cut.
  • Always take time to warm up before your primary activity and finish up with a long stretch while your body is still hot and elastic.
  • And he has quickened his delivery off the stretch to do a better job of holding runners.
  • But to get there you have to cross a treacherous stretch of water called Jack Sound.
  • He charged into the lead entering the stretch and drove with determination to the wire.
  • Look for a machine that allows the extra stretch for the best muscle development.
  • Gonzalez cut down seven of eight would-be base stealers during one stretch .
  • If you are working, use the breaks during meetings to stretch or take a brisk walk up the indoor stairway.

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    Old English streccan, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch strekken and German strecken . The noun dates from the late 16th century.

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