take nasıl okunur? (Telaffuzu)

take kelimesi şu şekilde okunur
İngiliz Aksanı Telaffuz
Amerikan Aksanı Telaffuz

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take kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • It was a moving and impassioned speech, with a few barbs which Blair had to simply stand there and take .
  • let's take Napoleon, for instance
  • Mr Murphy said they agreed it was a nuisance and were due to return to take further measurements.
  • what age do you take her to be?
  • However the scale of the damage means it could take another 72 hours before every service is back.
  • he has his own take on it
  • They were prepared to stand there and take what they were given by the police.
  • Fowler was seen as the man to take City upwards and onwards in the next four years.
  • they don't take children
  • they refused to take it any more
  • Boris should have never agreed to take the call or do the show if it required taking that call.
  • So I'm backing the Red Socks to beat the St Louis Cardinals and take the World Series title.
  • I take your point
  • it'd take a miracle to beat them
  • it will take an electronics expert to dismantle it
  • it's an interesting take on the story
  • take 5 from 6
  • This morning I went to take Penelope shopping but she was not at all up for it.
  • Another example we might take is the fact that human beings have hearts on the left of their bodies.
  • Not that The Sun is in a position to take the moral high ground on anything.
  • Lone riders can walk straight to the front of the queue and take the first available seats.
  • When she looked up at him he placed a fresh smile upon his lips and reached out to take her hand.
  • Unfortunately, we could not stop to take photographs as the bus raced past the scenes.
  • I couldn't take the pain
  • If they offered you the Irish manager's job would you take it, I ask mischievously.
  • In order to take the higher degree they have to give up their existing job.
  • I wanted to keep cool throughout the take and not show that my foot was caught.
  • If you only want to get there, you take the quickest route and worry about nothing else.
  • Just take for example, you and I were at a party and we had a bit of an argument and it got a little bit out of hand.
  • I take it that someone is coming to meet you
  • Incidentally, the camera allows us to take snapshots while it is recording a video.
  • I'd advice you take everything I write with a pinch of salt anyway, so to speak.
  • Young smokers are also more likely to drink alcohol or take illicit drugs.
  • We wanted to take Park & Ride to the next level and we are delighted they are coming.
  • As she reached over to take my tray, she frowned then squinted at a glinting object in the seat in front of me.
  • take a card
  • I take a size 7
  • add the numbers together and take away five
  • I'll take a dozen apples
  • he won't take his medicine
  • it's small enough to take in the car
  • I'll take the cheapest one you have
  • Stagecoach staff managed to stop him driving off and the police came to take him away in a van.
  • He has agreed to take a total of 48 and they are currently arriving in batches.
  • she needs to take a rest
  • You just have to be organised and even if you just take one or two hours to bounce ideas off somebody else that can be important.
  • I take my inspiration from the sea
  • West leads a club enabling his partner to take three tricks in the suit
  • she was advised to take any job offered
  • My task was to take him for a spin and let him cast his expert eye over my driving skills… or lack of them.
  • Claire reached out to take her arm, shifting carefully on her makeshift lounger.
  • how do you take your coffee?
  • Don't take anything that Gibson wrote about as gospel on what Voudoun is about.
  • I'll take the one on the end
  • take an aspirin and lie down
  • I have eighteen cents and take away five cents to buy a 'scratch-book,' and have thirteen.
  • give me the letter, I'll take it
  • He reached out to take her hand, but halted, his attention turning elsewhere.
  • Once you know what is expected, go shopping but take somebody you trust with you.
  • In fact, the failure of the German army to take Paris was seen as a failure and Moltke was held responsible.
  • take things slowly for a while
  • take my word for it
  • these type of grafts take much better than other xenografts
  • Die Another Day opened over the weekend with the biggest take ever for a Bond film.
  • Now if you take the County games, the Aborigines were beaten in most of those, if not all.
  • a teacher came to take the class
  • will you take a glass?
  • some people found her hard to take
  • I'll take you to your room
  • if we take this year's figures
  • take the money upstairs
  • take 95 north to Baltimore
  • do you take me for a fool?

take kelimesinin eş anlamlı kelimeleri nelerdir? (Eş anlamı kelimeler)

take kelimesinin benzer anlamlı kelimeleri nelerdir? (Benzer anlamlı kelimeler)

take kelimesinin zıt anlamlı kelimeleri nelerdir?

take kelimesinin kökeni

    late Old English tacan ‘get (especially by force), capture’, from Old Norse taka ‘grasp, lay hold of’, of unknown ultimate origin.

take kelimesinin köken şeması


take kelimesinin köken grafiği

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Elton John? No, I dont like …....................... .

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To pause before doing something, especially because you are nervous or not certain

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