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world kelimesinin cümle içinde kullanımı nelerdir? (Örnek Cümleler)

  • Autism cuts off its sufferers from the world by impairing social skills and imaginative development.
  • I sit here and all my interaction with the world goes fuzzy as if I am falling asleep.
  • Not all of these acts proved to be that useful later on, but it gave you the feeling you did your bit to save the world .
  • Today we see a vast new working class brought together in great conurbations across the world .
  • The report was highlighted as one of the top discoveries that transform our ideas about the natural world .
  • We bought a four-bedroom house and seemed to the outside world to have everything we wanted.
  • The tiger's immense power and strength give it an aura unmatched in the animal world .
  • We wandered off, marvelling at the joy and beauty of the natural world .
  • Clearly the Moon affects both the human and the natural world in diverse ways.
  • He never felt love and because of that, hated the world and the world hated him in return.
  • parents are not viewed as the primary educators of their own children, either in the world or in the church
  • It is a fundamental dispute about the way the world works and what our role in it should be.
  • The students come from all over the world , a wonderful combination of people.
  • It's one of the most outrageous breaches of human rights in the history of the western world .
  • Religion probably began as an attempt by our ancestors to explain the natural world .
  • But it is all I can see of the outside world when sitting inside, completing the illusion.
  • It is truly wonderful to have a whole lot of girl-friends living in various parts of the world .
  • he felt his whole world had collapsed
  • Afterwards, the world number one was distinctly underwhelmed with the outcome.
  • The richest country in the industrialised world will continue to have some of the worst pockets of poverty.
  • The squad fly out on Friday, with less than 24 hours to settle in before meeting the world champions.
  • He went to the Olympic Games as the world number one intending only to return with the gold medal, but it was not to be.
  • So he pursued his dream, by entering the theatre world and then going on to the big screen.
  • The militantly secular world is also keenly alert to the challenge of the Passion.
  • For all their failings, journalists serve the societies they live in and the world at large.
  • it's a wonderful world
  • He wants us to see his work in precisely the same way we observe the world as we move through it.
  • There also seems to be little evidence of genuine teaching in the animal world .
  • Then the oxygen machine arrived, the pain medications increased, and my mother slipped out of this world and into the next.
  • He has a great appetite for, and capacity to adopt to the changes that are a feature of today's world .
  • Yet in the unsentimental world of modern football, it could just happen.
  • The issue has echoes of the Arab world 's historical struggle to assert its own destiny.
  • fashion world
  • Before they rush out to say that they want to save the world - how about themselves?
  • It happens in the football world but it's one of those things you keep quiet about.
  • What is astonishing is how little our cartographic concept of the world has changed since then.
  • Our protagonist is against this obsession with the material world , but he is haunted by it.
  • the English-speaking world
  • In many parts of the Western world the media still describe this as the only safe route to peace and stability.
  • The two ideas could be linked: after all, cremation is itself a wall of fire that is a boundary between this world and the next.
  • Today, I spent my whole day meeting with the representatives from all over the world .
  • There are many mountain ranges throughout the world , all of various ages and sizes.
  • I know who I am, and I know that I can only be myself, because that is the only thing I will carry out of this world , my soul.
  • a world superstar
  • We teach our students that they are obliged to study the broader social world .
  • There is a close relationship in Scripture between the animal world and the demonic.
  • The fall in European growth rates has implications for the world economy as a whole.
  • The natural world seems to become a setting of emotional release for Billy.
  • Every artist looks at the world in a definite social manner, whether he or she knows it or not.
  • world without end
  • He admits the prospect of seven days cycling over some of the world 's most inhospitable terrain is a bit daunting.
  • Everything about the world can be explained by him in terms of the shadows.
  • Houseplants soften the harsh interiors of our homes and connect us with the natural world .
  • That is the way the world works and why should any one make an exception in my case?
  • But in the developed, Western world , the feasting periods are no longer interspersed with famines.
  • He is constantly frustrated by his inability to change the way the world works more quickly and radically.
  • she's an important person in the camogie world
  • The Himalayas is the highest and one of the most beautiful mountain ranges of the world .
  • On a more serious note, it would appear that the world as a whole is sinking deeper into poverty.
  • The living entity is eternal, and he existed before the creation of this material world .
  • Let her go abroad and tell the world how primitive is the structure of our society.
  • he was doing his bit to save the world
  • In particular, it continues his epistemological separation of inner mind from outside world .
  • in this world and the next
  • To be a man you have to be a businessman who faces the world by himself and who has to fight the whole world by himself.
  • As the title suggests, Ferguson believes that the British Empire shaped the modern world .
  • Our folklore and arts and crafts reflect our love and reverence for the animal world .
  • By the western part of the Arabic world we mean the regions comprising mainly North Africa and Spain.
  • On the contrary, the world economy as a whole is marked by slow growth and outright stagnation.
  • They revere in the beauty of the natural world and pay homage to an entity called Gäia, the Mother of Life.
  • For without a contrast model the world has no way to know or feel the oddness of its dependence on power for survival.
  • His best-known poems record his sharp and intense response to the natural world .
  • Insects are some of the least understood creatures in the animal world .
  • world affairs
  • she's gone to a better world
  • There are tournaments to play that move you up the world rankings and that's more important now.
  • Annually millions of Canadians travel to other nations all over the world for a whole variety of reasons.
  • Rather different number systems were used simultaneously in the Arabic world over a long period of time.
  • The sea connotes what the land is not, yet together they form the world 's surfaces.
  • they had been brought up to regard France as a world power
  • We must put the economy in synch with the natural world that made it possible.
  • Sovereignty still remains a supremely important institution of world politics.
  • the next world
  • His work is underpinned by a philosophy based on the discovery of the natural world .
  • The castle was an isolated island which did not need the outside world .
  • They sometimes wonder why the rest of the world hates them so much.
  • It's only a matter of time before he is forced to leave his boyhood club and has the football world at his feet.
  • the ancient world
  • I thank them for going and sharing some time in that wonderful part of the world .
  • Have you ever seen an Arab world as divided as it is right now?
  • The world of football is small, and once you deal with a manager, club or a player, relations develop.

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