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time kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • They usually have a full-time job but devote their spare time to patrolling their local area.
  • The worst day was the end of the month, a time when his funds were close to drying up.
  • This continues until it becomes time for that player to play a shot in which case the roles reverse.
  • Surely the time is past when the Caucasian peoples had to think of Persia as an enemy.
  • Rates of advanced neoplasia use the time between the first and last surveillance.
  • Because time is not experienced in the same way by either guy when observed by the other guy.
  • The modern world-system has features which can be described in terms of space and time .
  • his time for the mile was 3:49.31
  • for a long time (to come)
  • the landlord called time
  • I spent two hours in the pub, left an hour early, and booked the time as overtime.
  • travel through space and time
  • Yet he still found time to support local events this year, showing he has not forgotten home.
  • it's time for bed
  • This could have happened over a short space of time or over a number of years.
  • A year later, he did the second Bolton marathon and knocked an hour off the time .
  • Life for me is essentially a log book of time past and time that is yet to arrive.
  • He said he would wait for a more appropriate time to put the questions to the Government.
  • I guess now enough time has passed for you to hear all about my Roskilde romance.
  • in my time that was unheard of
  • lunch time
  • if called out at the weekend they are paid time and a half
  • do you remember that time we stole the apples?
  • The number of times they were through with time and space to finish it off was incredible.
  • I told him what happened and he gave you an extension: it has to be in Washington by midnight our time .
  • the scheduled departure time
  • Bob always had time to treat the whole person and was a first class diagnostician.
  • we're having a rough time of it at the moment
  • I have seen some terrible things in my time .
  • I am aware, as time passes, that adults talk about this, and that it makes them laugh.
  • Yet there may come a time when this era is remembered in some form of golden haze.
  • most of my time
  • Well, we didn't and we got the programme together in a very short space of time .
  • I say apparently, because I didn't give us enough time to see the whole of the museum.
  • What we see here is simply the ordinary effect of the passage of time , from future to present to past.
  • He politely checked the mobile with a quick glance each time , then continued without a pause.
  • If the market is stable, why take time trying to anticipate future requirements?
  • Soon they were talking about subjects that related not to pillows and time continued to tick on.
  • Refrigerate for a good hour or so before serving, so that the whole thing has time to come together.
  • he gave me a good time
  • we need more time
  • She rarely spent time with the family, and he started to complain.
  • The twenty minute drive gave her time to think and process what had just happened.
  • Rob served his time as a plasterer and has over 33 years trade experience in the wall and floor tiling profession.
  • It's been a hectic 12 months for the group but they have made big strides in a short space of time .
  • we had a lovely time shopping
  • all of our foremen served their time on the loading dock
  • From time immemorial we have been passing through many, many species of life.
  • The day will slip away from us as time passes, but not the clarity of the actions we took together in response.
  • the park is beautiful at this time of year
  • This was the time when all middle class families felt uncomfortable about food.
  • The anger still lingered even now, but then the shock had been such that she gave birth before her time .
  • In a time of heightened security one would think they would know where all the luggage was.
  • the umpire called time
  • Under the Holidays Act, if an employee works on any public holiday, that work now attracts a minimum payment of time and a half.
  • Clearly it is time for standards and guidelines on best practice for all professionals.
  • It reminded me of a time many years before when a guy asked me did I want to come in for coffee.
  • at the usual time
  • At the moment he divides his time between there and London, but he'd prefer to be more settled.
  • she was the biggest ship of her time
  • They may serve time in prison, but they also receive treatment for their addiction.
  • shall we fix a time for the meeting?
  • They include adding a minute per mile to the journey time and having enough petrol.
  • brief time
  • Rumors were she would get about three years' jail time .
  • But the point is, it is not so much what you do, but who you pass your time with and in what mood you are.
  • I would try just several sheets of white paper on top next time rather than the whole platen.
  • He faces a possible court martial and time in military prison for his action.
  • Any other released prisoner who has served his time would be offered a fresh start.
  • they were very young at that time
  • I guess Camden's time has passed and this new station is a part of that, but it'll be shame to see it go.
