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substance kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • In some cases, the claims have substance because they arise from a developer's investment in human factors engineering.
  • There was no evidence that anything of substance was accomplished.
  • The funny thing is that I almost never said anything of substance to this guy.
  • The inquiry has not yet established whether there is any substance to the claims relating to the amount of money handed over or to the existence or identity of the intermediary.
  • In the absence of having anything of substance to write about, I have updated my profile and fiddled around with my links.
  • At the same time, an attribute is so called because the intellect attributes a certain nature to substance .
  • This reaction is assisted or catalyzed by the hydrogen ion, a substance plentiful in acid (low pH) solutions such as wines.
  • And, like an onion unraveling, one wonders, underneath it all is there anything of substance ?
  • Despite frequent follow-up requests, we have yet to hear anything of substance .
  • Denied the opportunity to vote on anything of substance , fifty-three Labour members registered their protest on a technicality.
  • His first sample was found to contain the banned substance methamphetamine, popularly known as the recreational drug meth - or, ironically, ice.
  • the movie is a triumph of style over substance
  • a woman of substance
  • In particular, he believed the body was made of physical substance extended in space while the mind or soul was non-physical and not extended.
  • He would say that but the company now has a full complement of drivers, which suggests there is substance to his claim.
  • The chief criticism of his speech was not its style but its substance .
  • I'm not cynical enough to call this a triumph of style over substance , I just think it's a good demonstration of the need to ensure that if you truly believe in something, you have to present it well.
  • The truth to be unveiled is that mental life is impermanent, lacks lasting substance and is the seedbed of dissatisfaction.
  • But the triumph of style over substance is always subject to the law of diminishing returns.
  • The claims in fact lacked any substance or merit.
  • The paint is based on a toxic substance called isocyanates which gives off hazardous fumes.
  • He came across as someone who knew who he was and was comfortable with himself - a strong, centred man of substance .
  • Now, everyone arrested in possession of an illegal substance is offered the help of a trained drugs counsellor.
  • On each of those issues there are half way measures which he can offer to placate the Neocons without really doing anything of substance for them.
  • I have no inspiration or inclination to write anything with any substance at the moment.
  • The only non-sugar sweetener at present licensed for use in most countries is saccharin, a synthetic substance made from coal tar.
  • Gas hydrate is a crystalline substance composed of gas and water.
  • Comic book movies, with all irony intact, demand substance over style.
  • The Navajo Nation Council passed a law making methamphetamine an illegal substance on the reservation last month.
  • This could lead the innocent to conclude that the book is all style and no substance .
  • The key question is whether these will contain anything of substance or just be existing policy re-launched or merely window-dressing.
  • Or is it that your idea of perfection is such that the less actual substance on a body, the better?
  • Cocaine, the last time I checked, was an illegal substance in the U.S. as well as in Major League Baseball.
  • Uncertainty alone does not a compelling plot make, and when the action is over, the completed story seems a perfect example of what happens when you have lashings of style and rather less substance .
  • While I thought he was charming, I thought he lacked substance ; most viewers apparently thought he exuded leadership.
  • Mr. Stinnett's response to all of these criticisms has been to simply ignore their substance .
  • Her tendency to deconstruct and debase everything only points to the lack of substance that might be found in her own soul.
  • Russell is an American creative writing teacher and, at the risk of sounding like a killjoy, her book could do with less ‘style’ and more substance .
  • We should not make cheap heroes of people in opposition by accident or opportunism, but we should seek out the fact and substance in all opinions expressed.
  • You've see this before: they're somehow able to generate holographic images that have physical substance .
  • And basically I can see no reason why cannabis should remain an illegal substance .
  • In my view there was no legal basis for the threat; it was without substance because what she'd done is fairly comment on facts that were very much in the public domain.
  • The Government must have wanted to drown the sober questions of people who try to decide on matters on the basis of substance instead of slogans.
  • Lignin, an organic substance found in wood, is another component that is carefully tested.
  • The substance of these sensationalist claims consists largely of the fact that there is an Arab minority in Venezuela as well as hundreds of thousands of Colombian refugees.
  • His use or indeed abuse of what is after all an illegal substance not only in sporting terms but in terms of the laws of the land in which he lives, sets a quite appalling example to those youngsters.
  • There is an absolute resistance to putting anything of substance on display here.
  • Apart from a hefty dose of vitamin C, lemons also offer a substance called limonene which is believed to have anti-cancer properties.
  • Soviet scholars once made similar claims, with some substance .
  • The claim is always of ‘falling standards’ - a claim without justification or substance .
  • The ground floor of a Surbiton home was completely gutted by arsonists who sprayed a flammable substance inside the property before setting it alight.
  • A liquid crystal is a substance that apparently falls between the solid and liquid states.
  • The new accuser can be produced as a prosecution witness in the current case if initial assessment finds substance in the claims.
  • This recalls Oscar Wilde's aphorism that in matters of great import, style is always more important than substance .
  • Something, which is immaterial, has no physical substance and hence does not exist.
  • He believes substance is much more important than style.
  • It's a contentious film, both in terms of style and substance .
  • The story's complete lack of factual basis and substance saw it die a quick death, although not before it did some damage to the party's standing leading up to the State poll.
  • Of course, given who made the commercial, it's possible the authors really don't understand the difference between style and substance .
  • It shows how design has transformed life over the past 100 years and it encapsulates the contrasting philosophies of style versus substance that is causing such heat and fury.
  • As with all the best conspiracy theories, there's no proof, of course, but there always seems to be something to suggest there may be some substance to the claims.
  • Does he have anything of substance to say behind his posing?
  • Content is kept to a minimum while style wins over substance every time.
  • We all yearn for some sacred space where substance is more important than style, where glitz isn't mistaken for gold.
  • the substance of the Maastricht Treaty
  • Campbell made his maiden speech to the lobby group's recent annual dinner, appearing a little dour and uncertain as he gave the vote of thanks, but friends say this should not be read as a lack of substance .
  • An alloy is a substance with metallic properties that is composed of a mixture of two or more elements.
  • Hydrogen bonding, which joins water molecule to water molecule, is responsible for other properties that make water a unique substance .
  • proteins compose much of the actual substance of the body
  • I also know of one instance where cannabis resin was being cut with an addictive substance to ensure that the users all came back to the same vendor and did not go else where.

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    Middle English (denoting the essential nature of something): from Old French, from Latin substantia ‘being, essence’, from substant- ‘standing firm’, from the verb substare .

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substance kelimesinin köken grafiği

Günün İngilizce kelimesi

attendance : katılım

Günün İngilizce sorusu

…........................... many people in the shops at the weekend

Günün İngilizce Deyimi

the number of people who are present at an event or in a place such as a school or church

okul ya da kilise gibi bir yerde ya da eventte hazır bulunan insanların sayısı

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