  • to fix a convenient time
  • The trials will, however, be military trials, as is appropriate for a time of war.
  • she had a hard time waking him in the morning
  • At the appropriate time , a subsequent order is issued that states the actual day and times.
  • It would be revealing to return in five years' time to see whether Balgrean has stood the test of time .
  • I have always been into sports (in my time I have played/done cricket, badminton, circuit training, kick boxing, circuit training and even rock climbing!
  • It is time to examine the whole operation to see where real added value can be achieved.
  • he seemed old before his time
  • In light of this discovery, all three women must come to terms with a time thought forgotten.
  • Music in waltz time had come to England from the Continent in the late 1790s.
  • The second record was broken by six seconds with a time of three minutes and 26 seconds.
  • if called out on weekends, they are paid time and a half
  • After the funeral comes the wake, the time for contemplation as the past releases its grip.
  • What is important at the present time is to try to understand their position today.
  • This left censoring tends to overestimates of the time from seroconversion to a given stage.
  • it would be a waste of time
  • My passion is Sikhism and that is where I enjoy devoting my spare time .
  • The researchers already have collected the same data for the same time period this year.
  • he had an easy time of it growing up
  • I feel sure as time passes by more and more will join the growing numbers in this wonderful pastime.
  • He hasn't grudged Andy a moment of his time in the spotlight but has been desperate for a taste of it of his own.
  • tunes in waltz time
  • Freya thought about having to entertain guests every night for an indefinite period of time .
  • To your first question in regards to calling time , that is up to the umpire s judgement whether to call time or not.
  • Well, I use the Autumn equinox as a time to say goodbye to Summer and to welcome the fall.
  • at this time in our history
  • during the day time
  • flight time
  • a short time ago
  • we had a good time
  • Baseball players and managers of the offensive and defensive team, as well as umpires, can request time out for a number of purposes.
  • He didn't have a whole lot of time to write the rest of this, but he'd do his best.
  • you need to reduce TV time
  • in a set time
  • They fell 2-1 behind to an Andy Cole goal 12 minutes from time .
  • It's a very large investment in terms of time moving the whole company to this.
  • at this time of year
  • For a time I thought he was writing about Los Angeles.
  • one of the greatest wits of all time
  • The Fair Labor Standards Act has no requirement for double time pay.
  • There was a time last year when I thought I needed to move into the centre and it happened.
  • there was a time when the streets were safer
  • People have this vision of childhood as being a time of innocence and playing dolls.
  • The questions that follow from that for us can obviously be discussed at the appropriate time .
  • this is the first time I have got into debt
  • Anyone who works these holidays must give up the payments of double time and time and a half.
  • The obstetrician was to tell the anaesthetist of the target time for delivery.
  • I can't spend my time that way
  • Several decades of time have passed by as quickly as the clouds have been blown away.
  • she was having a rough time of it
  • the time is 9.30
  • Is now the time to reflect on past mistakes and work together towards a better Swindon?
  • In fact, once the allotted time elapsed, I was actually able to get myself into my wheelchair alone.
  • make sure you know what time to be there
  • We were lucky - that was the only time that week that the Sunset made it as far as LA.
  • I saw the time was eight minutes to four from my watch as I braced myself.
  • four-four time
  • Yeltsin's reign was a time for casting your net wide and seeing how much you could catch.
  • within a short time
  • should we set a time for the meeting?
  • This is a time of year when many Americans take to the roads for their summer holidays.
  • By this time the amount of noise I was making had woken the neighbours.
  • it was time to go
  • the time is 9:30
  • things were getting better as time passed
  • Surely now is the time for the medical profession and the public to work together.
  • This time , the whole nation rises up as one, demanding a return to a life that has fun.
  • at the time of Galileo
  • Hartley has every right to be upbeat and optimistic about his life at the present time .
  • Although Crook had a tough time in his teens, he insists it did not traumatise him.
  • That tells us about a time in the past when sheep were the mainstay of the economy.
  • The fact that he's served his time makes no difference given the way the law is phrased.
  • this is the first time I have gotten into debt
  • I can remember a time only a few years ago when Leeds away was one of the toughest fixtures on the list.

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